My Team 2015 – Round 8

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  • Shags thoughts on my team below?

  • Def- Mundy newnes KK Kmac Tarrant Goodes (Nathan brown Joel hamling)

    Mid- Armitage pendles Ebert beams Dangerfield Parker Fyfe saad ( Amon lambert)

    Rucks- Grundy Clark ( downie Holmes)

    Forward – swan franklin Martin Motlop bontempelli vandenburg (krakouer Mcguane)

    I traded Cripps for Amon then upgraded Bellchambers to Fyfe via Clark and vandenburg DPP.

    • I wouldnt trade Cripps yet, he’s still good for some cash. Kmac and tarrant are cashcows ready to be harvested. Vberg is as well.

      You might have to do something about some of the deadwood on your bench at some point (I know it hurts to trade out players that havent made cash for you).

      I did something similar about 2 weeks ago. Just had to get rid of Berger and Goodes (yeah I know hes playing now, it hurts). Put me behind others on trades, but that deadwood just had to go for players who were genuinely going to make me cash and cover my arse when the Shit hits the fan.

      Genuinely consider losing a McGuane or Lambert or Hamling for playing rookies. They might not ever get a game.

  • Who to play goodes or hibberd?

    • And clark or bellchambers?

      • Belly if McKernan is out.
        Clark if McKernan is in.

        Belly playing up forward is very very bad for his DT game. (he’ll prolly kick 6 just to spite me)

    • Back in your premiums. if you are benching him, you may as well trade him out.

  • Def: Boyd, Simpson, Newnes, Oxley, Saad, Kelly (Mcintosh, Talia)
    Mid: Lewis, Pendles, Fyfe, JPK, Barlow, Rich, Cripps, Vandenberg (Stretch, Glenn)
    Ruck: Mummy, Bellchambers (Kruezer, O’Brien)
    Fwd: Gray, Dusty, Swan, Dahlhaus, Clark, Krak (Mccarthy, Salem)

    Trade options (13k remaining)
    I’ll probably go Salem – Amon (vberg fwd). Then either

    1. Mcintosh – Goodes
    2. Mcintosh – CEY or Thurlow

    Thoughts on these trades or others?

    • Goodes is getting awfully close to a mid pricer, Thurlow is a midpricer.
      CEY is a midpricer with a BE of 0. You are backing them in to essentially keepers, at least for the mid term.

      By all means take a punt on a midpricer, but the usual strategy would be to back in a cheap rookie to get you $$$$, and get onto a proven premium.

  • Im surprised there hasnt been much talk about Kolodjashnij.

    Since Ceski has been out he has scored 98, 86, 96. He’s actually doing what the hype of his preseason wanted him to do (albeit weeks too late) and he’s still a steal at $387k.

  • Thanks shags. Agree with you I’m going to have to fix my bench. The only reason i trading Cripps is because he’s worth more cash than v Berg and I was able to JUST get in Fyfe who is playing game 100! Lock and load!!!! Predicting 130 plus from him

    • If you think a player is a must have, you can cut corners to get them in.

      Ive done that many times.

      As to dead wood, I currently have Byrne and Glenn as wasted trades on my bench. Byrne has survived this long in my team only because I could cover holes by swapping him with salem.

      • Do you think Byrne will get back in when fit?

        • Carlton absolutely needs to play its rookies. Problem is with a hammie, no idea how long it would take. And they tend to take it slower with the rookies. Hopefully he gets a game by the byes (or else I might be eating some donuts!)

  • Gah I cant decide on trading Cripps BE 80 or Kmac BE 69.

    I cant decide to risk Yeo, Titch, or Barlow (although barlow BE 109 can wait 1 week). this is RDT so would be for keeps.

    leaning towards Yeo as in RDT with no Mundy or Boyd, premo def are few and far between.

    • Ziebel is another one I might consider as a smokey.

    • I wouldn’t be getting barlow regardless. He isn’t scoring well enough to get even if he’s cheap, especially as this is RDT you would want a keeper. I would go Yeo out of them as well because titch could get dropped and limited trades make him harder to get with that.

      • +1 pretty much what I went with.

        Only other question is If I should hold Cripps (he could be a semi keeper in RDT) or trade Kmac instead.

  • DEF: Boyd, Lumumba, Newnes, Goodes, Oxley, Kelly (Clurey, Saad)
    MID: Pendles, Treloar, Parker, Swan, Lewis, Barlow, Bont, Vandenberg (Cripps, Glenn)
    RUC: Goldstein, Bellchambers
    FWD: Franklin, Martin, Dahlhaus, Gray, Dahlhaus, Krakouer, Tarrant (Clark, Salem)

    1. Lumumba + Bellchambers –> Jacobs/Martin + Amon ($74K-19K)
    2. Lumumba + Vandenberg –> Amon + Rocky ($108)
    3. Lumumba + Vandenberg –> Amon + Yeo ($148)
    4. Lumumba + Vandenberg –> Amon + Schade ($411)
    5. Lumumba + Vandenberg –> Amon + McInnes ($402)
    Any other ideas are welcome!

    • I was also toying with Barlow + Lumumba –> Rocky + Amon/Schade/McInnes (~200K)

  • 1 IMO

  • Amon dumont or acres?

  • Yeo or mitchell?

  • Rocky or Yeo?

  • Im going to get rid of 2 out of the three in VBerg, KMac and Bellchambers. The only thing is i’m not sure what to do with my second trade after downgrading VBerg to Amon/Dumont. Should i use the money and get Jacobs/Martin For Bellchambers or upgrade Kmac to Boyd/Picken?? Also if I go with Option 1 who do use think will score more overall out of Jacobs/ Martin??

  • which one?
    1) lumumba > heppell this week, vdb> rocky next week
    2) lumumba > rocky this week, cey > lewis

    If I try and get lewis i will have to sacrifice cey which i don’t really want to do. If i do 1) i can eventually get lewis for barlow or even cripps

  • This goes out to all of you who traded Lewis,
    Suck a fat one haha

  • team after trades:
    lumumba, newnes, YEO, kk, mcintosh, schade (salem*, brown)
    smith, armitage, jwood, parker, titchel, danger, NVB, cripps (DUMONT, lambert)
    jacobs, belly (griffen, holmes)
    motlop, swan, adams, dusty, gray, krak (clark, mcinnes)

    trades i did:
    geary – Yeo
    van’berg – dumont
    leaves me with 235k for next week where i hoping to get Lewis if not then rocky.

  • Done a backlflip and not getting Thurlow in. Mackie and Kelly back in the team worries me. Salem > Yeo this week, Boyd next week

    • yeh im getting yeo this wee as well. i am a little worried as scooter is back so think yeo might not get as much mid time but simpson posted a comment about yeo praising how he runs through the mid and will do anything he is asked

  • Really stuck on too many options this week. Ideally would prefer Belly or Lumumba to go but also have Salem and a lot of ripe rooks.

    Team before trades;

    DEF: Newnes, Rich, KK, Lumumba, Saad, Ox (KMac, Salem)
    MIDS: Lewis, Rocky, Ebert, Parker, Prestia, Neale, Blicavs, Cripps (Krak, Vandenberg)
    RUCKS: Goldstein, Belly (nuffies)
    FOR: Gray, Swan, Dusty, Mitchell, Bont, Clark (McCarthy, McBean)

    Thinking one of the following…

    Vandenberg to Dumont and then
    a) KMac to Mundy
    b) Lumumba to Mundy
    c) Bellchambers to Yeo (via Blicavs)
    d) Bellchambers to Armitage/Pendles/Hepp (via Blicavs)

    Pick one!

    • belly – yeo (if you are looking for $$$)
      belly – hepp (if you wanting points)

      think mundy might be sub score again


    DEF: Goodes,rich,newnes,oxley,mcintosh,jake Kelly (saad,dick)
    MID: Beams,parker,bont,cripps,lewis,fyfe,barlow,ebert (krakouer,glenn)
    RUC: Jacobs,goldstein (Naismith,griffin)
    FWD: Martin,gray,swan,clark,salem,vandeberg (honeychurch,lambert)

    Have $230,000 to play with so currently i’m looking at salem to maybe amon then vandeberg or honeychurch dpp to a Heppell or priddis ??\
    Will have enough coin to swap out cripps or someone next week for rocky.
    Any thoughts please guys ??

    • Salem —> Amon/Dumont and Honeychurch —> Heppell/Priddis

      Players who aren’t playing:
      Dick, Glenn, Naismith, Griffin and Lambert.
      If these 5 aren’t playing during the bye rounds, you will most likely be eating doughnuts, gaining too much weight, and falling behind in the race. Fix it!

      • Yep I agree, definitely need scoring emergencies this year !!
        Golden question is Hep or Priddis, its a flip a coin situation at the moment.

  • Salem -> Amon gives me 374k to make an upgrade
    A) Vandenberg to Rocky (234k)
    B) Belly to Martin (145k)
    C) Hibberd to Boyd (237k)
    D) Holmes to Titchell (3k, move Clark into Ruck)

    I’m severly lacking Rd12 players so I’m favouring B or C, thoughts?

    • B

    • You’re lacking rnd 12 players??? Take some of mine!! Heppell, Fyfe, Parker and Pendles… Half my midfield!! In regards to your question, it’s hard to answer without looking at the dynamic of your team. However I would get rid of Belly, that trade would instantly make your team look insanely better.
      C) Still look to bring in Boyd, he will easily finish as a top 6 def.
      D) I like this… Purely because every team is going to need cover at the R3 position during bye rounds.
      A) Look to bring Rocky in next week… You won’t get him any cheaper and he’s just going to get better and better.

      • Haha I mean I’m lacking players to play in Rnd12… I’ve got Fyfe, Barlow, Parker, Mundy, Steven, Pendles, Swan. And yeah I think I’ll go Belly to Martin, really can’t go wrong there

    • +1 he will be a keeper and will sort out ur rucks

  • Anyone else leaning towards Dumont?? Just watched the small highlights video of his game against Geelong. Scored 20 points in 3/4 of a quarter, without a single tackle, which is one of his key attributes.
    Obviously we don’t want to pick up rookies who won’t be contributing during the bye rounds.
    He’s no doubt a great young player who has scored extremely well in the VFL, but I can’t see him holding his spot when Swallow comes back (1-3 weeks) Do we trade him in anyway???
    If Amon is named on the interchange, it would be hard to look past him. Port dominated Richmond over there last year, so he could easily go big in his first full game- however that stupid vest lingers!!

    • think they are both easy vest candidates. I have gone dumont just for value as the extra 15k is handy for next week.

      also yeh his JS when swallow comes back is a worry but if it is an issue you just either hold him or upgrade him.

  • Simpson, McDonald, Newnes, Rich, Oxley, Saad (Kelly, Tarrant)
    Lewis, Pendles, HepD, #FyfeLyfe, Beams, PARKER, Cripps, McIntosh (DUMONT, Glenn)
    Goldy, Nic Nat (Cordy, Holmes)
    Gray, Swan, Martin, Mitchell, Bont, V’Berg (McCarthy, Krak)
    Defense needs a lot of work, however I need to bring in ROCKY next week via:
    McIntosh —> Rocky
    Rich —> Byrne (Really need him to come back)
    From there, it’s all about getting prepared for byes:
    Cordy for McKernan/Clark
    Glenn for Amon/another midfield rookie

    • Dumont will have Shaky job security with swallow out and could be the sub not too sure about other rookies

      • Yeah same story for all Rookies… I picked Dumont purely because he’s the best player out of all the rookies. He’ll probably lose his spot to Swallow but hopefully Swallow is out for longer than 1 week- and Dumont can put up 50+k

  • Currents mids of Pendlebury, Heppell, beames, lumumba, van berlo, vandenberg, Ellis yolmen, Cripps ( Newton, Glenn)

    Should I go lumumba to Rockliff leaving me 254k
    Lumumba to priddis leaving me 170k and getting Rockliff in next week all going well

    I’m tempted to hold off on Lewis as he has a high enough break even and if he dose chuck up a sub 100 game then will drop off in price a bit and if he keeps going the way he is going then won’t go up much more then he already is, priddis had a soft draw coming up but last week was like a training drill the Suns were terrible so not too sure he will keep scores like that up but doubt he will be much cheaper. With Rocky he could get his BE but not likely so if I wait another week he will be another 10 k or even more cheaper

    Any thoughts cheers

    • Yeah look you only have 3 premium midfielders… Take a look at my team above, I have 6, and will have 7 next week when I bring in Rocky…
      I’d bring in Priddis/Parker/Fyfe for Lumumba. And then look to bring in Rocky next week to take your premo mids to 5.

      • Cheers thsts the plan who u reckon out of them 3 Parker won’t do that every week neither will priddis and both are cheap enough for what they can do

        • They both have potential to be top 6 mids… Parker is cheaper and has the lower break even. I don’t like bringing in players due to their most recent score. But if you look at it, Priddis put up 155 against GC. Parker put up 166 against the best team in the comp. Priddis previous best was 109 against GWS. Parkers previous best was 120 against Melbourne.

        • From now on, when you are making trades. Always think “Will this player be in my team for the whole season” (disregarding preventable injuries/suspension).
          LEWIS: If he pumps out two scores of 80, he will remain in my team because I see hiim as a top 8 midfielder.
          PRIDDIS: If he pumps out two scores of 80, I will start to question why I had him in the first place, and then I would start looking for a decent sideways trade to someone like a Fyfe or Parker, who I see as being top 8 midfielders.

  • geary – Yeo
    van’berg – dumont
    leaves me with 250k for next week where i hoping to get Lewis if not then rocky.

    • Bring in Rocky next week, and then Lewis after his bye… Just pray that lewis has a couple dud scores- and a big juicy price drop. Although don’t pray too hard, as I held him, and he now holds the (c) armband

      • ha ha i dont know who to make C this week.

        i have:
        armitage, smith, danger, parker, jwood, titchel

        at the moment armitage has the C armband

        • That’s where having Lewis makes things easier! Permacaptain! Hmm here’s my order….
          1. Armitage (He’s your most expensive player… For a reason)
          2. Parker (In great form, but up against Hawks)
          3. Danger (Could go very big… Good risk if you take it)
          4. Smith (First game back)
          5. Titch (Against the Hawks- wouldn’t advise it)
          6. Selwood (will come good eventually- but might not be this week)

          • cheers for that break down.

            with scooter back you think he would go to armitage as a tag?

  • 1st trade) V’berg ➡️Dumont

    Then either ….

    2nd Trade)
    Lumumba/mcintosh ➡️ Boyd
    Cripps/yolmen ➡️ Armitage/Heppell/peddles

    Help please !!!

  • Going Salem>Amon/Dumont and Spudmumba>Yeo this week with 300k in the bank to grab Hodge next week for bye balance, feeling good about these and even better about getting Lewis off my bench and on the field!

    Finally getting rid on the Prince!!!

    • *Finally getting rid of the Prince!!!

    • Hold Lumumba… Will go huge this weekend

      • Probably will knowing my luck but I am out of patience

        • If you trade him, and he does go huge, should still be happy that you traded him. He is a migraine, you’ll feel a lot better once he’s gone.

          • Yeah I feel happier not seeing his smug spud face there when I open my team!

    • Haha that was a joke, yes… Good trades!! Who are you leaning towards, Amon or Dumont?? Money in the bank pre bye rounds is essential in my opinion. Lets you sort out your bench rookies who aren’t playing!

      • I am leaning towards Amon atm just because of job security although I think Dumont has more potential. My other mid bench spot has Glenn Glenn (fml) so JS>potential

        • Good point!! Making me reconsider Dumont as I have Glenn sitting there as well. Need them rooks to play during bye rounds

          • The other option I keep glancing at is Stretch, seems to get a few gigs…

        • swallow has a similar injury to sidebottom so could be out for 5 not 1-3 as they say, making dumont’s security better

  • Thinking I am going to wait on Lewis until after his bye. So basically got a choice between:

    Salem-Rockliff or Lumumba-Yeo with the other trade happening the next week.

    • All depends whether or not you have bench cover for Lumumba if you trade him first… If not, Salem goes. But If you do, Lumumba, as he will probably drop more cash this week (but not a huge amount)

    • yeo. BE 9 will go up in value

      rocky BE 127. wont go up much and will more then likely be same price next week.

      • +1 If you don’t get Yeo this week, I wouldn’t get him at all. Will be paying an extra 100k more than what others got for him.

        • Agreed, I watched his game last week and I can understand the hype, definitely the time to get him!

  • Thoughts on team and trades?

    DEF: Mundy,Yeo,Newnes,Hibberd,Oxley,Kelly (Saad,Schade)
    MID: Lewis,Ebert,Beams,Ellis,Neale,Barlow,Cripps,Vandenberg (Amon,Glenn)
    RUC: Gooldstein,Bellchambers (Downie,Holmes)
    FWD: Gray,Dahlhaus,martin,Bontempelli,McCarthy,Clark (Honeychurch,Byrne)


    Trades I did: Duncan-Amon and Salem-Yeo. Planning on upgrading Belly and Cripps next week

    • Anyone?

      • solid week plan on getting in rocky for vandanberg maybe and upgrade hibberd>hodge/boyd. i would wait to upgrade belly till after rd 11 when you can go belly(rd 12 bye)>martin( rd 11bye)

  • Get rid of lumumba or mcintosh?

  • DEF: Mundy, Newnes, Oxley, Saad, Salem, Kelly (Brown, Smith)
    MID: Pendles, Beams, Rischitelli, Barlow, Cripps, Van Berlo, CEY, Mtosh (Vendernberg, Glenn)
    Ruck: Tbell, Jacobs (Holmes, Phillips)
    FOR: Swan, Martin, Bont, Ziebell, Lynch, Tich (Clark, Lambert)

    $213k cash and wanting to keep Smith. what trades should i do?

    • Vandenberg and Tbell –> Jacobs/Martin + Amon

    • Downgrade Van berlo/vandenberg (Berlo has a little lower b/e) and upgrade tosh to whoever you like. You can get thurlow instead of downgrading if you don’t like the look of mid downgrade options

  • AFL fantasy
    DEF:Mundy Docherty Newnes Lumumba Geary Saad(Schade Goodes)
    MID:Pendles Heppell Barlow Parker Neale Cripps CEY Vandanberg(Glenn Krakour
    RUC:Blicavs Belly(SPUDS)
    FWD:Gray Martin Swan Bontempelli Mcarthy Clark(Salem Lambert)
    227k in the bank:)
    What I’m thinking so far:

    geary> Yeo, Vandanberg>Rockliff

    This leaves me with 20k. Next week i will most likely go Salem>Amon(Krakour DPP)and upgrade lumumba/belly.


    • Those trades look very solid and that amount of cash should hold you in good stead for next week. Team overall looks great across all areas!

    • Solid trades, pretty much the exact same I’m doing but Duncan instead of Geary. Considering VBerg was going to be on the bench it made more sense to trade him out than Salem, as he will probably drop in price this week, whilst Salem will stay the same and can be traded next week.

  • DEF: Mundy, Newns, Ibbo, Saad, Oxley, Tarrant ( McIntosh, Smith )
    MID: Pendles, Fyfe, Parker, Beams, Treloar, Barlow, Rockliff, Cripps ( Krak, Amon )
    RUCK: Jacobs, Mumford
    FWD: Gray, Swan, T.Mitchell, Bontempelli, Dusty, Vandenberg ( McInnes, Byrne )

    My trades this week were T.Hunt > Amon, Salem > Rockliff leaving me with $48,000
    or would I be better off going Salem > Amon & T.Hunt > Yeo leaving me with $88,000

  • Saad or Thrurlow in for Salem?

    Already going Geary to Yeo.

    Thurlow for R13 bye and Saad for $$$.

    Def is Newnes, GEARY, Oxley, McIntosh, SALEM, Kelly (Cutler ,Byrne)

    Not a big fan of getting Amon in this week. Massive vest risk and bad JS.

  • Strongly considering Seedsman this week.

    Not really keen on getting midpricers midseason but I think he has true premo potential (plus GCS this week)

  • Who will score more this week, Yeo or J Bruce?