Gary is back – Ep. 47

A brilliant return game from the Little Master has us excited about getting a very cheap Ablett but that excitement is toned down as Roy’s boy Rocky returns this week. Plenty to chat about on the podcast along with an interview with Josh Pearce, the fourth best Fantasy coach in the land.

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This year the podcast is a live radio show, broadcast from 6pm in Launceston on 103.7FM, City Park Radio. You can stream it on the website at or by searching for City Park Radio in the Tune In app. If you’re keen to hear more from the boys, they host the Drive show from 5pm.



  • GET GOLDY on next weeks podcast!!

  • Would Bont to caleb Daniel and Amon to rocky be a good trade? Means I’ll have 8 premos in the mids but would have to field Daniel and Steele in the forward line
    From what I saw, Daniel should avoid the vest this week, instantly had an impact and should be good for a 70-80 score

  • Risky tho as I’m going overseas tomorrow so probably won’t get a chnqce to check teams before lockout, and i have lambert my only playing forward on the bench

  • Just listened to your podcast and heard you guys laughing at my team name. Just wanna clear up that’s it’s not in any way a racist name. It’s an old joke with mates

    • In no way we took it as a racist name… probably more about my adding a ‘m’ and not saying ‘n’ when I read it out. Oops!

  • Haha well I couldn’t stop laughing because I could see how it could be taken that way.

  • Thanks for looking after me boys! I have to admit was a bit embarrassed, I asked Pearcy exactly the same question on Twitter that afternoon about bringing in Malceski. Again another great episode boys, Warnie practice your team names before going on air but apart from that 2 thumbs up!

  • Now that GOThrones is over the Traders Podcast is back to my fave show. If I wasn’t lazy I would’ve filled in more of those annoying surveys begging for more Traders stuff. Thanks fellas

    • Haha – do that… we need a payrise!

      Sorry we don’t provide the boobs, dragons and killing off of main characters like GOT does. Although… Calvin could drink some ‘wine’ if I get sick of his shit.