The Friday Scramble: Round 9

FridayScrambleWell one thing worked for us this week, we haven’t been inundated with injuries to deal with to our key players, our main problem with these guys is that some of them just won’t bloody get the ball and score us some points!  Our other problem is at the other end of the spectrum with the crop of rookies starting to dry up a little earlier than we would have liked! With our attention now starting to turn to the bye rounds it is timely to have a look at that as well as some of the big questions of the week in #AskDunny.

Firstly though… let’s head to the

Selection Table

Here are what I consider to be the most relevant ins and outs for us this week.


Elliot Yeo was brought in by a lot of coaches over the last fortnight and then he went and belted someone!  As if this game isn’t hard enough.  At least we know he is fit and will be back next week. Hopefully his midfield time is still there waiting for him.
Brett Goodes is also out with a suspension and a broken arm.
Dion Prestia is listed as 12-16 weeks with a knee, they might just as well put Season on him. If you have him, clearly trade him.
Kane Cornes as we all know has retired, so if you have him trade him. Most people have him in Draft leagues, unfortunately I don’t think anyone will trade you for him.
Murphy, Judd and Gibbs are all out injured from the Carlton side.
Paddy Ryder is out with an Achillies injury.
Birchall and Suckling are both out for the Hawks against the Suns.


Andrew Walker returns for the Blues.
Tom Clurey is in for Port to replace Jackson Tregove.  He is dirt cheap, but he tends to be more of  a lock down defender.
Jack Martin is back for the Suns
Luke Hodge returns for the Hawks from his suspension and should go large v the Suns.
Nick Riewoldt returns for the Saints after a week off with concussion.
Jake Kolodjashnij comes into the Cats lineup for his first game.
Andrew Swallow returns from injury.

So not quite the lengthy list that we have had in recent weeks.  I am particularly interested as to how Jake Kolo will go given that he is a cheap defender.  If he can get himself a spot in that side, particularly through the byes he might be the saviour we are looking for!  Tom Clurey will prove popular, however, I am suspicious of how his point scoring will go.  He played just the one game last year and scored only 28 points.


Once again I have had some great questions come through this week.  Sorry that I can’t answer all of them here, but I have tried to pick those that are representative of a few that I received.


Great question Paul (Great name too!).  As things stand, Ebert is the 13th highest averaging Midfielder. If you exclude those with DPP and look at pure mids he is ranked 10th.  He is averaging 106.75 and over each of the last three seasons he has averaged 100.  So you know exactly what you are going to get with him.  He also doesn’t get the tag for Port, that tends to go to Boak and Hartlett first.  Personally I think that the time to upgrade Ebert is when you have absolutely no other upgrades to do and he is your worst performing mid.  At the moment he is doing more than enough to stay in your side.  I think that to get Rocky and others you are still better off with the tried and true method of upgrading rookies.

A lot of people have asked me about Amon this week.  I think that his spot in the team is safe for now.  However, not sure about the long term.  I do think though that he will avoid the vest this week and get a full game.  My suspicion is that Paul Stewart will get the vest.  So given the lack of options I think that trading in Amon would be a fine thing to do at this point, he should make you some money.

For me I say keep Touk for now. If you look at his last 5 he is averaging 78 with an average of 80 in the last three.  As we come into the byes you need all the guys playing you can get.  He also has a BE of only 50 and whilst the Suns are losing, he is still getting his points so he should get to that 50 fairly comfortably.  As for part two of your question there, Barlow is probably about as cheap as he is going to get as he is $495k in RDT and $502k in Fantasy.  I like Barlow and he seems to have put his poor form of rounds 3 and 4 behind him.

Grundy was hot property a few weeks ago but he has really dropped off in the last two weeks.  However, remember that in round 6 he scored over 100.  Then he had a 79 against Maric who is on the improve and a 48 against Gold Coast who aren’t putting up much of a fight.  He reached his peak price in R7 and dropped a bit in R8.  With that 48 in his price cycle now he will drop over the next couple of weeks where he faces Goldstein, Spencer (Melb), Mumford and then Sandilands.  I think that if you are planning to upgrade him, it might just be time to do so with a fairly tough run coming up.

Bye Rounds!

Just a heads up that in case you are living in denial we only have two more weeks until we hit the bye rounds.  So whilst we are all little eager beavers who are downgrading our rookies and upgrading other rookies to premos, we need to make sure that the guys that we are bringing in will not only make us money but they will also provide us cover in the bye rounds.  It is for this reason that I am prepared to take a little hit on a couple of the rookies that I have who are in the best 22 of their sides because they will be a warm body on the field for me in the byes.

Rookie Selection Potential Issue

Just whilst I am talking rookies (sorry Jeppa), this tweet came out last night from The Phantom SC.

Read into this what you will, but just thought it was worth putting out there for you all who may have missed it on Twitter last night (I did retweet it).

Things To Remember

  • I know you all have, but with the lack of Rookies, Jeppa’s Juniors is a must read this week.
  • You don’t get just one Lewis, you get two.  Make sure you have him in this week!
  • Make sure you have done your bye planning.  Even if you are playing in leagues that don’t play byes, your overall ranking will suffer if you don’t plan.

Let’s hope we have a good week with no low scores, no injuries and all of the vests going to non Fantasy relevant players!  If the last few weeks have been anything to go by there will probably be some late team changes to take place tomorrow.  Make sure you are all over twitter during the day, as usual I will retweet anything of interest from my account @pkd73. Catch you all next week.


  • Good Thanks
    May 29, 2015
    Think this is the week to downgrade brown (def) as his break even is in the 90s…what’s the job security like for hamling and j kolo? If I get clurey it puts me just out of reach of CEY to lewis (lewis BE 116 will be smashed against the Suns!)

  • How would he know, ask luke beveridge or chris scott

  • Fair enough, ^ is mcintosh gonna hold his spot for long? ^

    • NOt sure on Namling and JKolo but I think McIntosh seems settled in their 22.

  • is it worth getting mciness in this week? for mcintosh, allowing me to get rocky from cripps

    • I was going to go down this track but he’s up to $225k and Darling will be back very soon so I’ve snorted these plans…

  • Great stuff Dunny! When do the next DPP additions come in?

  • Guys can I please get the consensus on these trade options?

    The Bont will be departing my team this week and most likely his teammate Goodes will too.
    I also have ruck issues with Bellchambers needing to be upgraded and Goldstein underperforming/losing cash

    Thoughts on:
    Bont to one of Jacobs/Mumford/Blic via bellc DPP
    Goodes to Amon via DPP

    If so, which ruck?? Jacobs fits my byes better but is the most expensive & faces Freo this week

    Alternatively I trade Goldstein this week and keep Goodes yet again


    • Trades look good to me.

      I’d go Jacobs for sure. Blicavs if you want a smokie.

  • Don’t know which option:

    1. Mcintosh + cripps > mciness + rocky + 40k
    2. Clark/mcintosh + cripps > jkolo/clurey/hamling + rocky + around 140k

    which option, and if 2, which rook?

    • Option 2, Clurey (he’s the pick according to Jeppa).

      Nothing wrong with keeping Cripps though.

  • Great ready dunny! Best of the week IMO. Having a bit of a dilemma her lads, midfielder under 545k ??
    Wines is bang on. Already have rocky.

    • who are your rucks?

      Maybe Blicavs is a good option for mids then move to RUC if/when needed
      Otherwise Barlow surely at his current price
      Boak is safe option
      Sloane will be a bargain in a few weeks when he’s back

      Can you please help me above, cheers

    • I’m personally and great fan of Wines and had him before his injury. Should average 100+ this year and with the round 13 bye he could be very useful. I reckon he will be a great pick and unless you have plans in mind for next week and you need cash I would go with him.

  • Dunny – I have Yeo and Suckling. Keep Suckling and get Barlow in or Suckling to a Hibberd type

    • I’ve had Hibbard all year, and I wouldn’t be getting him in if I were you. He’s been way to inconsistent. DEF premos will be Boyd, Mundy, Hodge, and whichever new DPPS we get in round 12.

  • is anyone getting on brooksby this week, replacing one of their non playing rucks, ie, mason cox?

    • Yeah i’ve downgraded Cordy to Brooksby, which gave me an extra 100k to help me upgrade Tarrant to Rockliff…. 120k ruck rookie STARTING on the forward line is too good to resist. And if he can hold his spot, really helps throughout the bye rounds.

  • Get Rockliff or Hodge in this week (My backline is very weak I have to play 4 rookies with Yeo out this week). The one I don’t get in this week I get in next week. Thoughts thanks.

    • if you’re getting in both regardless then rocky this week as he’ll be more expensive in a weeks time. Hodge won’t be

      • Hodge could be if he goes big…. I expect Hodge to outscore Rocky this weekend… So it’s not completely idiotic to bring in Hodge first. However I don’t think you want to bring BOTH in before the rnd 11 bye? Look to get one in now (probably Rocky, it’s just nice knowing that he won’t get any cheaper), and then bring Hodge in after his bye.

  • My trades this week are currently: Bont + McIntosh > McInness + Hodge leaving 6k.
    Would it be sensible getting Hodge in before upgrading my rucks? I have grundy/bell which is a worry.

    • Collo,

      Both are good – Bell needs to go, and I would argue Hodge needs to come in.
      Hodge is not likely to get heaps more expensive next week and Bellchambers will not lose you money, so the choice should depend on who you have on the field in the backline?

      Will you make more points upgrading your backman to Hodge, or Bellchambers to Sauce/Martin?

      • I feel Hodge will definitely get me more points. Based on that reasoning belly can wait! Thanks mate

  • Just on Oxley being named in Collingwood Vfl side, all 7 of the extended bench are named in the vfl side. Surely he won’t be dropped after 27 touches and a goal from half back/wing.

    • I really can’t see him being dropped… But as an owner, I wouldn’t mind seeing it happen as I feel like a lot of teams don’t have appropriate defensive cover

      • I had good cover…

        Then Yeo gets a week and Goodes breaks his arm

        • Ditto. And this means Geary may survive again. Is your beautiful relationship with Jarryn still continuing Albert?

  • who is the best downgrade to a rookie this week?

  • Cheers Nick only have 20K plus Suckling to play with. Otherwise Hodge or Mundy would be ideal

    • i’ve had hibberd all year too and have thought of trading him a few times so i agree with nick.
      if you can’t make the leap to a premo, consider using someone as a stepping stone. was going to say someone like shane savage but he is name on an extended bench. should play though.
      not saying you SHOULD do this, but it is something to consider.

      • heck, rookie defenders, premo defenders, unless they have DPP does it really make that much difference? the typical back line is a total potato farm when compared to mids!

  • suckling > simpson
    yeo > Rockliff


    yeo> wallis
    suckling > hodge

    • Do you need to get rid of Yeo? He should be good to go again next week, I would prefer to get in Hodge/Rocky and do another trade if I were you.

    • I would keep yeo and then upgrade to hodge when their prices are closer. definitely get in rocky this week some other way

  • Who’s likely to score more:

    Stanton & Simpson
    Bontempelli & Hodge

    • Probably Bont and Hodge… Expecting Bont to go alright with Minson back in the side

    • Sunderpants – still love your name.

      Its tough. Stanton and Simpson together have (arguably) a high ceiling.

      I would argue Bont, Stanton, Simpson are all risky, while Hodge is a lock. I traded Bont to Hodge, so that shows my faith in him.

      Of those two options, I would say Hodge + someone else…

  • Trade Langford to Rocky or trade Cripps to Rocky and play Amon???

    • jump off langford. cripps has more upside. gotta keep cool with your rookies sometimes. cripps missed a week, 59 last week, should be better this week. one good score and his BE goes down again. at worst, he’s not going to drop drastically and should keep his price pretty level. and with a change in coach, i’d expect to see that tackle count go way up! meanwhile, i can’t really see any upside to langford.

  • G’day guys, request some help – Should I go:
    Goodes to Kolo (on bench, Oxley is other cover) + $280K
    Newnes to Boyd (on field) not much cash left
    Grundy to Sauce (not much cash left)
    Rischitelli to Lewis.


    • keep newnes (although seeing his face in my team makes me want to punch him). i have grundy too and despite other issues, if he is going to keep dropping coin i think he has to go. if you can cover goodes at least he’s not losing you anything and he can go next week. consider using someone like nicholls as a stepping stone to sauce to save some coin. nicholls BE still low. i’d even consider moving on grundy if it means a donut in your backline this week IF you think it helps you more in the long term.
      risky to lewis is juicy though. i’d try to do grundy > nicholls and risky > lewis if you can.

      • Thanks mate. love your creativity! I made a mistake before – I didn’t have Rocky (I know, I know. It’s late here in the USA). I think I will go Bont to Rocky and then pickup either Blicavs or Nicholls for Grundy, which gives me a little coin to play with next week.

        • you’re welcome mate. rocky instead of lewis certainly saves you a bit of coin for now. lewis might even drop this week. like the ruck trade, either of those are good and could be keepers. big fan of the blitz.

  • What’s everyone’s take on Bont!
    Worth holding and a chance to return to his earlier form or should be a priority to trade this week before he leaks more cash?

    • He’s going to leak more cash… Really can’t see him scoring over 121k, however I can see him returning to form with Minson back in for Ayce Cordy. Expect another price drop (~20k), then expect his price to shoot back up post bye rounds.
      HOWEVER!! If you have luxury trades at your disposal, it may be worth getting rid of him now. Why? Because he’s not a top 6 fwd, and will do poorly when ever he cops a tag.

    • yep as Mr Gray says, he’s leaking cash. Needs close to a season high just to BE. I’m jumping off this week and moving Bellc to FWD and upgrading RUC as there aren’t many mid priced FWD’s and I prefer to keep cash to bring in other premos in the coming weeks

    • I’m holding myself and just hoping the tags go away for a little while. Is gonna lose money, but he’s got the ability to score competently (80+, not being greedy), so he’s lower priority than rookie upgrades to me.

    • I dropped him purely because it was almost a straight swap for Rocky and I was low on cash. If I could have afforded to trade Krak to Rocky I would have…

  • Gonna bring in Rocky while hes still cheap, Gonna trade out Van Berlo but not sure what good rookie to bring in, thinking Jackson Nelson from eagles. Seems to cemented his spot. any other ideas?

    • Nelson has been named across the full back area… But he doesn’t score well in Fantasy, so I can’t see him getting over 250k in price. I reckon you are better off taking a chance on a 120k player like Curley (or what ever his name is)

    • Some options to consider:
      Jake Kolodjashnij: Named on extended bench so is more than likely going to be an emergency or vest candidate.
      Jonathen Marsh: Same as Kolo, just check teams tonight to see if they make the interchange.
      Joel Hamling: BINGO, named on the field so isn’t a vest candidate!! He’d be my pick… 120k, and came in for an ommitted Talia (which means if he has a good game, has every chance in taking Talia’s spot… However if he plays poorly, every chance in being dropped). He’s obviously been doing something right around training and in the VFL.
      Clurey: Vest candidate, would pick Hamling over him

      • Gobbie how is Clurey vest candidate? He’s kpp isn’t he?

      • Hamling seems to be a KPP, he’s named on Jeremy Cameron which doesn’t bode well for many fantasy points

  • Ok, I’ve decided my strategy for the byes, my question is who I choose between Sinclair and Clark as R2. My plan is to turn them into Kruezer r12, so I only need three weeks out of them, Sinclair has Clark beaten for consistency (His low score is Clarks average), and BE is far friendlier. However, Weagles big men are coming back, and I’m worried Sinclair will become a full time forward or even worse, be dropped before his bye, and given my bye structure and my trade plan that’s a certain 0, also the extra 20k saved could be the difference between getting Hodge r12 or not, although the same could be said if Sinclair keeps it up and out price rises him by that much.

    So, in short Clark or Sinclair is my question?

    • at his current price I would hold off bringing Sinclair in due to job security

      • +1, clark will at least be a warm body on field each week, saves you the cash, and sinclair won’t outscore him by anything that significant i wouldn’t think.

        • Yeah, the JS is the big one, but Clark is awful lol. Wish I had another expendable r12 guy with a competent downgrade around.

          • clark may be awful, but sinclair hasn’t shown much. although he seems to be ahead of lycett for now and i can’t imagine the eags playing nic nat sole ruck so maybe his JS isn’t so bad.

            I’m not helping am i? i’d still go clark. you can always DPP him out later perhaps. i’m assuming you already own both? i wouldn’t be trading either in if you don’t already have them.

  • Who to trade out for Rocky, Cripps, Yolmen or Van berlo?

    • I traded Van Berlo for Mitchell a few weeks ago. Looks nothing like the player he was, destined to score between 50-70 for the rest of his career.

    • if you can trade nvb to rocky stop what you’re doing and make it happen

  • Goodes > Hamling, Cluey or Byrne (duel position)?
    Cripps > Rockcliff or Parker? Both with reasonable low breakevens. Considered getting Parker this week as I think Weller will effect Rockcliff’s score. Would then get Rockcliff next week.

  • Alrighty, so just checked my bye structure and I am epically screwed for round 12, as opposed to many others. Need serious help with my trades… On top of that, defense and rucks need a lot of work.

    DEF: Broadbent, Saad, Oxley, Ibbo, Enright, McKenzie (Goodes, Long)

    MID: Lewis, Pendles, Fyfe, Rocky, Melksham, Gleeson, Cripps, Neale (Glenn, random)

    RUCK: Grundy, Leuenberger (Ryder, King)

    FWD: Goddard, Membrey, Martin, Swan, Crisp, Hogan (Krak, random)

    So I have 5 collingwood and 3 essendon players which is bad, and on top of that I need to get rid of ryder, leuenberger and downgrade goodes.

    Was thinking of getting Sam Jacobs somehow (through Ryder or Grundy), and down/upgrading Melksham, Gleeson or Crisp to help out my R12.

    Rookies I was considering include Clurey, J Kolo and brooksby

    I would appreciate any help please!!!!

    • Also I only have $50 grand to spare

    • Downgrade Melksham or Gleeson to Amon and upgrade Grundy

    • I feel your pain for round 12 bro!

      Ryder is awkwardly priced and I reckon he’ll be out at least 2 weeks so trade him to Jacobs if you can afford it maybe downgrade Goodes to rookie defender. J Kolo should score ok if he avoids vest. Otherwise downgrade Ryder to Brooksby if you’re confident he will stay in the team freeing up cash to fix defence
      I think Crisp can wait til next week.

  • Need some help please

    My team

    Mundy, thurlow, newnes, rich, Oxley,saad (Kelly,Byrne)
    Lewis,Ebert,Stanton,beams,vandenberg,Cripps,Rockliff,mcintosh (yeo,Glenn)
    Goody,belly (Clarke,Holmes)
    Mitchell, grey, swan, Martin,Bont,hogan (McCarthy,cox)

    Have traded lumumba to rocky but unsure of 2nd trade and have 35k left

    • bellchambers > brooksby. get your cash flow happening again.

      i assume your R1 is Goldy? not Goody?

      • I’d wait a week on Brooksby see how he goes no rush hes only 120k

        • Maybe go Mccarthy to Mcinees for $$ or trade someone like beams for pendles if you feel the need
          Amon could be good if you ca fit him in maybe some ddp action with macintosh

          • i respectfully disagree. belly will lose cash, brooksby starting on field, basement BE can only go up. not saying he is a keeper but sounds like jeremy needs to start generating cash again.

            meanwhile, no need to move mccarthy on yet and mcinnes will likely lose his spot to darling soon.

            anyway, that’s just my opinion. maybe you are right boomer, just expanding upon my logic.

      • Respect mate, I’m just voicing mine but yes I agree cash flow is needed so Brooksby could do the job fine

    • I would play McCarthy and trade Bont – just depends how much cash left
      if you want to take a chance, you could move V’berg FWD and bring in Amon

  • DEF: Mundy, Newnes, Ibbotson, Saad, Oxley, McIntosh ( Tarrant, Smith )
    MID: Pendles, Fyfe, Rockliff, Parker, Beams, Barlow, Treloar, Cripps ( Amon, Krak )
    RUCK: Mumford, Jacobs
    FWD: Gray, Swan, Dusty, T.Mitchell, Bontempelli, Vandenberg ( McInnes, Byrne )

    I have 48k to use on 2 trades. Im unsure of what to do. Please help will do the same in return. Leaning towards possibly getting Kade Simpson in.

    • Nice team mate
      I’d probably get rid of tarrant and smith for boyd or a good def and get some scrub to sit at d8 with macca or someone like that at d7 as your E
      Maybe worth trading bont soon too? I like Devon Smith

    • Option One:

      McIntosh > Hamling (Play Tarrant) & then Cripps > other premium mid?

      Option Two:

      Cripps > Dumont (Play Amon) & then McIntosh > Boyd

      Option Three:
      Mcintosh > Hamling & the Beams > Lewis (if cash allows)

      • I wouldn’t offload Beams, he is doing ok and you probably have bigger issues?

        How about Tarrant to Hamlong/Clurey and then an upgrade? McIntosh to Boyd is pretty good, or Simpson if you haven’t got the $

  • What’s better

    1) Lumumba + Cripps -> Lewis + Dumont (can’t get to Amon)
    2) Harbrow + Ebert -> Lewis + Wallis … cash grab for Wallis.

    • can you DPP magic anyone from def to mid and bring in one of these def rookies instead of dumont?

      • Yep. Changed my mind for the 10th time. I’m losing my Def DPP link this week, and getting rid of bad breakevens:

        Lumumba + Harbrow -> Lewis + Amon, which leaves me with $74K in the kitty for bye planning.

        Better structure now, too…

  • In need of help.

    Should I trade McIntosh to Amon via Yeo and then trade either CEY/Cripps/Saad to Rockliff?

    I really don’t want to trade CEY, Cripps, or Saad yet, but they’re the only guys I can trade to afford Rocky.

    Please help.

    • I like the McIntosh > Amon & Cripps > Rockcliff.

      Although Cripps will be one of Carlton’s best mids this week with Judd, Murphy and Gibbs out, will be interesting to see what he can produce. CEY playing Freo is a bit of a concern although he has proven to be the more consistent out of the two so far.

    • can you DPP somehow and do Mcintosh to Rocky?

  • Hey lads, need some others thoughts on best trade this week for my team.

    Bont -> Rocky (locked)

    Grundy -> Mumford (save the bleed, Mumford/GWS in solid form)


    Ebert/Beams -> Hodge (going to have a huge two weeks, can DPP him to backline using Saad in future)

    Much appreciated

    • I’m really against trading premium players. Look to upgrade cash cows such as Cripps/Yolman to Rockcliff instead of the Bont. Mumford is solid but he doesn’t offer the same presence around the ground as Bliscavs, Martin or even Jacobs and Goldstein. However if you’re looking for a unique pick he could be worth the gamble. Stick with Ebert and Beams, both have the potential to be DT studs.

      • yeah, stop the grundy bleed. the differential between ebert/beams to hodge surey won’t be as great as that between grundy if he’s a spud now and say, jacobs.

        that’s the thing with a stepping stone like grundy, you hope beyond all hope he’ll be a keeper, but if not you’ve got to move him on at his peak otherwise his earnings will be wasted. unless you think his scoring will bounce back.

      • so what do you do with Bont if he has another low score and loses $30k??

        • I agree – I don’t think he will be a top 6 fwd (will be lucky to stay top 10) from this point on, so unless you are going to keep him, now is a reasonable time to trade him.

          I see him as a fallen almost-premium. Great start to the year though!

  • I want to bring in Amon this week at the expense of either:


    Rich is pretty consistent, Yolmen seems to be the best averager (bar last week) and Cripps I feel has a big hundred in him without Judd/Murphy in his way this week.

    They all have the round 11 bye so that isn’t a factor.

    Who would you get rid of??

  • Tough call, I would get rid of Cripps, hes still young dont expect him to score highly weekly, Yolmen was outstanding early in year and Rich is most experienced

  • Goldstein a keeper??

    I’ve got Yeo suspended – will hold

    Looking to trade:

    Thoughts on Bont via Belly –> Lobbe and Goodes to Amon? This means I have cover in D/M/F at least and $135k. I feel Lobbe is getting back to his best and Ryder out for a couple of weeks at least helps his cause

    otherwise I have the option to bring in JacobsMummy/Blic instead of Lobbe but minimal $$ leftover

    Any alternate trades??

  • J Kolo EMG – plan accordingly

  • Hodge into my backs with McIntosh or oxley emg


    Lewis into my mids, trading out Krak

    So hard

    • ouch, tough choice. but as they say, when you get lewis you get 2 of him. heck, maybe even 3 this week. go with it!

  • Blake Acres – is he a legitimate trade down target???????

    • as valid as any? i just realised brant colledge is named for his first game with zero fanfare. might not hold his spot with some eagles coming back, but if you’re a gambler…!

  • Suggestions on a trade.

    I’ve got 260k

    Should I get rid of Oxley,Mckenzie,Cripps or Saad.

    If so who for.

    Thinking Steven,Hodge,Priddis or Rockliff.

  • I still can’t bring myself to do it so I’m going to need some convincing.

    Do I trade CEY, Cripps, or Saad to Rockliff?

  • Should I play Dumont,Hamling or H.Andrews?

    • h. andrews? think dumont will be sub. hamling may have a tough game but named on field in 1st game. back him in!

  • Thanks. Harris Andrews plays for Brisbane as a FWD.
    In AFL FANTASY he is a DEF though.

    Do you think I should get Hodge or Steven?
    Steven will ruin my DEF/MID DPP chain.