The Friday Scramble: Round 17

FridayScrambleSo… did you bring in the big names in last week. Gazza went nuts and Rocky got to the ton.  But the big question around the leagues at the moment is… Do You Have GOLDY! I am in the lucky position to be an owner of Goldy and I followed the advice of the Irish Pirate last week and put a C on him, I hope you did too! This week we have a couple of other things to look at and one player that is now cheap enough that if you need a trade, he could be your guy.  As always there is the curveballs that are thrown to us on the selection table, so let’s not waste anymore time!

Player Pick Up

So if you didn’t get Gazza last week you clearly missed out on a boat load of points.  If you can afford him this week then he should be your target. He has shown us that his shoulder is fine by laying those 17 tackles last week. His price is now $592k AF, $629k RDT and $700k SC. This obviously makes him a little harder to bring in, but he is worth the cash. Rocky didn’t have as great a week but still rose in value. He didn’t get much of it but also had 17 tackles.

This week we have another fallen premium on the menu. Jimmy Bartel has fallen about as far as he will go and is now the man to pick up. He has fallen to $487k with a BE of 82 in AF, $493k with a BE of 44 in RDT and $466k with a BE of 59 in SC. He won’t get any cheaper so pounce now if you need a forward. He could be a good upgrade if you still have someone like Cam McCarthy who has been dropped this week or if you have Jesse Hogan sitting there.

Selection Table Madness

Here I was thinking that selection would be fairly boring this week with nothing much to see. Well how wrong was I!

The first one that jumped off the page at me and surprised me was Tom Fields being omitted! Everything I had heard and read in the media told me that Barker was going to play the kids and loved what Fields brought to the team… so why did you drop him!! He did bring back in Blaine Boekhorst for another game though, but this doesn’t help those of us that traded Fields in over the last week or two. Carrazzo is out with a foot injury as well, but he doesn’t have the high level of ownership he has had in the past.

I had heard some rumours about Rory Sloane returning early. He has been named with Matt Crouch being omitted.  Rory is $471k with a BE of 101 in AF and $462,700 with a BE of 87 in RDT. I would be a little nervous about selecting him. Not sure if he could still be a late withdrawal, and even if he does play, who knows how he will go this time with the thought of having done the injury twice this season already. In for the Suns we see Henry Schade and Harley Bennell. These guys have been held by some teams and those teams will be more than keen to see them back again.

Omitted seems to be scattered across the teams page a little too much for my liking this week. Cam McCarthy finally succumbed to his poor form and has been dropped after his red vest last week. Speaking of omitted, Matthew Stokes has been dropped too, making way for Joel Selwood to return. Clancee Pearce has also returned for the Dockers taking the place of Hayden Ballantine. Pearce was in quite a few teams and I know of a few relieved coaches tonight

Port Adelaide once again provide a great deal of the movement in teams. Nathan Krakouer is out again with a hamstring injury this time, he did it with the last kick of the day in the Showdown. Word from Darren Burgess at Port is that he will miss approximately two weeks with the injury. Roy will be happy with Sam Colquhoun returning this week and Power fans will be happy with Matt White back, however, he shouldn’t be in any Fantasy sides.

The last of the ins this week is Isaac Heeney. He returns for the Swans after a long time out. Once again I doubt he is in any regular teams, however, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in some draft teams still. I certainly wouldn’t be looking to bring him in and I will be far from surprised if he doesn’t wear a vest, my prediction is a green one.


If you are a big gambler then yes, but for me, no. Selwood has struggled this year. We all know that he usually comes home flying, but this year I don’t think that we have seen enough to say that he can do it again. Beams isn’t out yet of course! But even if he is, then I can only see that you would do this if you needed cash! From Beams it is only (in RDT) $23k to Ablett and you could make money by going to Sidebottom who are both definitely far better options than Selwood!

I love Cripps to Bartel, that is a fantastic trade to make. As for the Rich to Birchall trade, I am not as sold on this but it really depends on the state of your team and also the amount of available cash you have. I agree that it is time for Rich to go. As for Birchall, he has only had two games over 100 in a row once, but that has come in the last two weeks. If you were looking around his price the only other players that are scoring similarly are Bachar Houli and Clancee Pearce. So the choice of Birchall is probably the safest one if you are struggling for money and can’t get to one of the big names.

Things To Remember.

  • Never doubt the Gaz! As we have said, if you don’t have him, do everything you can to get him.
  • Trust the Irish Pirate! Check out Calvin’s Captains and do what the man says.
  • Never trust a coach! Just when you think a guy is out for 4 weeks he is back in 2 or a guy the coach loves gets somehow dropped the next week.
  • Trust Jeppa! He predicted the return of Sam Colquhoun and he delivered.

There were some great scores last week, particularly in Supercoach, hopefully this is a result of all of your teams now being near full premium. In terms of trades, in SC and RDT I still would be reluctant to be going below 4 trades at the moment, and until finals really if you can avoid it.

Keep an eye and ear out during the day for late outs. The one that worries most of us is that of Dayne Beams. But if you don’t hear anything during Friday then I would just make sure that you have some good bench cover like Jack Steele in place in case he is a late out.

Best of luck for the weekend and I will catch you on twitter @pkd73.


  • Good article as usual Dunny. Out: Cripps & Rich, In: Gazza and – which one – Smedts or Colquhoun (will have to play at D6)???

    • Not sure we can rely on either of those two guys too much. I think Smedts may have the slightly better job security.

  • Hibberd to Malceski (field Malceski and Smith as D5 and D6)
    Hibberd to Barrass (field Smith and Colquhoun)

  • Goldy v Ablett for captain? Such a tough call. Can see both going 130+

  • My Team:
    DEF: Boyd, McVeigh, Yeo, Hibberd, Newnes, Malceski (Byrne, Clurey)
    MIDS: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Lewis, Parker, Heppell, Rockliff , Cripps, Steele (Amon, Lambert)
    RUCKS: Blivcas, Kreuzer (Naismith, Downie)
    FWDS: Gray, Swan, Martin, Dahlhaus, Mitchell, McKernan (Daniel, Fantasia)

    Cash: $97,000

    I’m thinking of either going:
    Option 1: Cripps to Ablett and McKernan (via Steele) to N.O’Brien, leaving $41k
    Option 2: Cripps to Ablett and Amon to Prudden leaving $2k.
    thoughts on trades or other options thanks.

    • Or option 3: Cripps to Ablett and McKernan (via Steele) to R.Knight, leaving $97K.

  • Is Schade worth keeping? his BE is 53, highest score is 63. I have him as D8, was thinking of trading him down to Tom Barras.
    I could instead go Dumont to Atkins, doesnt look like Dumont is going to get games now.

  • who to field at D6 = riley knight or mckernan?

    • Assuming that is F6, I am currently playing McKernan over Knight. I am not entirely convinced that is the right call though.

      • lol, yes F6 not D6 >_<

        im also playing mckernan, however knight did impress last week despite only scoring 50ish points.

    • I’m in a similar boat.

      At F6 who to field over Knight, Lambert or McKernan. Currently have Lambert as he’s been named on the ball. Not sure about the weather conditions tho, with only McKernan getting it a bit easier under the roof….

      • Same here – I’ve got those 3 plus Caleb Daniel.

        Leaning towards McKernan as it looks like he’ll be sole ruck again and Jacobs put up 120 on the Power last week.

        Fortunately this should be my last week with this dilemma as Bartel is hopefully coming in to F6 next week!

      • I have those players too and I need to have either Knight or Lambert as M9. Currently going Knight M9, McKernan F6 and Lambert F7.

        • Yeah M9 could also be an important selection for those of us with Fyfe…

        • I don’t have the Fyfe conundrum, but will probably leave Knight at M9 (or Maynard…); but it’ll be a flip for the coin for F6 between McKernan and Lambert. Will Paddy play a decent game against his old team or will McKernan rediscover his 97 point game that got him onto my field in the first place… AAARGH. FMDT too many choices.

  • I am one of the non Goldy and Ablett owners – I just can’t get one in without destroying my team. My plan is to go Hamling to Malcheski (D6) and Krakaeour to Garner (F8). Seem reasonable?

    • Yep, sounds reasonable to me. Kelly is another great DEF option around the price of Malceski.

      • Agreed. We discussed the Kelly v Malceski on the Supercoachcoach Podcast this week which I was a guest on. We all decided Kelly.

  • Best two midfielders for 460k and under? shoot!

    • awkward price point, id almost not bother with anyone at that price. should maybe look for a fallen premium like sloane at 471k or selwood (risky…) at 467k

      • or griffen (463 and due for DEF DPP)

        • OOORRRR you could look to make cash with a downgrade to steele or o’brien who are 330k and 360k with a couple more price rises in them.

          there are basically NO keepers currently priced under 460k in the midfield.

          • +1. There really isnt much worth while under that price, you are taking a huge risk on an over priced midpricer.

            If you are happy to slot a def/mid into your midefield, Kelly is a good option, or maybe eski.

          • thanks. i was thinking about Motlop

    • I believe the best midfielders under 460k are knights and Lambert, purely because they will give you minimum of 50 points, possibly 70 or 80, and they allow you to upgrade to premiums in other positions with the cash saved. Any other 300k – 400k might get 70 possibly 100, but they won’t give you options. They are also DPP so you can swop them off to the bench forward or mid when you back fill for premiums.

  • Dunny, team needs help

    First trade- Dumont to Knight

    Then do I Fyfe to Gary or Cripps to Jimmy? This also means I have to play N.Brown…

    Or do I go Cripps to Knight and then J.Kelly to J.Kelly (oops) which leaves me with Fyfe still but no mid bench cover if he is a late out…

    I think I might have to play it safe and go Fyfe to Gary and then field N.Brown

  • Hearing many whispers of Fyfe as a big possibility to be a late out.

    Cripps survives another week and Fyfe becomes Ablett.

  • Great article again Dunny.

    We all have Rocky/gaz and Bartel on our lists as fallen premos

    What do people think of Sidebum as a fallen premium?
    In My RDT Im tragically within $1000 of a clutch trade to get Rocky in, and I simply cant do it other ways without wrecking the structure, or doing a sideways trade. (sideways trades still on the cards if beams is confirmed out)

    However, I can grab the slightly cheaper Sidebum, who has scored 106, 107, 128 (with the inclusion of greenwood) and seems to be hitting his straps.


    • I’ve had him for a couple of weeks, there is talk of him being effected by Adams as well, but he is a premo through and through, at the beginning of the year was top 8 and finished the season last year really well. He’s in better form than Rocky as you point out. Good POD as well.

      • I think im being too influenced by the rocky potential.

        I cant see a way of getting both gaz and rocky in my RDT at this point. Not without using up every single one of my trades.

  • Stuck on who to field out of McKernan and Lambert?
    Before last week I would have had no issue locking in McKernan, but now I am really struggling to choose the better option.

    • They are backing in Kern as the primary ruck again, and I doubt he will get as monstered as he was by Goldi.

      Lambert is a perennial sub risk.

      • I was leaning that way, and you have convinced me. Thank you kind sir.

        • In the same situation as you.

          Lambert named on the ball tho + noone scores well against tigers. So playing him instead.

  • Traded Kavanagh for riley knight and ebert who hasnt been great past few weeks for Gaz, hope gaz has a big second half of year! good to have goldy and gaz in my team!

  • Hamling > J. Kolo
    Krak > Rocky*

    Rocky Costs $544,700

    I have $543,300

    the pain….is real….

  • No idea what to do this week. Have Beams, Fyfe and Reiwoldt all under injury clouds. Sad face

    • Beams should play, but scores are likely to suffer.
      Riewoldt the same.
      I’ve got a feeling Fyfe won’t play this week. Gut feeling and he also took his suit with him on the flight out of Perth yesterday. Sounds like nothing, but there is no team function in Melbourne this week – no other played took a suit bag – and if he was doing any media players usually wear team polo’s. Prognosis: Fyfe a late withdrawal, sitting in the stands or box in a standard issue Dockers suit.

  • Hey Dunny, great read as always. Cheers.

    Hope you can help…

    DEF Hodge, Mundy, Simpson, Newnes, Hibberd, Smith (Clurey, Hamling)
    MID Beams, Armitage, Lewis, Parker, Rockliff, Sidebottom, Cripps, Steele (Knight, Glenn)
    RUCK Goldstein, Jacobs (Downie, Cox)
    FWD Swan, Martin, Gray, Mitchell, Bontempelli, McKernan (Lambert, Fantasia)


    Ablett is required. I’d like Bartel and Malceski/Kelly in the team also.

    Concerned with my defence after a few players not performing and also Beams’ shoulder.

    1. Cripps > Ablett + Hamling > J.Kolo = $122k
    2. Beams > Ablett + McKernan > Bartel = $16k

    Thoughts appreciated. Suggestions welcome.

    • 2 for me. Not a fan of trading Beams but that injury scares me and Bartel is a no brainer. Very nice

      • lack of coin the result. issue?

        • Actually I think Id go Option 1 and go McKernan > Bartel next week upon review. That cash is handy and Beams has being playing injured for a while so unless he is confirmed out Id hold him.

          • Thanks P-Lish.

            That was the plan – McK > Bartel next week.
            Just not sure if I’ll have the coin. Might have to consider Hibbo > Malceski next week to bump up my jimmy funds.

            Sound ok?

    • Replied on other page but McKernan > Ablett (Steele fwd) and Hamling > Barrass/J.Kolo

  • James Kelly or Malceski ?

  • 7 trades remaining in my RDT. $325,400 in the bank.

    Do I use one to go Barlow (or Parker) > Ablett?

    Have a full midfield and ruck already, and the only rookies I’m currently fielding are Lever and Steele.

    Thoughts would be appreciated!

    • 7 is plenty at this stage so you can use 1 or 2 this week. Upgrading Lever and getting Ablett are your top 2 priorities

  • Downie or mckernan on field at R2 and why???????

    • OUCH!
      Gotta upgrade McKernan ASAP. Even if its only upto Kreuzer.

    • Kern on field. He scored 49 last week and we were upset because he had been scoring ok.

      Downie scores 50 every week…

  • Who to buy out of Z.Williams or Colquhoun?

  • Mckernan to Nankervis (Tippet out should play next 2-3 weeks, plus I have Griffin as another back up ruck) and Oxley to Hodge


    Oxley to Browne (will mean I need to field Browne or Edwards) and Steele to Ablett

    I’m leaning towards the first trade as it means my only rook on field is Steele and he has more money left to make. Part of me is tempted to get Ablett in as he will probably be out of reach after this week, but I don’t want Edwards or Browne on my field. The other side is Hodge’s output will arguably match Ablett’s output

  • I’m in a bind; torn, I tells ya. Any advice or insights most welcome.

    Two trade options I’m heavily considering…$89K in the bank.

    1. Beams & Cripps to Ablett & Bartel (via Swanny DPP to mids) – leaves me $58K in the bank.

    2. Beams & Titchell to Ablett & Hodge (via Yeo DPP to mids) – leaves me $14K in the bank.

    Looking at the BEs of both Hodge and Bartel and their current prices, as well as the potential boosts in scores this week and next…but definitely leaning towards keeping some cash in the bank for future trades. At this point though, if I don’t get Hodgey this week then the boat may well and truly have sailed IF he destroys Carlton tonight…

  • Playing RDT (7 trades left) and trying to decide who to trade out between Saad, Hibberd or Thurlow.

    Hibberd & Thurlow both leaking cash but at least they’re playing every week(Hibberd capable of decent scores on occassion too). Saad has been out for longer that I thought but at least he hasn’t lost cash (yet).

    Who would you trade out?

  • Decided to leave Ablett and be unique.

    Welcome aboard Jack Redden.

  • I have come up with two trade ideas this week
    (1) Cripps> Ablett & CEY> Lambert w/11k left
    (2) Hamling> Malceski & CEY> Lambert w/2k left

    Option 1 would mean only 1 MID upgrade left.
    Option 2 gets rid of some dead weight.

    Not sure what my priority should be at this stage of the season…

  • Best fwd/mid under 168k? (already have knight)

  • Can someone tell me who has the better scoring potential and job security out of Rory Atkins (adel) and Bradley Walsh (carl)?

  • There is only 2 forward mids under 168k mate and neither of them will get a game for the season…
    However the best forward under 168k is Taylor Garner from North and the best mid is either Rory Atkins or Bradley Walsh

    • The fact Garner got another game after only 34 fantasy points, 11 possessions and 0 goals shows the coach has a fair bit of faith in him :) I have him in my side, hoping for a bigger score this week

      • Cheers lads, think i might go with garner and hope he picks it up this week

  • Hibberd to James Kelly OR Fyfe to Bartel (my cover for Fyfe is Lambert)

  • if you had to get rid of one of beams,nick riewoldt or fyfe this week who would you trade?

    • May depend on bench cover, however Riewoldt looks least likely to play out the season.

  • Need to lose a prem to get Goldy, which out of Martin, Fyfe or Ebert????

    • Ebert. So long as Fyfe plays

    • Or consider passing on Goldy… may have missed the boat and possibly better things you could do with the money saved

    • I wouldn’t ditch Martin – Fyfe may not play and has is high BE…and Ebert…who knows if he’ll turn up this round right?

      • 6 rounds to go BE’s don’t matter. nearly every inclusion is a keeper.

    • I went with Ebert hasnt scored a big hundred for few weeks now, got in Gaz

  • worried about Fyfe’s injury and his high B/E….

  • Thanks for answering my question Dunny, I think now that Beams has been named I’ll keep him and be going Cripps-Ablett and McKernan-Lambert. I’ll have to play Leuey at R2 for one week but then hopefully next week he will be upgraded to S.Martin.