Round 17 Lockout Chat

Discuss your teams in the comments as we head towards the full lockout and over round 15. Unfortunately no rolling updates today, but follow all of the relevant twitter feeds for the late mail you need. Feel free to post the late outs, subs and any other news (with credible sources) in the comments. Don’t troll!


Be sure to pick your Moneyball teams in the Saturday Slam… guaranteed $2K prize pool (plus the $1K Super Saturday contest). Gotta be in it to win it!MB-Gauranteed-Prize-Pool-A-Sat


  • All hail horse Longmire

  • 33 points between Parker and Titchell just the way I wanted to finish the round, thanks Horse ya cockbag! Even the Ablett owners are gonna outscore me this round.

  • Who the hell doesn’t make a sub until 3 quarter time when you have only kicked a couple of goals in a match.

  • In the carnage this weekend could have done with your 129 points on the ground Callum S, not on the bench!

    • @ Maggie

      Maybe take a good look at yourself for having $350k on a bench player, that money should have been on the field long ago.

      • You are correct Milansta. I will be taking a good look at myself and team structure!

  • I tried to dodge the bullet, traded Franklin to Abblett this week and slapped the C on Gazza.

    Btw it pissed down rain and look at the reduced scores in the Melbourne/St.Kilda game. Stevens/Armitage gonna be ripe in a couple weeks.

    • Were you the douche that was having a whine about everyone getting in Gaz a few days ago, like they were flocking sheep.. I see you got Gaz in too

  • Let me guess all of WA is racist coz Goodes was booed? maybe it’s not because he’s indiginous, anyone in the media consider that?