Resume Normal Transmission – Ep. 46

We say goodbye to the byes as we hit up the last ten rounds of the season. We’re back to 22 on field and rules as normal. Roy, Calvin and Warnie do a bye round stocktake and discuss the big issues heading into round 14.

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  • Can anyone tell me what happened to SHAUN EDWARDS and why he was subbed? Cheers :)

  • Umm cos he was playing the Hawks and he had 2 possies in 3 quarters ?? I feel your pain

  • Ok thanks I thought I might have been an injury… ppphhewww! :)

  • LOL

    Am I the guy who ‘bragged about team value?” hehe

    A couple of things to say, first of all thx for another episode of the podcast.

    Firstly about team value, I bragged about it at the beginning of the season (about week 6 or 7 was it?) During that time I have risen into the top 1k. Warnie is technically correct, team value does mean his team ‘should’ average more because it is worth more. However time for that value to work to his advantage is quickly fading as the rounds progress.

    While I remember, I recall a comment during the podcast about: “use those 2 trades or lose them”. I can clearly remember doing 2 unforced luxury trades which seemed 100% logical and with the expectation of increasing my scores in 2 grand finals. Both years those 2 trades resulted in a reduction of my score and a grand final loss. Trading does NOT guarantee a score increase next week. You are trading because of the scores you expect on AVERAGE from now on.

    @Calvin: I feel your pain about Dahlhaus, dont worry mate he will come good for ya. Good decisions, bad results like I talked about above. (We can’t all have Stanton – the grandpa of DT; its like picking R. Harvey)

    Keep up the good work.

    Btw Warnie, what is your team value exactly? I got mine at 2.7 million and change atm but bleeding cash because of Burgoyne, Lewis, Dahlhaus, Tarrant and co.

    • Didn’t hear anyone mention KRRREEEEEUUUUUUUZZZZZZZ!!!!! as an alternative to the S.Martin trade for Calvin.

      Traded in the Cruise Missile last week, and although (as with Dahlhaus) there was the initial gloom with trading him in, he is a known quality player DT player when fit.

      Kreuzer – $297 and proven
      McKernan – $229 and not proven (over a DT season) hell the guy isn’t even first choice ruckman when everyone is fit.

      That being said, I have both players so I dont have the hard decision to make. Just saying, it would be a hard decision if I had to make it.

  • Forgot to add: The dilemma of: To trade out S.Martin or not?

    I think we can safely say that McKernan and Kreuzer are the 2 options unless you decide to go to Jacobs/Goldstein.

    Sounds like Calvin also has a R.Sloane problem with no cash to ‘upgrade’ him pricewise. I am not privy to his team details so I can only assume he has hardly any money left in the kitty.

    This being said, looking at the big picture (and this applies to many DT’ers out there), now is the time to start taking risks if you are behind the 8 ball ranking-wise and you have any aspirations to win it all. If your focus is to win your league for bragging rights and you are in the 8 or very close, ignore the risk taking advice that follows:

    I would go S.Martin to Kreuzer. This is with the expectation that Kreuzer will keep his premium scores going as he has historically while fit and playing. If Kreuzer only lasts 2 weeks you have made $ (while expecting higher average scores than Mckernan) with the possibility of Kreuzer’s form continuing and S.Martin posting some sub-par scores vs his high break even.

    #2 upgrade Sloane and have cash left over to get S.Martin back in 2 weeks (if neccessary)

    With the extra cash you can upgrade Sloane to whoever you want.

  • And still have the downgrade/upgrade possibility next week if it makes you a little $ to keep S.Martin in your sights should Kreuzer fail you (which I think he wont for a couple of months surely)

  • Was ALL that really necessary?

  • Four long messages in a row despite nobody replying.

    Albert Lloyd, you really need to get a life.

  • Thoughts about Sloane to Bernie?

    • bernie seems to be on the loose with viney now taking the main tagging role. bernie is a major ball winner so i see nothing bad about this trade +!

      • Bernie’s tackle count is another reason I’m keen on him. He racks them up even when not tagging. Ownership at just 0.7%, not a bad POD considering his last 3/5 averages.

        I’ll run with it, and go Honeychurch to Steele with the other trade. I still have Honeychurch and some other junk on the bench because I have been smashed by injuries this year.

  • Lyon has hinted that J.Griffin may play this week which would save me. Could cover Stef and allow me to still go M.Clark > McVeigh via DPP