The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 13

It’s that magical time of year where we get to quote NSYNC and wave bye bye bye to the byes. Sadly, I waved goodbye to any slight hope of recovery with one swift Friday night fixture. Let’s wrap up the weekends proceedings for a round that will forever be known and the week of the vest.



We’re really short on legends this week, bring back the 9 game rounds!

Neale (120) – Oh captain my captain! Whilst every premium I bring in goes to sh*t, my riskiest pick of the season continues to defy the odds. Neale has averaged 104 this season, more importantly he has built consistency! He has notched 6 tons in his last 8 outings with just 1 score below 90. This has included 4 x 120 scores for an 8 round average of 112. Legend!

Newnes (114) – Finally we’re starting to see the best of Jack Newnes! If I’m being honest, I don’t think it will get much better than this. An average of just over 80 is his benchmark, however the cash he makes now could be vital! Hopefully he can squeeze out a couple more decent scores.

Macrae (117) – This kid is a jet! He is thriving in a more prominent midfield role, increasing his clearance and contested possession numbers. This should mean more consistent scoring as long as the tags stay away. I love owning him, he goes about his footy in the right way… With a perfect fantasy brand!

Adams (126) – After the pain he has put me through this season labelling him a legend hurts, but there’s no denying the man is on fire! I’m not convinced as to whether this is his new standard or if another dry spell is on the way. I’ve been wrong with him before, I’ll be avoiding. Kudos to those who jumped on board!

Roughead (140) – Lucky there weren’t any league fixtures this week, Roughy was at it again! Victims were spared.

Goddard (130) – I don’t really need to introduce this bloke, he’s a ball magnet. BJ will average just over 100. You will feel safe owning him. I’m $2k off getting him in for Buddy, therefore he makes the perfect inclusion for your sides this week.

Martin (136) – Stef is a beast, plain and simple. At worst you are going to get a score of 95, most weeks you’ll get a comfortable 110. Basically, you can’t go wrong. Legend!



Of course we’re not short on losers… Maybe the 9 game Rounds aren’t such a great idea.

Hodge (52) – I tend to be sour when my premiums let me down, so it doesn’t take much imagination to judge my reaction to Hodgey’s performance. “But Matt, he had averaged 114 before this week.” True! I had to watch him slut it up every single week for 10 Rounds before having no choice but to pull the trigger. Yep, I got him in this week. Now he is plummeting in value, which is exactly what I had been waiting for all year. Woeful.

McIntosh (25) – This will be my most satisfying trade of the season. I wanted nothing more than to dump Kmac last week, but I needed him as back up. Of course I didn’t end up using his woeful score, even if it was due to a vest. Having just bled $30k with a BE of 97, he is a must trade. I can finally be at ease, to be fair with that hair I should have known better than to hold him.

Lambert (21) – If you thought McIntosh’s recent performances were below par, Lambert decided to come out and drop the bar even further. I wasn’t sure if he had been vested or not at times, it was that bad. I’ll be shocked to see him in the squad next week. He can sit at F7 next to Byrne… That burns. Byrnes! Anyway…

Mitchell (48) – (-3) John Longmire. Sure this wasn’t Tom’s finest performance, however conditions were slippery and Sydney had 3 big talls contributing close to nothing. The benefits of the sub allow you to get more run into your side. Why then are you substituting a ball winning midfielder, when Tom Derickx is out there?! Tippet was just as worthy of being subbed, either way it seemed a clear tactical shocker and Richmond continued to run over the top of the Swans. Good on them, I suspect Mitchell will be dropped back to the 2’s for no reason other than John’s sick obsession. Did Mitchell do something to his daughter? I don’t even know if he has a daughter, point is enough is enough. #PrayforTitch

Sidebottom (63) – My hate for Hodge is outdone by only one other, the man of no Steele. I had a plethora of options to trade in prior to Round 11. Treloar was high on my watch list as a Rd 13 candidate, while Montagna was the Rd 12 option. Even Ebert was in and out of my side. Remember Sidebottom was $580k at the time, comfortably the most expensive option of the lot. After a disastrous season I decided to take the ‘safe’ option. Not getting Joey alone has cost me 156 (Yes, 156) points in 2 weeks. Sidey is likely to drop below $500k this week, what’s next Fantasy Gods!

Franklin (52) – … I think I feel a panic attack coming on. On Friday I had to witness the worst 60 minutes of football by a Fantasy premium of all time, not that he deserves that tag. On 50 heading towards half time his usual SCG exploits looked to be saving me from a horror DT game. Let’s enter Buddy’s brain for a second. There’s a loose ball. Do you a) Pick the ball up, give a don’t argue, dummy 4 players before slotting one home from 60. Or b) Run 20 metres beyond the ball to steamroll a Richmond player and put him into next week. To make things better, he decided to score negative in the second half. Yes, he went backwards. I’ve got nothing more to say.

Kavanagh (24) – As soon as you get complacent, the Fantasy Gods will strike you down. Kav is never going to be a reliable source of points, however he is solid back up on your bench. Thank Hardy for this one. Surely it couldn’t get worse for the ‘dongrades’?

Edwards (8) – Oh boy… That’s impressive stuff. 2 handballs, 1 tackle, 1 vest. A well deserved one at that. Last week he had a negative BE, now he is at serious risk of falling in price if he even stays in the team. He won’t… He’s still done better than Byrne though.

Kelly (4) – Seriously. We need to see your best during the byes, but even then I’d consider 20 to be the minimum score a half co-ordinated player could manage in a full game. Four? Surely there’s something else at play here… Match fixing? Either way if you own a player worth $229k with a BE of 90, you know it’s probably time to get a mirror and question what you’re doing playing dream team.

Sloane (68) – Oh my god I’m so sorry. Even though I’ve had my fair share of injury pain, I’m struggling to imagine what it would be like for people who have been burnt by Sloane twice! This is heartbreaking. I’ve got nothing to console you with either. At least you can’t blame yourself for this one…

The Mark Stevens

markLet me kick of proceedings by dealing a glancing blow to the umpires. Sometimes the game just needs to be left alone, and one free kick for Tom Lynch on Sunday summarised the men in greens weekend (Pulled by the jumper to break up a wrestle… Something that happens 30 times a game). Ray was also in fine form, paying a 50m penalty at a crucial time in the game for abuse. Seriously, just let it slide. I really don’t require your face on my TV Ray.

What irked me the most this weekend was an incident on Friday night. As Deledio was lining up on goal in the third term, the Tigers trailed by 26. Suddenly a free kick was awarded in the middle of the ground, followed by possibly the worst minute in AFL history. Confusion reigned supreme (as always), before a 50m penalty was awarded and the Swans were gifted a shot on goal to make it a 12 point turnaround. Problem number 1, what was the infringement? I thought it was an interchange error, but it was later said to be a penalty for allowing the connection sub on after 18 minutes and 30 seconds. That is just wrong on SO many levels. 20 minutes is the max that a player is allowed to be temporarily subbed for, fair game. If a team goes over that 20 minutes, they should be punished for taking an unfair advantage. But less than 20 minutes? What is the gain subbing him back on after completing the concussion test 90 seconds early? The only possible solution I can imagine is that someone stands their with a timer and the player is only allowed back on at EXACTLY 20 minutes. What if it goes 20 seconds over? Dear lord what has this game come to.

Second problem, and this affects the interchange rule as well. A free kick is awarded in the middle of the ground, fair enough. Why is their a 50m penalty on top of that? It’s not worth a free shot at goal! The penalty should be a free kick at the next centre bounce, simple. We make it an overcomplicated game sometimes…

goldenstubbyaward_rd13Here are your nominations for this weeks stubby… Get voting!

Neale – We’re short on options this week, however Neale’s first 12 games are worth a vote in anyones books. He was fantastic again as a vice captain option.

Newnes – NEWNSEYYYYY! He was mighty impressive, a ton in our greatest time of need.

Martin – Absolute lock for me. Not only have I had the joy of owning him in Fantasy, many like me will have snagged him in the third round (or below) of our drafts! Long live the maligned king!

Adams – Having backed up his 140 with a 126 on return from injury, his owners must surely have him at the top of their Christmas card list.

Goddard – I feel like I haven’t given Goddard enough credit this season, here is a chance for his owners to be heard! Definitely worthy of your votes.

This Game Sh*ts Me

green vest

Vests. Oh my goodness was there some sub action this weekend! When it rains it pours, and the kermits were out and about. I managed a respectable 4 vests, there were many with at least double that figure! Don’t misplace the fact that I dodged the vest bullets for me having a good round, god no! On Friday night, my 6 players scored a laughable 296 points. That included 4 ‘premiums’! Buddy summed things up for me by running 30 metres (Yes it gets further) past the ball to k.o an opponent, before deciding to pack up shop at half time. If it wasn’t vests or suspensions, it was the predictable capitulation of my $600,000 acquisition of Luke Hodge. This game just sh*ts me.

The Other Bits and Pieces

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 26: Lance Franklin of the Swans knocks down Shane Edwards of the Tigers during the 2015 AFL round thirteen match between the Sydney Swans and the Richmond Tigers at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney on June 26, 2015. (Photo by Matt King/AFL Media)

*Buddy Idiot*

I ended up posting 1651. Solid yes, but I had 20 players available and this was the bye week I had set myself for. Macrae, Neale and Stef Martin aside my team resembled a basket case. More worryingly, league fixtures are back this week! On a positive note Kmac can see the door, and I will be in a better state of mind for it. How did you guys fare during the byes? The fact that I probably scored below par every week and went up in the rankings shows how far down I am, did you guys manage any worse? I need to hear it! As always thanks to listening to me whinge for 2000 words, I hope it helps ease the pain. See you all next week!


  • Pretty sure titch was tagging Dartin too, he nearly doubled his score once longmire stuck up for the honour of his daughter/wife/dog

  • Who is the best mid under 510k to pick up?

  • 1501. Sloane captain. Edwards, Cavanaugh, T Mitchell, CEY, McIntosh all were subs or were subbed. I also have Franklin. Now I can’t trade out Sloane Franklin and McIntosh. Not to mention Edwards and Byrne. Only fell to 581 overall is some consolation from that.

  • Good read Matt. I appreciate the effort. I had 5 vests and have the Sloane Ranger to deal with. And of course I traded Newnes R12 Got to love DT. It can only get better.

  • Best defender under 440k? Looking at Birchall, also considering Mackie. Would Makceski be worth a look? Scored 44 in a quarter and a bit

  • Do you think a 435point lead will hold up from here on in?

    • It could be a big enough lead, however I reckon you will have to average 2200+ in the last 10 rounds as teams begin to be filled with 22 good premos.

      Awesome job on being 1st in Fantasy though, that must feel amazing.

    • @ Kyms … Been watching you for several weeks now and you’re absolutely flying. I’ve been making inroads on ranking but not on points. Keep doing what you’re doing, great job.

    • I dont think any of us are worthy to give you recommendations haha great job!!

    • Yeah. Good work Kym. We can give it a crack but your miles ahead!

    • Wow your team is immense. From now on you should basically just be sideways trading to players with good draws.

    • I’m coming for you Kymmy

  • how about a welcome back to fantasy relevance for marc murphy who averages 118 since malthouse was sacked.

  • Yep. Sloane got me twice

    Also looking back on my early season rage trades and the decision to bring Lewis back in after his suspension… season almost finished for me and Im left with a bag of spuds to shuffle around until i bow out in first week of rdt finals

  • Sloane joins the list of Ablett, Scooter, Duncan, Rocky, Yeo, Wines who lasted 1 week in my team, before succumbing to injury/suspension.

    Parker and Neale are the only 2 premo mids I started with that are still in my team, which is ridiculous. Just a warning I plan on getting Fyfe this week.

    • Sidebum lasted one week in mine (rd. 1), then I traded Rocky in at Rd.8 (for Cripps!), he had to go in Rd. 9. Now Sloane is added to my list. Oh and the first time I traded Hodge in he had to go out again in 2 rounds (rd.5)

  • Heath shae worth a good look at to get in this week?

  • *shaw

  • Kmac

    I thought R13 was supposed to be the easy bye round?

    When I saw Sloane’s score stall on 68 for a good 10 mins my gut sank. So I logged on to DT live and saw that red vest and threw my phone for the first time since having a phone, ruined my family dinner with a foul mood for the rest of the night. Why DT gods? Why? I got Rory in when Wines went down earlier in the year, only to receive 3x60s in a row (including one as captain) and had to trade him out after his LTI. Then he’s available again at a good price, after some sweet form, so sure, I get him in. Being a crows fan, and having Sloane last year I loved his 130+ potential. Checking the game, looking good, he’s killing it all game, leading the DT scoring for the crows, then bam. Breaks his face again. Poor rory, poor me, eff you DT gods, I hate john Longmire and Jordan lewis, wheres the delete team button.

    Now sloane jumps off my midfield merry go round again which has seen the following depatures since round 1


    Everyone watch out, jack macrae coming in for R14, so he’ll probably cop a 6 week injury this weekend.

    • I feel your pain.
      List of outs this year, in order:
      Rockliff again
      Sloane again

      Plus I’ve had to watch on as Barlow and Watson shit the bed, Lewis and Hodge belt blokes and get suspended, PLUS I’m in Real Dream Team so I’ve got a finite number of trades.

  • Trades this week:
    Ahmed Saad- Orazio Fantasia
    Lance Franklin- Robbie Gray

    I don’t know who to start in mid
    Boston, Duggan or Dumont? (Only have 2 spots)

    And forward
    Fantasia, Tom Boyd or Sinclair (1 spot)

    • Mids i would go Boston and Dumont

      Forwad i would go Fantasia if selected, BTW sinclair is back on the rookie list presuming that is Jack from the Saints you are talking about

  • The ruck man slot is more important than ever with Players like Stef, Goldy, Sauce and the man i am trading in this week Blix. I feel that Blix is the closest Player to Stef I have seen the way he works around the ground Picking uP +6s, tackling and getting the 15-25 hitouts a game. I rate him so highly that if he was just a midfielder I would Pick him up. Also averaging 30 points per quarter since Stanley’s injury and with him being out for the rest of the year I dont see Blix slowing down. Also with his background in running he should be able to finish the season strong. Not to mention he will be fresh off the bye this week.

    • I don’t know why I don’t have Blicavs in. Seeing saying he’s om my radar since round 3. This week even looked at him for a midfield spot until Kruezer max’s out in price. Get Blicavs in I reckon

      • true, as much as a whinge about terrible luck in the mids a few comments above, there are successes, like getting in blicavs a few weeks ago and watching him beast it. such a gun! nicnat was holding on by a thread but is starting to come good too.

  • Tough trades coming up. Really not happy with Titchell ( shall I say Longmire). Possibly sideways trade to Taylor Adams and then another sideways trade Kavanagh or Dumont to Jack Steel. Team will be: ($11K in the bank)
    Def: Mundy, Yeo, Docherty, Higgins, Rich, Saad (Edwards, Hamling)
    Mids: Lewis, Danger, Heppell, Ward, Neale, Parker, Wallis, Steele (Amon, Dumont or Kavanagh)
    Fwd: Grey, Swan, Adams, Ziebell, Martin, N Reiwoldt (Cox, lambert)

    • I dont really like Sideways trading until your team is completed. I would suggest somehow creating money to go one of Rich or Saad to Mcveigh.

      • Agreed. Not sure what to do at the moment. Don’t want to miss out on McKernon cash cow as well. Last week was targeting getting rid of both Rich and Saad but now not 100% sure on what the go is with Titchell.

        • Well unless Titch is dropped or named as sub, back him in and yes I agree with you on Mckernan i am sacrificing not getting in blix to get in Mckernan as his next two fixtures are Saints and Melb so he should do good short term. You dont have your rucks listed but if they are premos i wouldnt be trading in Mckernan but if you have Belcho then maybe go him to Mckernan and Rich or Saad to Hibbo. Who i believe will get back to his best on the way home.

          • Rucks are goldy and Kruezer (had him since round 10 when Belly was doing poorly). Kruezers BE is now 19 so happy with that. So now I have DG Ayce Cory to Downie for my ruck bench. Keeping Titchell and have upgraded Rich to Simpson. Leaving me only 12K in the bank. But I see the game report for the Carlton/Gold Coast game and see Docherty is listed with back/hammy injury. So will wait and see how that pans out

        • I am in same boat with Titchell – but leaving him alone until he is a definite out. He scores too well when he is in.
          I looked at Adams as well but not sure how long he will be able to keep hitting 100+ so looked too similar to Titchell to justify sideways trade.
          After looking at Titch my attention switched to Lewis – see below – but he also escapes the bullet this week (I think).
          Sidebum is also an issue for you – who do you trust more to recover? Lewis, Titch, Steele?

          Your bench cover/ cash growth looks a bit thin. Only Hamling and probably Dumont looks like making you some $’s. Kav is probably the next in line to make some $’s so I would try to resist trading out Kav or Dumont until they fatten a bit more or get confirmed as dropped – I am also praying that they will! Add Amon to this list and they are all very slow burn cash growth options but that cash will be desperately needed later – if you trade down too hard you will be left with a few too many holes come R20 and finals…

          I agree with GarysAGod that Rich/ Saad are possibly more worthy targets…but not an easy one.

          We may not see Edwards again this season – would a hail-mary punt at J Kolo or C Byrne scrape enough cash to get Rich/Saad to Hibbo. Do you rate B Smith above Rich/Saad? I think he will earn both pts and cash steadily and may allow a future step up if required – probably less frustrating than Rich. He may be a necessary evil.

          I also did the Lambert thing instead of McKernan – add Sloane to that – a week of wasted trades!

          • Ignore my reference to Sidebum – I got myself confused with your trades – sorry!
            It is going to be a long wait for you this week until you know if some/ all of Kav, Dumont, Amon are named to see where you stand for M8.

          • Cheers gogs. I have DG A Cordy to T Downie on my bench to give me enough cash for Rich to Simpson. I’m not entirely convinced on B Smith. Maybe in a couple of weeks. I saw he had low averages against Brisbane and Geelong. If he scores another low 70 score this week, I might to straight swap Saad to Smith next week. Possibly look at getting McKernon or J Steele for cash cow next week as well

  • The issue with the interchange infringement was that that the concussed player (Edwards from memory) and McIntosh (who was subbed on for Edwards) were both on the field at the same time.
    Was a bit of a farce but the on-field umpires did make the right decision by giving the Swans a shot on goal (the rule itself can be debated however)

  • Hi all,ranked 275th in rdt,7 trades left after this week of going krakour and seedsman to Steele and picken,leaves team looking like this.

    Def-Shaw,picken,McDonald,Docherty, smith,Pearce(j,kolo,McKenzie)

    Mid-Lewis,pendles,ellis,Stevens, Wallis,Barlow,parker,Greene(Steele,smith boston)



    Any help or feedback appreciated

  • Oops,and 89k in bank

  • What to do with Lewis???
    I promised myself on Sunday morning that I would rage trade him after holding him through his suspensions and average showings. I seem to have calmed down as he seems to be locked back in my team this morning – but I am still doubting the decision.
    (I keep hearing everyone telling me “do not trade out premos until team is complete”, “do not downgrade premos to rookies ever!”. But Lewis looks so out of sorts at the moment it is painful to watch – whether live on DT Live scoreboard!)

    After the inspired decision to snatch up a bottomed our Sloane, I have an enforced premo trade anyway. Looks like Fyfe in for Sloane – so be warned Fyfe will get a 3 week suspension or do his shoulder now – as he has done most times in previous years that I have brought him in.

    Trade #2 is not so obvious with a growing list of ‘should trade soon but not necessarily now’ options…

    1= Tarrant (like his DPP link or he would be history)
    1= Oxley (D4) (he will become Hibbo or McVeigh in current plan)
    3 H Taylor (high BE but closest I have to a semi credible D3/D4 after Simmo & Newnes)
    4 Rich/ Saad (D5 & D6 at the mo) can wait a few weeks
    5 Rookies – Amon/ Schade/ Dumont all in the cross hairs – probably in that order
    6 Titchell will stay as long as he survives

    I have a soft game in my main (mates) league (sitting joint 1/16) so points not critical this week. But I need a more solid Captain hence looking at Fyfe (v BL)…
    (I do end up with a Freo heavy MID with Neale & Barlow in there too! Go Freo!! Steven is another I am looking at.)

    Next few weeks will see me target:
    – Rockie (I just can’t wait to get burnt by the same player 3 times in a single season – gotta be a first time for everything.)
    – Hodge when he gets a bit closer to 525/550k in 1-2 weeks
    – B Smith – I still fancy him as my long term D6 – sad but true
    – etc

    • I am trading out Lewis mate. Like you he’s been in my team since Round 1, but over the last three weeks it has appeared to me that he’s had both a role change and a significant increase in attention from the opposition (unsurprisingly given he was #1 for uncontested ball from Rounds 1-6). It appears he is now playing as more of an inside on-baller, but it doesn’t seem to me that he has the skill in his game to be able to read ruck men’s taps, and the ball often leaves his vicinity before he even looks like getting it. As I have said, I don’t think he will be getting those 13 marks (v Geelong) again as he is hardly allowed to roam free these days.

      It is such a risk trading someone like him, I know, but I have decided it’s better to sell high than watch him plummet to 520k in the next two weeks. I have brought in Fyfe for him, and while it is often said that trading premiums doesn’t improve your team, I feel as though Fyfe is a huge upgrade based on form.

      It was a potentially season-destroying decision to hold Lewis through his suspension, but I am hoping it will be a season-saving decision to trade him now. Hope this helps.

      • Well, that didn’t last long. Lewis survives with Stef rubbed out.

        • Yip…

          Martin (136) – Stef is a beast, plain and simple. At worst you are going to get a score of 95, most weeks you’ll get a comfortable 110. Basically, you can’t go wrong. Legend!

          Well that went wrong!!!

          McKernan will come in for Tarrant and cover via DPP in RUC.

          • …or I need a miracle i.e. Downie gets GWS call up!!
            Traders were talking this up last week after his form in the two’s so here’s hoping!

  • trade in steele for mccarthy and mckernan for sloane which leaves 424k in bank. But means i have to play j.kolo.

    or go mccarthy to steele/mckernan and sloane to mcveigh leaving 124k

    also who out of steele and mckernan?

    • Sensible move would be McVeigh (premo for premo). That would get my vote from the above choices – especially if J Kolo moves off the field.

      On Steele v McKernan – McKernan JS looks better from what we know this week – Steele looks like a gun but unclear how he fits in this year yet. McK just for me.

    • Trade Sloane to another premo to improve your team
      DG McCarthy is enough for cash
      I like both DG options. News that Carlisle is out 4-6 weeks only helps mckernan JS

  • Best midfielder out of Armitage, Montagna, Hannebery and Smith? I’m leaning towards Armitage.

  • 1879 with heppel as C. Was prob my only down point. A nice reward for 2 miserable bye rounds prior. Managed to jump 6000k spots to crack the top 6000 ☺ time for the final season assault. Bench looks pretty thin tho!

  • Yep, I’m one of the poor bastards who has had Sloane twice.
    Rocky too.
    Loving DT this year…

  • Fuck Stefan (2 week suspension)… How would we all be going if we were limited to 30 trades? Imagine 24. Depressing

  • Buddy 1 week, May 2 weeks. What an absolute joke AFL. That’s coming from a Swans fan and Buddy owner.

  • Great read matt! Glad i dont have stef now..

    Jumped 3k spots theough the byes to 19,000 after coming in the top 300 last year. Had just about every injury under the sun, just one of those years. Worst ranking in the past 5+ years at the end was 7k so if i beat that from here il be kinda happy. Team is now finally taking shape and set for a big second half of the year… hopefully.

  • 2 Weeks for Stef…
    Kill me now, started off so strong but now have dropped to 5424 on the back of plenty of injuries and suspensions this year.
    Rocky, Lewis, Sidebottom, Bartel, Lids, Yeo, Hodge, Stef, Bont, Gray, Gibbo and more have missed weeks in my team and most have had to be traded.
    Hopefully Downie or Holmes get a gig to save my year so I dont have to trade Stef

  • CEY, Vanders, Salem, Clark…
    the list goes on

  • Belly, Leuenberger :(

  • Can anyone tell what actually happened to SHAUN EDWARDS. Cheers :)

  • And why he was subbed?