Round 7 Lockout Chat

Discuss your teams for round 8.

Geelong vs Carlton 

Etihad Stadium , 7:50pm AEST Friday, May 22
Under cover

St Kilda vs West Coast 

Etihad Stadium , 1:45pm AEST Saturday, May 23
Under Cover

GWS Giants vs Adelaide 

Spotless Stadium , 2:10pm AEST Saturday, May 23
mostly_cloudy (1)Partly Cloudly slight chance of showers. Rain in the morning so possible slippery conditions.

Gold Coast vs Collingwood 

Metricon Stadium , 4:35pm AEST Saturday, May 23
clearMostly clear. Windy

Hawthorn vs Sydney 

MCG , 7:20pm AEST Saturday, May 23
mostly_cloudy (1)Mostly cloudy. Light winds

Fremantle vs North Melbourne 

Domain Stadium , 5:40pm AWST Saturday, May 23
mostly_cloudy (1)Partly cloudy. Slight chance of showers in afternoon.

Essendon vs Brisbane 

Etihad Stadium , 1:10pm AEST Sunday, May 24
Under Cover

Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs 

MCG , 3:20pm AEST Sunday, May 24
clearMostly sunny.

Port Adelaide vs Richmond 

Adelaide Oval , 4:10pm ACST Sunday, May 24
mostly_cloudy (1)Cloudy. Light winds.


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  • 1964 with a half of Hogan and Lumumba to go + Gray and Martin in the following game. Should go 2200+

  • M v WB almost as boring as FAT albert posts .

  • Albert LLOYD what a wakka. Watch yer language.

  • Wow Vandenberger

  • Lol @ Vandenberg sellers. So he couldn’t score big against Sydney and Hawthorn…

    • In RDT I went Vandenberg > Rockliff, still consider that a win

      • And I went Vadenberg to Neale.

        In hindsight probably should have gotten rid of Cripps I guess.

    • I can’t see the logic in starting a probably vest candidate over a guaranteed full gamer.

  • i would rather have sold Vanders than keep him on my bench, looking at his score on there is sickening

  • Was thinking Bont straight to Rocky this week…both around $480k.

    Not anymore!

  • Dahlhaus,,,,, 7 x 100s in 8 weeks dont get much better in the forwards than that for a starting price of 490k Bargain !!!

  • My gamble to play Amon over Vanders didn’t pay off lol at least I didn’t trade him

    • Ouch :/

    • I can’t see the logic in starting a probably vest candidate over a guaranteed full gamer.

      • yeah last minute decision based on the fact i thought the bulldogs would turn up and sam gray gets the vest… neither happened. oh well on 2086 with a qtr left of dusty, gray, ebert and amon

        • To be fair the bulldogs concede the most points after the gcs, im pretty sure which is why i kept vanders.


  • and of course the week I downgrade vandenberg is the week he tons up.

  • Kane Cornes killing it!! Might upgrade Krackouer to him, thoughts?

  • glad i didn’t jump on the amon bandwagon.

    bummer i missed on VDB’s points this week having traded him out. the move to rockliff was a much better move in the long run. also bummed at my heppell (c)move. oh well 8 tons and hopefully gray makes it 9.

    now i need to move mcintosh, belly and salem…

    • I have 10 tons with one on the bench, 15 90+ scores

    • not really that bad of a bandwagon. Basement price, with Cornes retiring he should take his spot and also he looks like a really good player.

  • Cracked 2K w00t

  • Kane Cornes tons up in his last game

  • Finally a Sunday where my team didn’t get #rekt