More DPPs – Ep. 44

As we head towards the middle weekend of the season and the middle bye round, we have a new batch of DPPs added. They boys reveal a few before they come into the system on Wednesday. Roy, Calvin and Warnie also discuss trading strategy across these bye rounds.

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  • for the lazy buggers…

    Mcveigh def
    D Cross def
    kurt tippett ruck
    stanley rucks
    greene fwd

  • Greene now my 6th Forward WOOT

  • Inside source says ‘ Jake Kolo will play this week’ but won’t be playing Kelly’s role. As another defender will be rested/omitted this week.

  • First one of these I’ve listened to completely, can’t say I can agree that Saad has kept himself a keeper, given his BE is still 62, but the Oxley stuff has got me thinking. Basically this week I’ve gone Saad to Hamling as my first trade, but my second one is a little tougher. Basically, my only expendable r12 guys are Ox, Newnes and Glenn, I don’t have the cash to go Glenn to anyone decent and all the good cheap guys around him are r12 anyway, so that leaves Newnes or Ox to Hodge. I’ve always planned on Ox, but his BE is still sub 50, and Newnes’ is 80, so holding Ox until he has his next stinker then switching to McVeigh makes a lot of sense, but I much prefer getting stuck with Newnes D6 rather than Ox in the medium term if things don’t go right, and I guess leaves me with a “completed” backline without using an extra trade. So in short, chase a little cash or some flukey big scores, or settle in for a safer, less impressive place holder?

    • Thanks for listening.

      That’s the big question! As defenders, I feel that Saad and Oxley are hard to trade out. It’s weird. Always part of the plan, need to improve team, etc. But I need firepower and dumping Barlow seems to be my way to go.

      I still don’t know the ‘right’ way to play two trades per week, but this ‘completed’ team thing is getting hard… and with the backline being what it has, I want the midfield firepower. I still need to do something to my backline, but priority is in the mids. Ox or Saad aren’t that far off (on average) what other players are doing.

      All of our teams are unique, so it’s very much horses for courses.

      • That is another upside to holding Ox until he blows it, gives me and extra to spend on the mids next week, or in two weeks as a Glenn upgrade after a double downgrade next week. But also as you say, mids need attention badly, and Newnes is much easier to just ignore for a month or two than Ox if he pumps out another 20 or two, gah, who set this year on hard mode?

  • DPP has already been changed in Fantasy, McVeigh is now DEF/MID