The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 9

*Sigh* I signalled last week as a turning point, and for most decent teams I’m sure it was! On Saturday that is… Having reached Sunday with our tails up, it all fell to pieces (again). However… I promise you didn’t have as bad a weekend as I did! Yep, it’s time for the weekend wash-up…


fyfe legend

Mitchell (110) – I haven’t made many good moves this season, but picking up Tom Mitchell for $450k was easily my best. It was a huge risk at the time, however it seemed like it was now or never. Sydney know how important it is to retain him, finally resulting in Longmire unleashing him in the midfield. He has responded with around 30 touches and a ton every game. A lock in our teams (Mine anyway) for the next 10 years…

Hennebery (133) – Hannebery continues to pump out monster scores, he turned it on even with a ‘Curnow tag’. I can’t see him making the top 8 midfielders, but a great differential for sure.

Shiels (154) – I picked him off the free agents list in our DT Talk draft and what a move that has turned out to be! Not sure he’s relevant in Fantasy, but a draft sleeper for sure!

Hodge (131) – *Cringe* I had him as my number 1 draft pick and locked in my backline for most of pre-season. I may have dodged the suspension bullet, but he has outscored most of my backline in the 6 games he has played anyway! My Round 11 bye structure is appalling, so he will have to wait until at least Round 12. Damage limitation until then…

Gray (110) – It’s about time I credited Gray again for the work he does week in week out. I still can’t believe I traded him, I feel a whole lot better with him in my team! Legend.

Wallis (147) – If I didn’t have 20 Round 11 bye players (It sure feels that way) then Wallis would be a lock for me… It hurts having to pass on him, with scores of 121 and 147 over the past 2 weeks it’s now or never. $400k is a bargain.

Boyd (127) – He will be rested at stages, but that’s no reason to not get him in ASAP! Old school legends always have a place in our hearts, in this case it isn’t clouded by poor judgement either.

Picken (122) – I dread the comment I made a month ago. I may have said he scored the most irrelevant ton in the history of DT… Yeahhhh. To be fair I didn’t even know he was listed as a defender, I have only ever associated him with ruining my premiums scores! He is so much more than that now, comfortably a top 6 defender.

Shaw (136) – Let’s be reasonable. For his price tag Shaw has been more than serviceable this season. This score has suddenly made it a great pick! Cash in on him after the byes and bid farewell to an old foe. It’s been fun Heath. (Not really)

Dangerfield (147) – This. Was. AWESOME! Why can’t we see each teams best players go head to head every week! I’ll give you a hint, because not everyone has midfielders of this quality. If you saw this game, you’d have learnt exactly why they get tagged. Danger has been on fire lately, posting a 5 round average of 117. This is what we have been waiting for him to deliver, it’s awesome to watch. Is he a top 8 midfielder? The jury is still out on that one…

Fyfe (150) – Read above. Fyfe is actually getting to the point of being unstoppable. Take this moment to remember he has played 101 games and is aged 23. He was always a quality player, but I had my doubts as to whether he could become a great Dream Teamer. Don’t I look like a complete idiot. Fyfe now has 8 tons on the trot, taking his season average to 112.4. Interestingly, he had a top score of 116 this season up until this week. His highest ever score was 137, scored 4 years ago back in 2011. It’s clear as to why that has been the case this term. Fremantle have been so far ahead by the last term that Lyon has rested him up forward. Adelaide pushed Freo to the wire, so Fyfe pushed on to rack up a lazy 40 disposals, 26 contested, 14 clearances and 10 inside 50’s. He could average 120+ if Ross and the opposition let him off the leash for 4 quarters every week, surely it won’t happen often. Even so, he is as reliable as they come. LEGEND.

Beams (152) – Those who held the faith have been re-paid in spades. He is starting to pump out the monster scores we came to expect, however news of Rocky’s injury must surely hurt his prospects. He is yet to put together consecutive tons all season, I’m not holding my breathe for it this week…

Armitage (119) – This guy is the real deal, can we all finally accept that! Get him in after the byes unless his Rd 12 bye suits your structure. He is still at max price so there’s no rush.

Sidebottom (131) – Awesome. Great to know I was one of the 6% of teams to know how good Sidey was going to be this season. It matters for nothing now! A top 8 midfielder for sure in my books, he’s just so consistent…

Swan (124) – My love for this man is unbridled. Oink oink bitches.

Nic Naitinui (113) – Not an AFL fantasy legend, but a legend in my eyes regardless. Shove that game up your critical asses, he is one of (if not) the best RUCKMAN in the comp. Incredible, how is it that a ruckman (Should I mention his role again?) can be abused for his work around the ground. Sure it would be handy, but when you’re delivering first class service to your mids you don’t need to worry about that. Jacobs can continue racking up his uncontested marks, Sandi will be more than happy to rack up another 100 hitouts. Those 2 set the benchmark. I should be clear, neither are relevant in fantasy.

Kennedy (142) – Fantasy relevant? No. Legend? Hell yes! The Coleman is there for the taking…

Franklin (141) falls victim to the Shiel rule. Trust me, I would know. Goldstein (133) is another, however if past form is anything to go by he’ll go huge next week. He does come up against the Eagles rucks however…


Roughead (46) – Anyone come up against ‘that guy’ this week? You’ve dodged a bullet here…

Martin (2) – I’d like to think he’s not relevant, but whilst looking at some of the players in my squad I know there will be some being exposed to this pain. My heart goes out to you.

Lewis (-) – I’m not sure how else I can put this after all I’ve gone through to hold him… F**k you Jordan. You seem like a good bloke, but that’s not what I signed up for when I held you for two weeks. A bruised shoulder was enough to keep you from feasting on a depleted Gold Coast midfield? This was meant to be the weekend I reaped the rewards for my patience! Summarises 2015 in a nutshell.

Krakouer (25) – I’ll keep this brief as to avoid having a mental breakdown. Krak was my emergency for Lewis, that was after I’d backed in Amon to avoid the vest. Don’t worry, it gets better…

Howe (26) – Howe proved this weekend that Naitinui doesn’t have to worry too much about his marking ‘crisis’. There’s more to the game than being able to pluck a mark! A key element being finding the pill.

McCarthy (27) – Last week those who held McCarthy were labelled genius. It was the right move, but this is what happens when we get comfortable with rookies! Time to go.

Griffen (43) – Speaking of rookies, this bloke scores like one. I just feel bad for those brave enough to draft him. There’s no hiding from that one…

Smith (52) – If Devon Smith could add consistency to his DT game then you’d have a perfect forward option. The fact is his role isn’t going to result is success every week. He has 4 scores above 110 and 4 scores under 71. How’s that for a roller-coaster ride!

Bellchambers (48) – What a relief it is to be rid of this blokes scores. I can’t even say his name! I don’t really care that Jacobs scored 63, it’s still better than the alternative!

Watson (57) – Jobe was a controversial addition to my never again list last week. I should have been clearer, if he was to get injured and suddenly be priced at $400k I’d still pick him. Never again will I pick him anywhere near his full price though. At this rate he’s heading towards 400k without the aid of an injury!

Kelly (30) – The Kelly train came crashing back to Earth this week, but he wasn’t on his own. If we could ever get some luxury trades then filtering out the rookies has to be your priority. I remember the days when I could finish my team by Round 14-15. Not a chance this season!

Oxley (29) –  I mentioned that Devon Smith was inconsistent, the Ox takes things to new levels. He has 4 scores above 90, incredible for a rookie defender (wingman). He also has 4 scores under 48, including a 36 and 25 to go with this 29. It’s so hard to drop him knowing that he can turn it on at any moment, however his price has surely maxed out. Time to cash him in.

Seedsman (58) – He is an enigma. One quarter he will have a wing to himself, the next 2 he won’t be seen on your TV screen. You can’t afford to own players like this, he has a similar DT game to Oxley. Difference was Oxley cost $120k!

Selwood (61) – The rise of Joel Selwood was incredible, and his consistency since then has matched it. Consistency of seasonal averages that is. The issue is he goes hot and cold, as an owner every year I certainly understand the ups and downs of this journey. He will go a month without cracking the ton, then next month he won’t drop below 130. It’s a skill to pick him up at the right time, I’d suggest that time is near… That’s me speaking as a non-owner. I’m sure those who backed him in have tossed him to the trash heap without a second thought, it’s the only call to make right now.

Clark (33) – Disaster. The Round 13 bye options haven’t looked pretty at the best of times this season, but Clark’s Ruc/Fwd eligibility was going to be hugely important. It won’t be anymore… I can’t see this being a short term injury. Trade! He was on borrowed time in any case.

Parker (71) certainly falls under the Shiel rule. Give the man a break, the only reason he struggled was the tag he copped due to his awesome form!

The Mark Stevens

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Sit back in your armchair and get your popcorn ready. I almost lost it during the week thanks to the Will Minson saga. I seriously can’t believe how things have ended up. Minson has got off without punishment, quoting “That is the best $7500 I’ve ever spent.” Great message being sent there. The argument always comes back to the fact that the punishment needs to fit the crime, and a red card mid game plus a healthy fine is reasonable. THAT’S NOT THE POINT. Here’s the point…

Andrew Moore was suspended earlier this season for a very similar incident, copping 3 weeks. At the time I thought that was very harsh, it was a 1 week suspension at worst. However the explanation was fair enough, protection of umpires is paramount (They said). We need to set an example that this isn’t acceptable. Almost EVERY single journalist was fully supportive of that 3 week suspension. There the precedent was set. Or was it?

I’m not sure I’ve seen people back track so far as I have this week. I’ll let Mark take the wheel:


steveo pt 2




Anyone feeling the need for a bucket right now? I don’t blame you. I have been making the point of double standards, however this stands in a category of its own. Spare me the argument that Moore’s ‘push’ was worse than Minson’s. Moore was never going to hurt the bloke, but it was about intimidation. Are you seriously going to stand there and tell me Minson accidentally touched the umpire while waving his hands? He reached out and ‘pushed’ him, which is exactly why the umpire gave him a red card. In fact, he even pushed him twice!!! Sure it wasn’t overly aggressive, but once again it’s all about intimidation and protection of the umpires.

Steveo summarises things perfectly. “Moore’s was a brush, but don’t like umps being touched. Must show respect.” Port are kidding themselves if they think 3 weeks is harsh, bad look for the game!!! Oh hold up… Minson’s suspension could suddenly hurt his AFL career?! THROW IT OUT.

I rest my case. I don’t think it’s a losing court case anywhere, even in South Africa. There are double standards, everywhere. Moore was thrown under the bus for the good of the game, but as soon as an AFL player gets such a hefty suspension the whole thing is a joke. All their work has just been trashed. Don’t get me started on the AFLPA getting involved. Where were they to back up Moore!!!

I have a simple solution. Let’s not grade these incidents on how bad the ‘slight push’ is. There should be 2 categories. Category number one. The umpire gets pushed, red cards the player. How about we make a red card an automatic 1 game suspension. Perhaps just like every other sport in the world? Category number two. The incident is more serious than just a push (Strong shove, attacking the umpire etc.), then it can be sent to the AFL tribunal. Let’s save ourselves the hassle and move on from this incident. The fact remains, double standards are prevalent between the different levels of Australian Rules Football. Take a leaf out of other sports and treat each league equally. Hopefully the karma bus that hit Moore comes around to those who have changed their stance.

Sorry guys, but I needed to get that off my chest. Let me know if you agree!


Here are your nominations for this weeks Golden Stubby:

Dangerfield – What a POD he has been over the last month, let’s hope he can maintain this streak. 38 touches and equaling the contested possession record speaks for itself.

Hodge – It was a big call to bring in Hodge this week over a number of other big name options. He made it out onto the ground, beating some!

Fyfe – I’ll be damned if he doesn’t add a Golden Stubby to his ever growing list of prestigious awards this week!

Wallis – Any Wallis owners would have been laughing all the way to an easy league win this week. Certainly a worthy winner!

Beams – Finally Beamer makes the cut thanks to a match winning contribution. He achieved the rare triple double of Kicks, handballs and marks. Oink!

Who will get your vote?

This Game Sh*ts Me

Oh boy. Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. I sacrificed over 100 points (Thanks to Cripps’ late out) to hold Lewis. That donut made it a poor call, but this was meant to be the week I reaped the benefits. Shiels notched up a lazy 154, Hodge 131… I don’t even want to know how big Lewis could have gone. You’ve just had 2 weeks off, now you’re missing with a bruised shoulder?! Really. “You should have Amon on the bench” I was told. I’d backed him on the ground! Of course it was the man who got the green vest that sat on my pine, thanks for the 25 Krak. There I waved goodbye to at least 100 points, it was only fitting that my vice captain would break 3 ribs in the first quarter. Can I just say that Rocky, I love you. That is the kind of guts my squad needs!

Most had to deal with Lewis this week, I now refuse to speak to those who don’t own him. However… Most didn’t have to deal with North Melbourne’s bullsh*t! Yes I have Andrew Swallow and yes he hasn’t hit the levels I’d hoped. I had too many injuries to trade him last week, and just as he was about to be given the boot he gets named as an ‘in’. What a pleasant surprise. I’m in no position to be trading players who are named with a Round 13 bye, so I gratefully placed him on my ground and made sure I had cover. What I didn’t make sure of was none of my other midfielders getting bruised shoulders. Sadly, Swallow was named as a late out and there I enjoyed my second donut of the season. I’m probably the only person on Earth to be eating this one though. I’m guessing he was never even a chance… Why name him? I can’t even be bothered getting angry. Anyway that’s why this game sh*ts me…

The Other Bits and Pieces

*Why is my mouth the same width as my nose*

1895………. I’ll let that one stew. On another week it’s a comfortable 2100. Shout out to Stefan Martin, my one and only reliable. From now on I’ll happily pay overs for anyone who can guarantee me effort week in week out! How did you guys fare this week? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for taking time out of your days to listen to me whinge, if you need me I’ll be in my shed. See you next week!


  • How about that evil little dwarf Clarko. ‘Suckling will go back to the 2’s and work on his kicking’ quote resulted in me using one of my limited RDT trades getting him out.
    Next thing i know- Lewis out and Suckers in for a lazy 90. Screw you-and the minature pony you rode in on!

    • I fielded Oxley and stuck Suckers on the pine until he leant how to quick properly. That was one quick fuckin lesson

  • Awesome read as always Matt! I bumped into “that guy” who had Roughead this week and certainly dodged a bullet… On Friday night the thought of Rough in Launceston going HUGE against the Suns scared the bejesus out of me… Thank goodness for the weather

    • Cheers! I couldn’t believe his score when I saw last night… Surely averages at least 100 in Tassie!

      • I ran into that guy the other week when the roughest head went nuts for 139, I managed to scrape in, but was thinking I’d been done by that guy for most of the weekend.

  • You know it’s a rough week when your least expensive midfielder in wallis is your only tonne in the mids and scores about 50 more points than anyone else. Lewis out, priddis VC being a passenger just a lazy 29 touches for 79 points. What happend to his tackling. Jesus. Should start putting the VC on the original pig.

  • This season is shit. I seriously cannot believe that rocky is injured again. I traded him in for Duncan, who in traded in for Sloane, who I traded in for wines…all due to injury. Its like a fking curse.
    Watch out whoever I trade in for rocky this week…. Fyfe? Sidey (who I also had to trade out after R1)? Titchell?

    And only one mid managed to crack the ton, beams with a monster.

  • Why this game sh*ts me: My own bad decisions/luck. Started the year with Wallis and traded him out after his 10 point injury game. Then last round I decided that for BE and Byes options I’d trade in Murdoch over Wallis.

  • Excellent writing again Matt. But disaster of a season again Matt. For the first time I had 2 luxury picks. Used them to get Rocky (and Ache Blakers). Rocky gone for a month – not good but consistent. I am not going to trade him out this week. With Talia, Glenn, Krak, & Clarke all needing to go I am going to trade in Dumont & Hamling while they are still cheap. Rocky to Nat next week perhaps.

    • Thanks Henry, if you’re struggling I’d be trading Rocky and certainly not double downgrading. You need the points!

  • Good read Matt! I copped the Lewis-Swallow double too. Expected Swallow to be a late out and had CEY’s 93 which was serviceable emergency but was not expecting Lewis’ and thus I cop the donut. Late outs killing me this year!

  • Good read yet once again Matt. Shiels has been a great pick up for me as well in my draft league:) Love all formats of the game from Fantasy to RDT and SC and even ESON when it was around. Anyone know why they dropped it this year? Been my best year playing and in my 5 year and ranked around 800 and it’s a lot in part to the great guys at DT Talk, thanks to all. Do you think it’s still ok time to get in Titchell for Clark?

  • “However… I promise you didn’t have as bad a weekend as I did!”

    Sorry, got you beaten Matt, 2250 last week, up to 202 over all, this week 1798 and outside the top 1300. Yep, 450 point difference. Had 4 tons in my whole team, Lewis, Ox, Krak, Amon, brought Rocky and Clark in this week (after having picked Sinclair over Clark all week and chickening out last minute), still was holding Griffen since he’d APPEARED to be settled into a safe 65-75 which was acceptable at his price, my highest benched score was 37, literally all of them are likely to be be dropped. Lewis hopefully won’t miss again, Rocky needs to Rambo up and keep going, I have to hold Krak this week because of Clark, so if both of those miss I’m copping a donut, probably two.

    • Oh boy. Not a bad effort considering you didn’t have a donut! Respect. If you’re sitting around the top 1k your team must still be in a better state than mine ;)

      • Haha, I’m still fairly hopeful I’ll be coming out of the byes with just one rook on field, so things could be worse. Last week was just a train wreck though.

  • Is this season going to be won by fluke and uneducated decision making ?

    I am “that guy” with the big rough. I would have traded him out weeks ago but have spent 9 rounds dealing with headaches… this week i had Hodge, Lewis, Roughy, Gibson and after my league opponent was 600/4 on Friday night i waited gleefully for the saturday Hawks massacre ….. didnt go to plan

    Still had some great scores in my side and super confident Pendlebury VC would do the business for me

    At least for this week i get to shut up the league guy who mocked me for trading Parker out for Hannebery

    Some weeks its just the little wins that keep md going … lol

  • Sorry for the long non DT post

    re minson:

    absolutely, wholeheartedly agree with you.
    Minsons age, stage of career, & experience should have zero relevance. if it is to have have any relevance at all, it actually should increase his chances of a holiday.
    Bulldogs are probably helped with this because they are a “small” club.
    If this was an Essendon or Sydney player, just for example, I think people would be more outraged. (Based on the idea that it seems deep pockets have “solved” this problem)

    This is evidence from the tribunal, I believe.

    Chrystie described the contact as “low to moderate” in force, and said it pushed him off his line as he moved to signal a shot on goal had been touched.

    He said Minson had been intimidating in his language when questioning the umpire on his decision.

    “From my point of view the expletives were intimidating and the push sent me off my line,” Chrystie told the Tribunal.

    “I don’t begrudge what happened on the day, that’s just the law.”

    Minson admitted he said: “There’s no f—king way that was touch, you’ve got to be f—ing kidding”.

    These are not randon quotes that the people (Minson & ump) have flipantly said to journos on the way to pick up their milk, or straight after the game. It is their statements made to tribunal days after the event when the dust has settled & everyones cooled off. Thus, it should be a reasonable description of what happened.

    The contact was rated 4-5 out of 10 by ump, & changed his stride & direction, by the sounds.

    I can’t see how watching the footage really sheds any light on the incident.
    I think you have to rely mostly on the testimony.

    I saw Brendan Goddard quoted as essentially saying, if you touch the ump, you are basically rolling the dice and take your chances. Lucky the doggies got two rolls.

    I think that given the way the game is now, umpiring is one of the major things that need to be at a high standard to keep the game a spectacle. And thus, the game needs to attract really high quality people to umpire. I think this type of thing the AFL is cutting off the nose to despite it’s face, in terms of the longevity of the sport. I know this sounds ridiculous, on the face, but I would say when the umpiring is average or poor, how much do you notice it, & how much does it affect the game. The reference to the best players in the Freo/Crows game is instructive to this. Taggers if used, need to be umpired, so the great players can be great on their day.

    In a positive, I think Paul Chapmans honest testimony during the Yarran hearing was a watershed moment, that put to death the ridiculous & incomprehensible days of player A hitting player B, then turning up to the tribunal & lying for him to get him off, because it was the done thing.

    • Fully agree Seano. It’s ridiculous that we try to grade pushes out of 10. Needs to be simplified, that’s the best way to be rid of double standards. An incident like Minson’s shouldn’t even get to the tribunal, make it a 1 week suspension for everyone and move on.

  • Exact same score as you!! Except I had Parker VC, and McCarthy/Kelly/Ox on field. At least I had Amon (E).

  • Did he just call Jacobs. Irrelevant?

    I hope notsince I traded him in for Grundy this week :(

  • I assume Rocky is out for a while so I will trade him. Hopefully Lewis will play and CEY will come onto the field again this week. Therefore, these are my trades:

    Bellchambers> S Martin &
    Rockliff> B Smith w/15k left. Oxley will go to the bench as he has proven to be quite unreliable…

  • Cheers for the read Matt.

    Always comforting to hear someone else’s tale of woe. Right up until the point where you reveal your score and I find that you are correct. I indeed didnt have a week as bad as you – it was worse.

    1839 from a full side. No donuts here, just a team of overrated hacks.

    Well, just need to look at the bright side I guess. At least I have good bench cover ready to come in, lets see how did the bench do: Dropped, Suspended, 25, injured, vegetable, 47, injured, 33. Hmmm – ok no bright side there.

    Well at least theres my ranking. Lets see where I’m up to … sorry down to this week: Woohoo top 4000. Oh wait too many numbers … 38925.

    Well thats not too bad since its only my first year playing. Oh wait thats right, I’ve been playing for years and consistently finish top 5K.

    I think my team is broken. Only 1 ton in the mids and that was Robbie Gray. Two big upgrades to Rockliff and Barlow really didnt help. I traded Lewis out when suspended and still cant put together a score. Oxley and McCarthy hurt this week but what is even worse is seeing Griffen and Bellchambers still staring back at me. I just cannot get rid of these deadweights.

    Oh well onto next week. The board has given me their full support so it better be a good one.

  • Once again a great article Matt,

    I can’t seriously believe how bad this year has been, especially for my midfield. I am churning through mid premos with only Parker and Neale starting in my initial team.

    So far I have traded the following players and now Rocky needs to go this week as well.
    Beams -> Sloane -> Duncan -> Yeo -> Hodge
    Scooter -> Wines -> Watson (-> Hopefully to Fyfe)

    I’m pretty sure this game never used to be as painful, its as though the choices I make lead to players getting injured in real life.

    • Please don’t put me in your side then lol

      • You’ve been there since Rd 1 Robbie – You missed one week and I held you through it so hopefully that’s the only week you miss this yr.

        • Well, I never got you in my side, but you’re a lock for next week when you can (hopefully) find consistency

          • Great to here Robbie. I really want to find consistency to take my game to the next level. I’m disappointed not be listed in the legends this week after making 3 of the last 4 prior to this.

          • You will destroy next week lachie

  • Hey Matt,
    Good read as always!
    If it makes you feel any better I punched out a solid 1740.
    Only 1 hundred between my backs, mids and rucks, that was Eberts 124.
    How’s this for a list of so called premo’s:
    Parker 71
    Neale 70
    Barlow 87
    Lewis (C) 0
    Rockliff (VC) 90
    Sauce 63
    Mundy 78
    Simpson 86
    These blokes are supposed to be the backbone of my team!
    So you can probably guess the rest by looking at my score, Clark, McCarthy, Oxley, Amon, Geary, Bellbreaker all on field.
    But Golden Stubby has to go Angry Al Clarkson, gee you tricked them Suns into thinking Jordan was playing, must have thrown their tight nit structures all out of whack!

  • I can do…. (based on bye structure)

    a) Kmac > Clurey, Rocky > Lewis
    b) Kmac > Hamling, Rocky > Ebert

  • I had 2157 with parker as captain, a fwd line of gray,swan,dusty,dahlhaus,titch and bennell is helping oh and I don’t have lewis. Back into the top 2000 at 1698

  • boston or dumont?