My Team 2015 – Round 11

Discuss your team, strategy, players, etc. in this post. Name it up if it’s for RDT or Fantasy as that can make a difference with what you should do. Offer up constructive comments if you want questions answered yourself! Be a giver, not just a taker! This is a great community and we want it to stay that way. We love banter as much as the next person, just keep it clean!

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  • Wines or Gaff? I like a POD in my team.

  • Trade CEY to get 18 players this week or trade Saad to help the overall team?

  • Who to trade this week will be a popular question and I’m asking too

    also have amon and clark who most likely will be back next week.
    200k remaining

    I’m thinking of just double downgrading. I have 12 playing and 14 with trades so may as well just pick up some rookies and take a hit. I want to make sure I win the next two games as well so I don’t really want to upgrade someone like belly (who is in my fwds) to mitchell/goddard.

    • Going by your downgrade options you could go Goodes to A. Pearce, might not score great but has pretty good job security for the next 5 weeks.
      Kavanagh looks like a good downgrade in the mids.
      Fantasia looked promising as well.

      Personally i would go Glenn to Kavanagh and Krakouer to Fantasia

      • I understand why you’re suggesting glenn but Krakoeur looks like he will get upgraded next round and could definitely play. Surely one of the others are more important to trade. At the same time I feel like once glenn is fit he’ll play again whereas someone like Mcinnes may not even play for a while and vandenberg out for a month as well as goodes.

  • Upgrade Bellchambers or Clark?
    194k in the kitty

  • Wines or Gaff?

  • who will be the top 8 mids this year????? or what midfielder should i get??
    My midfield At the moment Is…

    I have pendles,lewis, danger,beams,parker, ebert + rookies? what premo should i get it, Can get anyone

    • Steven, Armitage, Fyfe, Hannebery, J. Selwood (Has amazing games after round 10) just to name a few.

      • okay cheers, who should i get in this week…??? will barlow be a top 8 or 10?? and will armo get tagged this week

  • Gone:
    Jake Kelly –> Colquhoun
    Belly –> Goldy

    give me 18 playing this week:

    D: saad, colquhoun, newnes, hibberd, oxley (not playing: laird, rich and boyd)
    M: pendles, fyfe, heppell, parker, barlowm ebert (not playing: amon, lewis, cripps, and glenn glenn)
    R: mummy, goldy (not playing: 2 rooks)
    F: swan, gray, tarrant, fantasia, mccarthy (not playing: martin, krak, clark)

    solid trades or should i be looking elsewhere?

  • Wines or Gaff

  • Ward, Wines or Yeo?

    All round 13 bye…


  • Goldy or Mummy?

  • Keep or trade The Bont?

    • If your structure allows you to hold him then you may as well during the byes. Hopefully can get back some form after a rest

  • Def: Hodge*,Yeo,Newnes,Hibberd,Oxley,Colquhoun (Rich,Byrne)
    Mid: Fyfe,I.Smith*,Pendles,Parker,Ebert,Saad,Dumont,Kavanagh (Amon,CEY)
    Ruck: Goldy,TBC* (Brooksby,Downie)
    Fwd: Gray,Swan,Dahlhaus*,Dusty*,Titchell,Higgins (Bennell,Krakouer)

    17 playing

    Went Glenn>Kav & Vanders>Colquhoun(via byrne)
    Leaves me $221k to get s.martin/jacobs next week

    Any better ideas?

  • B: Mcintosh,Rich,Newnes,Oxley,Saad,Clurey (Jake Kelly,Dick)
    M: Parker,Barlow,Heppell,Fyfe,Ebert,Beams,Lewis,Amon (Glenn,Krakouer)
    R: Goldy,Jacobs (Griffin,Naismith)
    F: Swan,Gray,JJK,Titchell,Martin,Vandenberg (Clark,Lambert)

    Only had $2k so…
    Vandenberg > Kavanagh & Jake Kelly > Yeo
    5k left.
    Byes are gonna be a nightmare regardless so why not improve your team and ride the rough seas for 3 weeks
    Thoughts ????

  • Kavanagh or Dumont? Does not matter to my structure.
    My feeling is Kavanagh since he is named on the ball and has better JS than Dumont.

  • My Team:
    DEF: Yeo, Hibberd, Newnes, Oxley, McIntosh, Saad (Kelly, Clurey)
    MIDS: Lewis, Heppell, Pendlebury, Parker, Fyfe, Barlow, Wallis, Cripps (Glenn, Amon)
    RUCKS: Grundy, Bellchambers (Naismith, Downie)
    FWDS: Swan, Gray, Martin, Mitchell, Vandenberg, McCarthy (Krakaouer, Byrne)

    Cash: $150,000

    I’m really stuck for trades I have 16 playing before trades and i have a lot of players with the bye in round 12.
    Thoughts on trades thanks?

    • 16 on the field is pretty good this round. If you’re happy with that then maybe prep for future rounds.

      Kelly to Fantasia via Byrne & Belly to Stef/Jacobs or Vanders to a Dahl/Lids

      Or double downgrade Glenn and Amon to Kav and Dumont for a full 18

  • Hey guys and girls!

    DEF: Hodge, Mundy, Yeo, Newnes, Saad, Tarrant (Clury and Byrne)

    MID: Fyfe, Pendles, Parker, Ward, Beams, Barlow, Wallis, Amon (Nelson and Stretch)

    RUCK: Goldy and Bellspud

    FWD: Swan, Gray, Martin, Smith, Vanders, McCarthy (Honey and Krak)

    If stretch is named this arvo I’ll have 19 this round after trades. Only had 3k left over this week so options are:

    1) Double downgrade – Nelson > Kav/Dumont and Vanders > Fantasia leaving 250 odd left over

    2) Prep for future rounds – Vanders > Fantasia and Belly > Jacobs with 23k. Helps with next round and having a full team this week allows this.

    3) Patch work – Nelson > Kav and Vanders to Josh Kelly (GWS) with 110k left. Kelly has boom or bust potential and should be a good stepping stone after his bye. Maybe dropped this arvo

    1 & 3 allow next weeks trades to be Newnes to Simpson and Saad to Brodie Smith if all goes to plan

    Thanks for anyone’s advice. So much carnage

    Good luck!

  • I went from having 19 players available for this week to 13. Please help.
    Pick Two:
    1. Goodes –> Pearce or Colquhoun or Higgins
    2. J. Kelly –> Pearce or Colquhoun or Higgins
    3. Glenn –> Dumont or Kavanagh or Boston
    4. Vandenberg –> Dumont or Kavanagh or Boston
    5. Amon –> Dumont or Kavanagh or Boston
    6. McInnes –> Fantasia
    7. Clark –> Fantasia
    8. Krakouer –> Fantasia

    • Pretty similar choices to me.

      I’ve gone Glenn > Dumont and Kelly > Kavanagh

      Figured this was a good round to deal with the Glenn situation and not happy having him and Amon as non-playing mids.

      Considered Pearce, but not likely to score as well as Dumont or Kavanagh. Good job security though.

    • If you only have 13 u could be in strife this week so you mite have to see which trade is going to get you the most cash for next week so you have a half decent side next week

  • D; Mundy Shaw Oxley Saad Schade Clurey (Simpson Rich)
    M; Sidebottom Heppell Parker Ebert Rischitelli Kavanagh (Lewis Wallis Cripps Amon)
    R; Goldstein (Bellchambers/Duds)
    F; Gray Titchell Motlop Adams McCarthy (Martin Clark Krakouer)

    Did CEY/Vandenberg > Kavanagh/Ebert
    (C) on Mundy.

    Good to go?

  • Has to be the worst Bye round for me ever.

    I have Krak, Clark, Bellchambers, Amon and Glenn.

    After trades I will have 15. Going NVB -> Wines and one of Krak/Amon/Clark/Glenn -> Dumont (via Bont where required).

    Which of those to ditch for Dumont? I’m thinking Clark at the moment

  • These trades seem legit

    VDB > Kavanagh via Swan DPP
    McInnes > Fantasia

  • Which option?
    1) Saad > yeo and salem > ziebell next week
    2) salem> ziebell and saad > mcveigh if he gets dpp

  • I’m cashing up for the next few weeks, if you thjnk u can still get a win by doing it is the way to go

  • Vandenberg for dumont or Fantasia, not worried about the bye rounds, cheers

    • both good options so one wouldnt fault you with the choice

      but being a shinboner supporter I’d have to say Dumont, love his work the last 2 rounds