Round 6 Lockout Chat

Discuss round six as it unfolds.

Watch The Traders round six preview video by clicking here. Big thanks to Shags for the weather update below. Click on Team for live scores over at DT Live.

Collingwood vs Geelong 

MCG – Melbourne,  7:50pm AEST Friday, May 8

mostly_cloudy Mostly Cloudy – Chance of rain 5%, most showers should be gone in afternoon before game. Winds west to northwesterly 20 to 30 km/h.

North Melbourne vs Richmond 

Blundstone Arena – Hobart, 1:45pm AEST Saturday, May 9

mostly_cloudy (1) Mostly Cloudy – Chance of Rain 21%, higher chance later in the game. Winds northwesterly 25 to 35 km/h.

Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda 

Etihad Stadium – Melbourne , 2:10pm AEST Saturday, May 9

Under Roof!

GWS Giants vs Hawthorn 

Spotless Stadium – Sydney , 4:35pm AEST Saturday, May 9

clearSunny, perfect 21˚C, light winds

Gold Coast vs Adelaide 

Metricon Stadium – Goldcoast , 5:10pm AEST Saturday, May 9

clearSunny. Light winds.

Melbourne vs Sydney 

MCG – Melbourne , 7:20pm AEST Saturday, May 9

possible_shower High (80%) chance of showers easing into afternoon before game.  Winds westerly 25 to 35 km/h.

Fremantle vs Essendon 

Domain Stadium – Perth , 6:10pm AWST (8:10pm AEST) Saturday, May 9

clear Sunny. Light winds.

Carlton vs Brisbane 

Etihad Stadium – Melbourne, 3:20pm AEST Sunday, May 10

Under Roof!

Port Adelaide vs West Coast 

Adelaide Oval, 4:10pm ACST Sunday, May 10

possible_shower (1) Medium (60%) chance of showers. Winds westerly 25 to 40 km/h.



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  • 1439 with Ebert(C), Rich & Cripps to come :( Might get a decent score if Ebert scores 200+ haha
    Trades turned out to be okay: Hunt>Titchell & Hodge>Pendles

  • i went from 14/1335 to 20/1665. i had 6 players in last nights games get a total of 330. Docherty, Beams, Cripps left.

  • If your name is RL Griffin and you bar up over the Giants at every opportunity clap your hands..

  • I had 4 options for Lewis. Heppel, Pendles, Armitage, Ebert. So far Armitage 140+, Pendles 121, Heppel 80. I went with Heppel

  • Been burnt this season going with the risky option. This week decided I’d ‘play it safe’ and bring in Heppell. chucked him the C too.

  • Very happy with KK, Salem, Blicavs, Parker, Mitchell, Neale and even Lumumba

    Kept the faith and it’s paying off. I have negatives but Sunday is about what went right.

  • I had so many spud players this wk: KMac, HepD, Adams, Bont, Geary, Ibbo, Newnes besides my other rookie players: Tarrant, Vandenberg, Clark.

  • I am on 1876 heading into Sunday and I fully expect to get to 2500.

    This is not my score btw, this is the amount of Robert Cunting Griffin tweets I have been subjected to this weekend.

  • 1690 with pittard, gray and cripps to come hoping i can get 2000. Really happy my bet with neale as (C) paid off had 5 scores under 6 so im happy with how im doing considering

  • When I found out simpson wasn’t playing, I thought I would get a 40 from Kelly but got a 104. Great game

  • Jake Kelly on the bench with 104, Glenn and hunt on field with 28 and 34. Fuck off.

  • Option 1:
    Newnes > T.Mitchell (via Tarrant) and Naitanui > Blicavs
    Approx. 100k left

    Option 2:
    Newnes > Armitage (via Rich) and Ziebell/Adams > T.Mitchell
    Approx 20k left

    Option 3:
    Newnes > I.Smith (via Rich) and Ziebell/Adams > T.Mitchell

  • Glenn on field
    Salem on bench
    Dahlhaus captain.
    Sums up my week.

  • Hahahaha God I’m glad I didn’t grab Glenn. His BE will be awful now too.

    • As long as his JS is ok, he will be fine.
      If he loses his spot in the team this week though…

      • You sound like the ‘Sliding Doors’ article guy on

  • 1475 with Ebert (C) Beams, Cripps and Gray left. I could possible get 2000

  • Cheers Beams (c) you absolute crab

  • If whispers I’m hearing are true…

    …Robert the cunt Griffin has now added passive aggressive bullshit to his narcissistic drivel-feed

    • Can someone please just stab the cunt and put us out of our misery

      • C’mon calling someone a cunt and wanting to stab them because you don’t like their tweets is ridiculous. You are adults right?

    • Now he’s sucked Jeppa into his house of Twitter of horrors


  • Rich got a kick… wtf


  • Ebert 42 first quarter then decides to get corked. fuck sake my captain to

  • Anyone else playing the ‘Griffin posting inane self-indulgent bullshit on Twitter’ drinking game?

    It’s pretty good.

    • Only 5 tweets in the last hour, he must be dead.

    • Your obsession with him is kind of scary…I reckon you must of posted about 50 times about him, just let it go. Don’t waste so much time obsessing over your dislike for someone

  • I’m really hoping that Gray gets 51+ in the second half so I can crack the 2000 mark.

  • Making some serious cash of these rooks this year.

    J Kelly now Krakouer the latest ones

  • Nic Nat to Grundy this week was GOAT

  • Who to bring on… MDuncan or Titch?

  • How safe are Armitage/Steven going forward as premos given recent form?