The Friday Scramble

FridayScrambleOne bye round down, two left to go. Hopefully you got through last week not too badly. Last week I wasn’t too bad, but any late outs this week and I will be in trouble! But I am very sure that there will be no smooth sailing happening, we know that there will be some more carnage to come!

We also have some new positional updates which happened in AFL Fantasy and there have been some more long term injuries for us to deal with too.  So let’s not muck around, let’s get right into it!

The Selection Table!

Earlier in the week we heard that we have lost Mumford for the rest of the season, so you need to trade here, this can actually help your bye structure (not in regards to the number of trades you need to make of course). Mumford was to have his bye in round 13. Now you should be looking to trade him out for either Jacobs or Martin who have both already had their byes.

During the week we had Nathan Krakouer upgraded to the senior list as the nominated rookie.  This wasn’t much of a surprise based on what Ken Hinkley said a few weeks ago. He has come straight back into the team.  I am not convinced that he will be the sub either. With Ah Chee, Mitchell and Moore all coming in I suspect one of them would get the vest.  As I suspected Tom Clurey drops out of the side with Jackson Trengove returning from injury.

Nick Dal Santo came back in and thankfully it wasn’t at the expense of Trent Dumont like we all expected. In that same game the Giants have had massive changes. We see two new ruckmen in Philips and Lobb come into the side. Philips has already played a bit but Lobb is named on the bench. I think these two are risky, see the #AskDunny question below. Coniglio out will also hurt a few sides, but we did know about this earlier in the week.

The Bont is back, but I don’t expect big things from him. and for the Lions we have Jack Redden back in the side too. A key from this game is that both Bailey Dale and Joel Hamling held their positions in the side!

Great to see Jake Kolodjashnij named on the field, hopefully he will stay in the side after the cuts are made later today. Naika Cockatoo returns to the Cats lineup too.

Loophole Antics

So did you have a crack at the Loophole in AFL Fantasy or RDT last night (I will ignore SC here as we can loophole all the time here). Calvin recommended the following guys, let’s see how they went and if you should keep their score.

Dangerfield – 105. There are a few (including Warnie) who are saying to take the 105 given it is a bye round. I certainly think that you would be playing it safe and would have no issues if you did that.
Lewis – 75. No, I am sure you have better options than that.
Hodge – 97. If you are really struggling for talent you could, but once again I am sure you have someone that should score more.
Smith – 103. Like Dangerfield you could be forgiven for taking it, but it is a little on the low side.
Jacobs – 107. Once again you could take this and be happy.  In a bye round it isn’t a bad thing to do.

If you took someone else, the only players I would keep the score from would be Liam Shiels with his 120. Take that all day every day. The only other one to consider would be Rory Sloane with his 109. I would be taking that if I made him VC.

Now if you are going to use the Loophole, make sure you understand it.  All you need to do is put your C on someone that has the bye this week.  It shouldn’t be too hard to find one of them on field with all the problems we are having!

Positional Changes

So this week we know that in AFL Fantasy there were some players who were given extra eligibility. The key ones for me were Jarrad McVeigh who gained defender eligibility and Toby Greene who gained forward eligibility. If you haven’t traded out Touk Miller yet he is now able to be used in the forward line.

Have a read of the article that Warnie put together earlier in the week on the AFL Fantasy site.  You can find it here.

What this means for my team is that I will be targeting McVeigh for my backline once his bye is over. However, the key thing that it does do is opens up a fair bit of flexibility for you which makes it easier for you to swing players around when injury strikes, and to be honest, during the bye rounds it is invaluable.

#Ask Dunny

Here I have picked a selection of your questions to have a look at this week.  Hopefully I am able to help you all out!

Thought I would start with a fairly easy one here. Whilst Barlow has been underperforming of late, the first thing that you should be doing is trying to improve your side overall. And with Vandenberg not playing at the moment, bringing in Dahlhaus is a must. The Doggies have a dream run in the next 4 weeks playing Brisbane, St Kilda, Carlton and then Gold Coast. Once you have you team set then I would be looking at that Barlow upgrade.

Hi Aaron, I think that I will say what everyone else would say too and that is that I would be going for Martin or Jacobs. Whilst Philips will now get more time of course, can he be relied upon to bring you premium level scoring just because he has the number one job? I don’t think so. Lobb is an I am going for either Martin or Jacobs as they are premiums who have already had their bye. Lobb is an untried rookie and I simply don’t like that.  Yes he played two games last year and averaged 39. According to the Prospectus he had the lowest hit out to advantage of all four GWS rucks and struggled as a tap ruckman. Not sure that the coach will be keen on that.
For me, you can’t go past Martin and Jacobs. Otherwise you will more than likely be forced to use another trade in the rucks later on and if you have used the cash you made from Mumford to Lobb/Philips elsewhere then you will really be stuck for choices.

I think this is a huge question that many people will be tackling this week Thomas. To be honest it is a question that people will have to tackle with their team structure and number of trades remaining in mind. I will have a quick look at each here. With Oxley he is valued at $389k and is averaging 77. He is Defence only. A big plus for him though is that his BE is a lowly 5. He has also been pretty consistent over his last 5 rounds. In the case of Saad he is valued at $339k and has an average of 69. His BE is 63, however, he has the bonus of being Defence/Midfield eligible.
There are positives and negatives for both here. On the one hand Oxley has a low BE and is averaging more, on the other hand Saad has dual position eligibility. The key here is your team structure and what you plan on doing going forward.  Also, you need to consider your bye structures this week. How many do you have out in your mids v your defence this week then you would trade out the guy that gives you an extra player on field. The other thing though is that Saad gives you a massive amount of flexibility going forward. If you also have Daniel McKenzie in your team you can use him and Saad to swing between lines.
Personally I will be trading out Saad this week to bring in a midfielder which I feel not only improves my team for round 12 but it will improve my team going forward. However, Oxley is on my radar to be traded out either next week or the one after.  Whilst he has money to make and is scoring well, I intend to use the money from him to bring in another premium in my mids with the extra cash that I would earn.
So… a long story short, I am trading out Saad. Only for the fact that if things go pear shaped for me next week (and why is a pear shape bad anyway, but that is a question for another week) I have Oxley there who can continue to rise in value whilst Saad could drop or simply stagnate.  The other thing for me is that if I get an LTI this week to one of my keeper defenders I would be comfortable with Oxley holding the fort whereas in my mids I can’t say the same for Saad.

Ok, so clearly talking Supercoach here given your name and the prices you quoted. First I will have a quick look at these two guys. Their average is close with Danger 4pts ahead, but the real difference is in their last three games average where Danger is 24 points better.  Overall though they are very similar throughout the season. With Sloane back in the Adelaide side teams will need to give him a bit more attention but Danger will still cop the number one tag. Similarly with Rocky out, Beams will normally be the number one target. For me faced with this choice I think that I would go with Dangerfield just given the way that Adelaide are travelling at the moment.
In regard to other options? I am assuming you are only looking at round 11 players I think that Sam Mitchell is a real possibility and is only $568k as is Luke Hodge who opens up Defense for you at $544k.  Other than that There is Dusty, but I am fairly confident you would have him already.
Of all the options, for pure scoring potential I would go with Danger, but if you do want to save some cash I would take Hodge.
Note: Yes I know Adelaide and Hawks players are locked out already but I have messaged Seeker SC to let him know prior to last night’s lockout. I still thought it was a good question. These guys are all still good trade in targets for pre round 13 for you.

If we are looking at the last question for a round 13 comparison with those two guys, then other players such as Fyfe could be thrown in the mix, but he is more expensive, but on the cheaper side you have Hannebery and Pendlebury that I would consider ahead of Beams in SC. Tom Mitchell is the other one that would also open up your forwards.

Things To Remember

  • As always, put the guys with the blue dots on your bench! They won’t be playing.
  • If you didn’t understand the loophole, re-read Calvin’s article 20 times as we will be able to do it a few times in the next couple of weeks.
  • All of your Adelaide and Hawthorn players are currently locked out since they have already played (obviously)
  • Keep planning for your last bye round when doing your trades this week, obviously you don’t want to be trading in someone that has a bye next week. Try and use the guys that have already had their byes.

This is probably one of the toughest weeks in the bye rounds, so if you are struggling for players and scores, don’t stress too much everyone else will be too! Just try and get your 18 on the ground and hope for the best, that is what I will be doing!! Catch you all over the weekend on twitter @pkd73


  • My total team at present before trades. This week I will win so trades not important for this week. Can anyone help with possible trades.

    def: mundy, yeo, newnes, thurlow, rich, Higgins (McIntosh, saad)
    mid: lewis, ebert, Stanton, beams, wallis, cripps, ox, kav (amon, glenn)
    ruck: goldy, belly (clark, holmes)
    fwd: Mitchell, swan, gray, martin, franklin, Hogan (McCarthy, byrne)

    have 90k in bank

    A) thought about belly to kruezer and saad to stevens using DPP
    then next week McCarthy and rich out for McVeigh and rookie def using DPP

    B) or belly to Phillips if playing and saad to stevens using DPP
    then next week McCarthy and Clarke to rookie def and premium ruck

  • Guys i have this really strange gut feel about picken going massive this week and he is a fun otion to get in but should i be more inclined to get in a beams. Only 45k more or even a simson who is 45k less. Thoughts?

    • I like it! I already have Picken and thought about making him a POD captain, as I had the same gut feeling…but I’m not sure how he will go coming back from injury, so I would do your research on how serious this was before bringing him in.

  • Who should I bring in this week out of Boyd or Dalhaus? My forwards line is very strong and Dalhaus would be my final premo. I only have 2-3 premos at the back. Both should be good over next few weeks but I’m leaning towards Dalhaus as Boyd is always a slight chance of being rested.

  • Barlow and Clark to Wallis and Steele good trades? Steele will be benched next week onwards

    • Fine to bring in Wallis as he is still making money and the Bulldogs have a good run, but for a little more cash you could pick up Sloane (if you don’t already have him) who looks like returning to his premo form. Apparently Steele is highly rated, but it depends on which game you are talking. In Fantasy you need to pick him up on his first game. In RDT and SC I would wait and see.

      • Can wait til after his bye in Fantasy. Being priced highly for a rook he will go up less.

        • Ah yes … sorry! Didn’t realize he was so much more expensive in Fantasy than RDT and SC. I’d definitely wait in that case.

  • Take Dangerfield as VC or go with Priddis (C)?

  • My dilema is Boyd or Picken…


  • Trying to maximise money for the end of the byes, should i trade glenn to dumont or clark to steele? Both have byes next week

  • Barlow to Dahluas a good trade? Dont care about byes

    • You don’t have to say you don’t care about byes when you’re trading out someone not playing this round and trading in someone who’s bye has finished. If you don’t care about byes though this may be a good time to get rookies just in case you miss out on them. For instance I want edwards next week but I’m going to miss out on fantasia and kavanagh because of that and at least one of them should be good.

  • Suggestions on Menadue JS? Richmond (170k Midfielder)

  • Welcome to my team Captain Wallis.

  • Hey dunny, thanks for another great article. I have 210k left for my last trade. Who would you trade out of Amon (183k), N.Brown (221k), or Barlow (489k) (in order of trade preference) and who for? I can get any position, and would prefer a rd 11 bye player mid pricer/premium. Thanks in advance!

  • People getting rid of Barlow must have no injuries or no full cash cows. Can’t wait for him to come back and smash out some 120’s.

  • My Friday dilemmas are:

    1. Who to get out of J.Kolo/Steele/Hamling?
    2. Who to Captain out of Goldy, S.Martin, Dusty, Ebert, Dahlhaus? Calvin reckons Ebert, but man that sounds risky. Goldy should smash a mummy-less GWS and Dusty has been on fire. Arghhh

  • Trade out Brett Goodes or Saad who gives me an extra 60k in RDT?

    • Depends who you can get with the available cash …In RDT I’d be keeping Saad as he has useful DPP status, appears to have good JS and brings in a reasonable number of points to cover injuries etc. Insurance :)

  • Ellis, Goldstein, Ebert, Beams or Martin for captain?

  • Thanks for replying to my tweet Dunny! Thought that’d be your answer I just can’t justify having a “premo” in my team scoring rookie-like scores!

    • The way I see it, is the 20-30 points you lose from your premo being out of form, is made up by the 20-30 points you make upgrading a rookie instead of sideways trading.

      Then if your premo comes good, then not only has the trade not cost you points, you effectively gain another 20-30 points when that premo has come good and have saved a trade.

  • Picken too risky for captain?

  • DEF: Hodge, Mundy, Newnes, Ibbotson, Saad, McIntosh ( Hamling, Smith )
    MID: Pendles, Fyfe, Beams, Parker, Barlow, Treloar, Wallis, Cripps ( Amon, Dumont )
    RUCK: Jacobs, Mumford
    FWD: Swan, Gray, Dusty, Franklin, T.Mitchell, Ziebell ( McInnes, Byrne )

    Mumford needs to go to either Goldy or Martin. Only have 3k

    Trades can be Mummy > Goldy & Saad to J.Kolo allowing me to get McVeigh and B.Smith next week.


  • tom clurey to J.kolo a decent trade?

    first trade was a big upgrade from Ashley young to Hodge.

  • should i take dangers vc score of 105 or go with ebert, treloar, beams or goldstein as Captain???? PLease help

    • I have Jacobs and am taking his 107. Playing it safe.

      • Okay yeah I might just take it and play it safe! But I think beams will go big this week, it’s a hard choice

        • I reckon anythjng over 110 you should take otherwise worth the gamble.

          I’m not taking dangers 105

  • Real 50/50 tossup for my 2nd trade.. anyone want to sway me?

    Barlow > Wallis, or downgrade a rook for $

    Problem is J Kolo is the only rook worth getting that’s playing this week and he may not even get a game after the byes

  • I put the VC on Lewis, and the C on Neale (BYE), as I might have wanted to keep Lewis’ score, but now it won’t let me change the Captaincy to anyone, someone tell me what I’ve done wrong please?

  • Can’t decide

    Goodes to hamling or jake kolo
    Mitch Clarke to lobb
    Have 1 trade left to pick one..

  • Can anyone talk me out of captaining Callan Ward? I know Mummy is not there but he LOVES spotless stadium averaging over 120 so far this year….

    FWIW, Goldy is averaging 114 in VIC and only 83 interstate so far – quite a big variance there

    I reckon Dahlhaus is a good shout for captain but his score is likely to be similar to Danger

    • I have ward too but his last two vs North have both been 60’s
      Can’t go past Goldy versus Lobb…

      • yeh – I have both Goldy and Ward just not confident Goldy will get as many possessions as usual. It’s been raining pretty heavy in Sydney most of the week

        Who knows, I could easily be wrong!

      • Thanks for talking me out of Ward

        I switched to Dusty 10 mins before kick off = winning!

    • Read Calvins Captains and check his history against North. I was quickly talked out of making the same choice

      • Well it’s either his form vs north continues or his form at home continues!

  • Captain choice is a difficult one this week. Thoughts?

    Goldy v Giants. with Lobb as the only real ruckman surely Goldy smashes it.
    Ellis v Eagles. Eagles leak points fantasy wise. Not the biggest ceiling though.
    Martin v Eagles. On fire at the moment and has a higher ceiling than Ellis.
    Dahl v Brisbane. Loves Etihad with 4 out of his last 5 scores 110+ at the venue.
    Beams v Bulldogs. Three round average of 117.7 speaks for itself

    Doing my head in!

    • Goldy will kill it in the ruck but it’s only +1’s
      Beams has scored a lot better at the gabba this year
      Ellis good option
      Dahl very safe as is Martin

      Depends if you want around 110ish or you chasing the 130+

  • Danger’s Score or go With Beams as C