Round 12 Lockout Chat

Discuss your teams in the comments as we head towards the full lockout and over the second bye round. Unfortunately no rolling updates today, but follow all of the relevant twitter feeds for the late mail you need. Feel free to post the late outs, subs and any other news (with credible sources) in the comments. Don’t troll!

Be sure to pick your Moneyball teams in the Saturday Slam… guaranteed $2K prize pool. Gotta be in it to win it!



Get the full teams ahead of the full lockout tonight: and catch all of the late mail here: After this video was shot, Jesse Hogan and Andrew Phillips were withdrawn from their respective sides.

Posted by AFL Fantasy on Friday, 19 June 2015


  • Yewww! Switched the C from Goldy to Dusty in the last minute before lockout haha #300 in other news I won’t be trading Yeo next week

  • My 3 boys with almost 30 marks tonight… unbelievable

  • When you realize, Picken, Dahlhaus and Cross are all on the FA in Elite…
    Picked them up on Thursday :)

  • Swapped the C from Goldy to Dusty tonight. Forst time this season i have a 300 in my team and a comfortable league win over a side with the C on Lewis ???

  • Thanks Dusty! A great score for a bye round.

  • Dusty as Captain, super happy there. But an injured ted and a shitstorm called Kmac, I’m feeling pretty down right now

  • Don’t really care about match day. Hair do it for fun without a league and scores 928 points for the game of tigers vs Eagles.

    • Same. I got 940. 9th for the game. 109th overall. Should stick to that instead of Classic at this rate.

  • I am 271 from 3 which I would be thrilled with but it could be so much better if KMac did not play like a pile of turd.

  • Kmac you are the definition of a spud. 4 disposals in almost 100 minutes gametime, jesus. Had 17 this week playing but basically 15 due to kmac and jake kelly

    • It’s so annoying. First time I have needed him since like round 7 and he dishes out his worst score ever…

  • 371 from 3 for last nights game. Goes a little way to making up for my (c) on Lewis Thursday night instead of (vc). That’s what happens when the missus invites people around on lock out night, ggrrrrr!

  • Thank you Calvin for your article this week. I was a bit concerned when I loop-holed jLew but kept the faith and put the C on Martin. 300! Am 743/6, 19 in play in total and have gone up 5k in rank.

  • im 707/ 5 :P

  • Dusty C, Ellis, Yeo, Maric and Dangerfield

  • What do North Melbourne not understand? Give Dumont a full game he is a gun ffs

  • Not sure I’ll make it to 1000…

    • How many hits do you have to cop? I traded in Phillips DPP Mason/ Clark and missed the late out. I’m with you here.

  • Had a choice of wines or gaff a few weeks ago. Went wines. Yet to hit a ton while gaff goes in his merry way

  • Cripps averaging 130 when Carlton win this season, what a star!

  • 970/9+C only 7 to come

  • Goldstein (C)

    Called it at 130 minimum :D

  • top two to trade out this week? clark, tarrant and mccarthy

  • If Brian Taylor calls Jake Stringer ‘The Package’ one more time, I will find Brian and stick a knitting needle down his japs eye.

  • Been celebrating thinking I had the C on dusty.. Turns out I had it on gray.. Is it too late to keep hodges 97 with the VC? Lol having the worst round! Pretty stoked wallis and beams tonned up, shame bont and Martin didn’t quite

  • 1450 with 3 to go

  • Thanks everyone for the kind messages, I just felt dazed for a couple minutes after the tackle, fine now, will play in rd14

    • Great to hear Robbie. I hated seeing you go down like that, just as you were starting to fire up.

      • yeah I had 63 at half time Lachie, and I was aiming for 110 but Gibbs’ hair blinded me and I cant remember much else.

    • Robbie > Neale

      • I’d gamble(r) on that.

      • I’ll take that based on consistency

        • Based upon a quick analysis of your sentence structure and grammar, I’m pretty sure Lachie and Robbie are the same user.

          • Unfortunately you are wrong with that one Albert.

          • “Based upon a quick analysis of your sentence structure and grammar,” – lol nice analysis 10/10

          • My work here is done

          • Hey you’re right Albert!

            Thats some real sad shit lol

          • In all honesty Albert I have no idea who “Robbie Gray” is, however you can think whatever you want. If someone was to log in and out of the site and create a fake conversation with themselves that would be very sad.

  • 1283 with 14 played… none to come :( pretty happy considering the circumstances of having a team stacked with rnd 12 bye players

  • 1586 all done. Captain Todd killing it…

  • Man of Steele, 92!

  • 1469 with just Stevie J to come. Heading for ~1550 from 15+C

    Next week, will play 21 or 22, and Stevie J becomes a proper premo mid.

  • 1463/15+C just J.Kolo to come

  • 1039 with Selwood,Enright,McDonald,Stretch to go. Lewis captain wtffff.
    will that be enough to get a decent score?

  • 1593 from 17 but includes the likes of Kmac (20) J.Kelly (38) Hamling (44), Dumont (27) (McCarthy 44)

  • 1194 with Thurlow and Blicavs to come…

    Dropped to 332 overall, shocker of a week lead by Phillips out, Dumont and Dale benched, KMac spudding and Bryce Gibbs actu laying a tackle to take Gray out..

    God love a C on Goldy

  • jumping ahead a bit to next week…

    Will be trading Lobbe with the bye (who i brought in for Bellchambers to make some cash)

    Should i bring in Stef Martin or Jacobs who is $40k cheaper??

    Other ruck is Goldy

    • Not that it matters to your trades, but after Martin, Goldy & Jacobs as the best options, I’d rate Blicavs as the next best.

      Regarding who to trade, i think i’d prefer Jacobs. Martin is good, but doesn’t seem to have a high ceiling compared to jacobs and goldy, so the downside is that there is more risk to losing value if he has a bad game given he is starting at a higher price.

      • cheers. yep agree on Blic and Lobbe as well is still under priced but given he’s on a bye i need the extra points long term

        Martin is more consistent and doesn’t have many bad games but is capped around 115-ish. Jacobs (like Goldy) can go 130+ but also the occasional 70

        just wondering if it’s worth spending the extra $$

  • Surprised that 1855 last week and around 1500 this week was enough to put me from 3k into the top 1k. One more charge next week!

  • 1750 with McDonald to come! Have gone up 900 spots in the rankings (to top 100). Pretty stoked with how kind the bye round has been to me! Sorry for all those who haven’t been able to avoid the carnage!!

    • Gonna change a lot after last game I reckon. I have four out of my 18 yet to play, and have moved into top 1000. I reckon there’ll be coaches with more than that left, but well done.

  • 1590 from 17, Thurlow and Selwood to come, Dumont’s 27 likely not to be included. Have gone up 7k in rank. Next week will be my strongest showing during the byes, with 22 probably on the field…finally coming together!

    • I was going to trade out Thurlow to McVeigh, coz he has the bye next week but might just get rid of Rich instead, should field 18 quite easily….

  • ~All thought apreciated~
    I have 316k remaining…
    Do i go Mumford -> Jacobs/ Stef + mcinnes/ mccarthy -> Dalhaus
    Mumford -> Jacobs/ Stef + Mcintosh -> Hodge/ Boyd/ Mcveigh

    Really stuck on this…

    • Do the one that suits the byes better. In this case McInnes has the bye this week and isn’t playing anyway, so you’re basically getting rid of dead wood. Hold Tosh until after the byes.

  • Looking to bring in a real differential in the midfield this week. Options:

    Montagna: real flash in the pants last year, role change/old legs led to him dropping off very quickly, but Saints’ style this year has allowed midfielders to flourish.

    Macrae: not really a POD anymore – heaps of chat about him last week, but the draw is too good to ignore. Comes up against Weller this week so could be worth a wait and see.

    Murphy: we all know what he is capable of. Carlton are buzzing at the moment and come up against Gold Coast this week. He is very relevant.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

  • Do kicks from an out on the full count as a stat? Because J.Kolo’s one in the last qtr wasn’t counted it seems

    • Still won’t change his crappy score. Happy I didn’t get him in… will probably be dropped as the 1st gamer Neal-Bullen kicked 3 on him

      • i thought he played alright

      • Yeah I thought he played ok for his first game, made some decent spoils, not his fault the ball was coming in so often. Will be ok as my D8.