Middle ground – Ep. 40

A few of us were eating our first donuts of the season however, it wasn’t all bad as Roy, Calvin and Warnie all moved up in the overall rankings. The boys look at the best of the midfielders so far this year and look ahead to round eight by answering your Twitter questions.

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  • Some news since the podcast:

    – Brodie Smith won’t play this week.
    – Crows hopeful that CEY will be available.

  • Thoughts on vandenberg to Lewis and newnes to Amon via DPP?
    Other trade was thinking of would be vandenberg to Amon and Macintosh to yeo

  • The only way i can get in Lewis

    Lumumba -> Byrne
    Taylor -> Lewis

    Thoughts? Im 4k off from Amon :( But byrne should play in 2 weeks.

  • Honey->dpp with vberg to amon
    Dangerfield-> lewis with 100k in the bank


    Honey-> dpp with vberg to amon
    Newton to Rockliff with 130k?

  • So good to listen to you boys driving back from training… Beats tuning into NOVA fm!! Proud to be Tasmanian, hope you boys get a bit of $$ for all your hard work

  • McInnes or Amon?

  • Think I’ll aim to get Lewis back after his bye, going Honeychurch and VBerg to Amon and Rocky at the moment. That is unless more carnage comes our way when teams are announced.

  • I’m looking at vdb to amon then Salem to stevie j or rocky.
    Lewis comes in off the bench.

    If I go stevie I have 75k left in the bank to use next week to get rocky in

  • THOUGHTS PLZ this week I am planning on trading bellchambers out sub Clark to the ruck Vandenberg fwd then bring amon into my side. My theory is cats v Carlton should see Clark score at least 60+ points same can’t be said for belly. Also some of the cash I make from this trade willbe used to upgrade Salem to picken and some to upgrade Clark next week

  • Love it fellas! Well done.

  • Sounds like Roy went to the same university as Kanye West…. your not a doctor! But keep up the good work

  • Picken or Boyd