Round 7 Lockout Chat

Discuss your teams over round seven!

Essendon vs North Melbourne 

Etihad Stadium, 7:50pm AEST Friday, May 15
Under cover

Adelaide vs St Kilda 

Adelaide Oval, 1:15pm ACST (1:45pm AEST) Saturday, May 16
mostly_cloudy (1)Partly cloudy. Light winds

Hawthorn vs Melbourne 

MCG, 2:10pm AEST Saturday, May 16
mostly_cloudy (1) Partly cloudy.Light Winds

Carlton vs GWS Giants 

Etihad Stadium, 4:35pm AEST Saturday, May 16
Under Cover

Sydney vs Geelong 

ANZ Stadium, 7:20pm AEST Saturday, May 16
possible_showerChance of Showers, Winds southwesterly 15 to 25 km/h

West Coast vs Gold Coast 

Domain Stadium, 5:40pm AWST (7:40pm AEST) Saturday, May 16
possible_thunderstorm Very high (near 100%) chance of rain. The chance of a thunderstorm with gusty winds. Heavy falls.

Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle 

Etihad Stadium, 1:10pm AEST Sunday, May 17
Under Cover

Richmond vs Collingwood 

MCG, 3:20pm AEST Sunday, May 17
clearMostly Sunny

Brisbane vs Port Adelaide 

GABBA , 4:40pm AEST Sunday, May 17
possible_shower (1) High (70%) chance of showers, most likely in the morning and afternoon.



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  • Unbelievable Sunday for me so far – Neale, Martin, Maric, Ellis and Swan all going 100+. Ox the only disappointment. Hopefully Gray and Ebert can go big as well.

  • Argh. Goodes on bench with Kmac on field (thought Goodes was more of a sub risk) atleast he will be making me some cash :):)

  • And also I think Deledio might be ripe for the picking after his bye.

  • Any info yet on Salem injury?

  • Par 1600? (I wish)

    Oxley 48, Hibberd 55, Lumumba 44, Vandenberg 43, Rocky 29 midway through 3rd 1/4, Cripps late withdrawl (covered by Amon starting sub), Belly 48, Salem 12, Honeychurch 26

    1490 with Beams, Rocky, Krakour and Amon (not on field yet) to go midway through 3rd quarter

    Lost all league games which I was projected to win comfortably.

    currently ranked 7758, down 5975 spots

    I wander if anyone is doing as bad as me with no donuts?

    • Managed a 1900 with a doughnut (Cripps) and the likes of Salem, V’Berg, Duncan and Goldy being average… Oh and I had pendles as captain. Can’t complain

      • My post was meant to make me feel better by opening it up to other people doing shit, not for people to post their decent scores :(

        But all the same…well done, good score this round!

    • Hogan late out, 26 points cover. Geary late out, 12 points cover. Isaac Smith and Cripps late outs, 2 donuts. Other than that i actually did alright and got 1759

  • Beams a lazy 60 point quarter

  • Ahead of the game, King Amon already in my team

  • 1847 was good enough to win 5/6

  • Pretty happy with 1955 considering my donut in mids thanks to Cripps late out & no cover, Salems 12 & 17 from Brown my Def emerg!!

  • Oh and Bellchambers & vandenbergs shit scores too!!