Pig Hunting – Ep. 48

The big three all starred on the weekend; the GOAT Gary Ablett, original Pig Swanny and our main man Rocky was back in a big way. Round 16 awaits usโ€ฆ that means there are four weeks before finals. Itโ€™s Big Boy Month here on the official NAB AFL Fantasy podcast.

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This year the podcast is a live radio show, broadcast from 6pm in Launceston on 103.7FM, City Park Radio. You can stream it on the website at www.cityparkradio.com or by searching for City Park Radio in the Tune In app. If youโ€™re keen to hear more from the boys, they host the Drive show from 5pm.



  • Love the idea of chasing Gary Ablett Calvin, think he will average up from 110 and with alot of people chasing Rockliff, Gary might fly under the radar.

  • Some things we found out after the podcast:

    – Andrew Phillips had 83 hitouts!
    – Colquhoun had 14 touches, 5 tackles for 76 fantasy points.

  • Should I go Wallis –> Malceski (DPP) and Vberg –> Ablett or Saad (if injured) –> Malceski then Wallis –> Ablett OR Wallis –> Malceski and Saad –> Ablett/Picken (DPP)? Cheers.

    • saad > malceski, wallis > ablett.

      i’d definitely hold vberg assuming he’s fit. picken is great but i think you have to go with gaz.

  • Jack macrae will be a worthy pig nomination by the end of the year

  • How does Jack Steven never seem to get a shout for pig status this year? Oddly I haven’t recognised it myself, had him since Round 3 and NEVER captained him. Read somewhere he has the shortest average on-field stints across the AFL but still manages 30 touches and 10 tackles every week!

    • He’s a jet, captained him a few times and I love the bloke, can’t C him this week, tigers are too cheap.

  • can afford all premo mids right now and am looking at top 5 options.
    Can anyone give me a top 5 premos that will score??

  • Hi all, last week I had a score of 2287 and I had no Rockliff in my team but this week I’m going to add Rockliff in my team along with Malceski in the Backline. I am having a good year as I am ranked 1030 and am gaining about 300 spots each round, but I’m not expecting that to last to long.

  • I regret uttering the words “consistent koala”.

    • Haha don’t regret that statement… Koala’s are actually very consistent, ie. they are predictable animals

  • great show as always boys! re: wallis v cripps, nearly traded cripps last week but he just keeps getting the job done. so wallis goes for me this week. BE is 104, and he has been disappointing lately. plus he’s taking up prime premo mid territory…

  • On the very last point on Griffen, since you have SOME insider knowledge, are DPP additions based on the 6 week period between each set, or the full year? Since Griffen has no hope full year, but is almost certain if it;s 6 week only.

  • Could someone please let me know what G.Ablett’s BE is in RDT?

  • Ebert > Rocky?

  • Has to wait until next week but hows this trade sound.
    Cripps and Amon> Steele and a mid for around 500k.

    Or is it a better idea to bring in Knight or another cheap rookie instead of Steele

  • Can’t believe anyone would ever think jelwood’s so called ‘chicken wing’ wasn’t at least a two week offence.. He’s a grub! It was intentional and should be nailed more for it.