Round 16 Lockout Chat

Discuss your teams in the comments as we head towards the full lockout and over round 15. Unfortunately no rolling updates today, but follow all of the relevant twitter feeds for the late mail you need. Feel free to post the late outs, subs and any other news (with credible sources) in the comments. Don’t troll!

Be sure to pick your Moneyball teams in the Saturday Slam… guaranteed $2K prize pool (plus the $1K Super Saturday contest). Gotta be in it to win it!MB-Gauranteed-Prize-Pool-A-Sat


  • 1. Alan Christiensen is not the boon recruit we thought he was. He can’t hit a target.Reminds us of 1990’s signings to the BEARS. They bthought Cararra was a holiday camp.
    2.Leppeith can’t coach. Previous coaches have thrown Merritt forward…it doesn’t work. At best he presents at contests and thumps the ball out of bounds.
    He won’t take the miracle mark and he won’t kick goals.
    3.Martin+Leunberger doesn’t work. Martin is premier ruck/Leunberger is a lousy forward……someone will get traded.

  • Ibbo or B.Smith > Eski?

    • If Clancee is still out next week keeping Ibbo could be the way to go, however the Crows have the Suns. I would trade Smith … just.