My Team 2015 – Round 14

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We had heaps of DT Talk community members play the all new daily fantasy game, Moneyball last weekend. It’s the Aussie version of the extremely popular Fan Duel, Draft Kings and Rotowire sites.

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  • Milansta is trading IN Colquhoun and McKernan in this week. OUT Ox + Tarrant. Buddy held on the bench. Ebert (V) we will decide the (C) tomorrow.

  • McCarthy +McIntosh> Mundy and O’brien (will have to play o’brien/amon/dumont m8)


    Amon>McKernan (Lambert dpp) and Mcintosh>Colqhoun


    Bennell+Mcintosh>Colqhoun+McKernan (will play mcKernan +McCarthy on field this week)
    (373k) in bank from this trade??
    so next weeks trades will be McCarthy out (move dahl forward and bring in premo mid) and something else

    Thinking #3 is the best option

  • Fair call Milansta…

    Here you go… Let me know what you think :-)

    51K in the Bank

    DEF: Simpson Newnes KK Hibberd Oxley Ibbo (Saad / Hamling)

    MID: Fyfe Ebert Pendles Heppell Parker Lewis Boston Steele
    Sloane / Amon / Kavangh)

    RUCKS: MArtin / Goldy (Holmes)

    FWD: Adams, Martin, Gray, Swan, Mitchell, Bont (Hogan, Krak)

  • nicnat/t.hunt > mckernan/gray(via higgins)

    yay or nay?

    want to get rid of hunt and it has to be via nicnat downgrade to either mckernan or kreuz

  • need urgent help!!
    Barlow,JPK,Jelwood,Swallow or Redden for M7 desperately need help lads!

    • Out of those options back in Mr DT Barlow. Played mostly midfield last week

  • Upgrade Gibson or Oxley this week?

    Oxley the obvious choice, but with Frawley out Gibson will probably play a lock down role but Oxley will be free. Thoughts??

  • Choose one
    1) McCarthy to Gray
    Sloane to Selwood

    2) McCarthy to Zieball/Adams
    Sloane to JPK

  • McCarthy > McKernan
    Sloane > Murphy/Wines/Titchell/Adams/S. Thompson/JPK/Rischitelli

    Thoughts on trades and who do I get in for Sloane, leaning towards Wines atm with Murphy close behind in second.

  • Guys anty good def rookies for D7??

  • if kav is on the wing he wont be sub will he? either him or lambert on field!?

  • Oxley to:
    McVeigh (87k in bank) or Colquhoun (370k in bank)?

    Thinking option B as I can do a double upgrade next week

  • My Team:
    DEF: Boyd, McVeigh, Yeo, Hibberd, Newnes, Oxley (Kelly, Clurey)
    MIDS: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Lewis, Parker, Heppell, Wallis, Cripps, Saad (Amon, Glenn)
    RUCKS: Grundy, Kreuzer (Naismith, Downie)
    FWDS: Gray, Swan, Martin, Dahlhaus, Mitchell, Fantasia (Lambert, Byrne)

    Cash: $89,000

    I’m thinking of going Kelly to J.Kolo and Fantasia to Steele but i’m pretty stuck on trades. Thoughts appreciated thanks!

    • I don’t like them at all. Maybe this?

      DEF: Boyd, McVeigh, Yeo, Hibberd, Newnes, Oxley (BYRNE, Clurey)
      MIDS: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Lewis, Parker, Heppell, Wallis, Cripps, Saad (Amon, STEELE)
      RUCKS: Grundy, Kreuzer (Naismith, Downie)
      FWDS: Gray, Swan, Martin, Dahlhaus, Mitchell, MCKERNAN (Lambert, FANTASIA)

      Cash: $17,000

  • I’ve had wines for 3 weeks and in that time he’s handballed his way to three sub-100 scores. Anyone know if his role has changed or has he just forgotten how to kick? Still getting plenty of the ball…

  • Have Sloane, S.Martin & Bennell! So here’s what I’m thinking:

    Def: Hodge,Yeo,Higgins,Hibberd,Newnes,Colquhoun (Oxley(E),J.Kolo)
    Mid: Fyfe,I.Smith,Pendlebury,Goddard,Ebert(V),Parker,Saad,Boston (Dumont(E),Kavanagh)
    Ruck: Goldy(C),Brooksby (S.Martin,Downie(E))
    Fwd: Swan,Dusty,Gray,Dahlhaus,Titchell,Byrne (Krakouer(E),McKernan)

    Went Sloane>Goddard & Bennell>McKernan, taking Krak’s 85 by putting Byrne on the ground, leaves me with $251k for next week and can swing Goddard back. Only S.Martin & Byrne definate non starters on the bench which is nice for cash generation too.
    What do ya’s reckon?

    • In light of the news for this round I think I may go Stef to Blicavs, knowing I can trade Bennell to Stef later on by swinging Goddard Fwd and Blicavs to the midfield. Means a guaranteed 99 points and price rise from Blicavs.

  • With Downie playing do I still get in McKernan and play him at R2 before switching him to F6 when Stef returns or do I trade McCarthy to Steele at F6 and play Downie on at R2

    • Yes still get McKernan he should score about 75 whereas Downie will only score 50 and it will be better in the long run.

  • My team before trades

    Def: Mundy, yeo, Higgins, newnes, thurlow, Oxley (saad, Edwards)
    Mid: Lewis, Ebert, beams, Stanton, Wallis, Cripps, rich, Kav (lambert, Amon)
    Ruck: goody, Kreuzer (Clark, Holmes)
    Fwd: swan, Mitchell, Martin, Gray, franklin, Stevens (McCarthy, Byrne)

    Have 290k in the bank

    Thought about McCarthy and rich trading out
    Or trading out Edwards and McCarthy

    And trading in McKernan and Adams
    Or trading in hibberd and Adams

    Thoughts or any other ideas

  • How does afl go from here with the current news everyone has just woken up to?

    • No idea…guess they’ll leave it up to the players if they are up to it? If not share the points if they call off their game? Not sure they can cancel the round given we had a game last night

  • Sloane to:

    Beams vs Montagna vs Armitage vs Mundy?

    • Armitage has the runs on the board, but will he fade toward the end of the season?
      Montagna’s 3rd in line for the tag and could be a REAL unique if you’re looking to make up ground (or win)
      Mundy’s scoring well, but he really should be in the def line for you
      Beams is also in great touch, and seems to be scoring as well as possible

      I personally don’t think that a lot will separate the top 20 mids, so pick whoever you prefer

      Montagna, Beams, Armitage, Mundy would be my ranking (but if you need the def, then clearly pick Mundy)

  • Dahlaus –> Bontemelli
    Wallis –> Montagna