Mixing it up – Ep. 38

Who ever said Fantasy was boring. Scores were up across the board – even Roy cracked 2000 this week – but we have a few issues to deal with. Hodge and Lewis are having a holiday and we get to mix things up with some new DPPs on Wednesday.

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  • Who are the leaked DPPs??

  • Hey guys, can I please leave some constructive criticism about your site? I know I’m not the only one with this gripe.

    Let me say that I love the site and appreciate all you guys do. My personal favourite part of the site is the twitter feed- it is a godsend and possibly the most useful tool for me when playing fantasy. The info from yourselves, Tbetta, Jeppa, Larkins, the 18 clubs, the AFL and other sources is invaluable. It gives great info about injuries, late outs, training incidents, MRP stuff, weather, state leagues etc etc. Absolutely love it.

    But this year it has become almost unreadable thanks to Mr Robert Griffin. I have no idea who this guy even is and why he is on the feed? He tweets about 100 x a week and 95% of it is completely irrelevant to fantasy. None of us care about his thoughts on GWS, not one little bit. Warnie doesn’t drone on about Essendon 10 times a day so why is this guy doing it?

    The guy is basically spamming and I’m begging you to make it stop. If it’s fantasy relevant then great but the majority of it is not. Sorry to sound harsh but it is ruining the site for me.

    • Haaaaarshhh… But True.. +2

    • Bit harsh. I dont mind his tweets, takes two seconds to skip them, and he contributes to the site.

    • +1 brought it up on the w/e chat myself

    • I’ve felt this for a while. I fear it will get worse as GWS get better.

      • C’mon guys pull your head.
        Griff does contribute to the sit, he has done for awhile know.
        its not too hard to scroll. Bit of a first world problem IMO

        • is that you Mrs Griffin?

        • When he does contribute his contributions are good but it seems like the majority of his tweets are irrelevant for the Twitter feed. I use the Twitter feed to take a quick glance at the important news. Perhaps the boys can retweet him when he says something that is useful.

      • +1

    • It’s really not a big deal and I highly doubt anything will happen about it

    • One word. Pedantic.

      • I wouldn’t go as far to say that all of his tweets are pedantic but some of them are ;)

    • Thanks for raising this, I 100% agree. I was reluctant to raise myself for fear of the back lash. It’s such a fantastic sight and I have been playing for years however for whatever reason his tweets frustrate me to no end. No relevance unless you are wanting an update on a GWS game or random statistic. The tweet section is the first section I look at when I login in numerous times per day for any updates or important news however it’s clogged up by this guy. He’s gotta go!

    • It looks like our cries fell on deaf ears

  • So DPP for

    – Boyd
    – Fyfe
    – Parker
    – Mundy
    – Tippet

    • Boyd and tippet yes, the rest almost certainly not. Wishful thinking.

    • Boyd definitely is one, as revealed on the podcast. There is one more from your list that gets it.

      • pls let it be PARKER!!!!!

        • Mundy would be amazing as well

        • It’ll be Tippet from that list above, guy’s hardly left defensive 50 for his 3 games.

          • tippet is already defender,,,

          • surely its kurt tippett as a ruck

          • Tippet has had 79 hitouts so far this season. By comparison, mitch clark has had 8, and jordan lewis has had 10. Kurt Tippet will gain ruck status.

          • whooops brain fart – meant Robbie Tarrant, who wasn’t on the list. never mind *slowly backs towards the exit*

          • *Slowly retracts into hedge* but tarrant will get def his role is widely acknowledge by scotty and the club.

      • what about toby greene? has clearly moved forward now

      • All will be revealed on Wednesday. The list is 18… they could have nearly added a few more… some good names (and stats) being thrown out there. Champion Data have crunched the numbers on these and have got quite a few on a watch list for the next lot of additions to roll out prior to round 12.

        • Pfft so all you “trader guys” get a few extra days to nut it out as far as trades go this week.. not fair haha

  • With Rich now DEF do we swap him with Newnes/Lumumba and kick one of them to a premo mid? and if so which one should we kick out?

    • nah, cause I don’t get players from the spoon-winning side of the year
      call it a DT rule

    • I’m not sure I’d rate Rich significantly above either of those.

      If you’re playing Fantasy then give him two weeks and trade him to Rockliff with a little cash

      If RDT then hold for later and aim for eventual bench cover and a link to your defence. He’ll play every game unlike our good rooks which may have the odd rest/sub-game/stinker.

      • RDT (unfortunately) don’t get any flashy new DPPs

        shame, cause I’d have really like Boyd in the defence (but he isn’t good enough to be a mid keeper)

  • Warnie should be investigated for insider trading. :p

    • Haha – I should be. I wish I had that sort of power. It was exciting to see Rich there when I got it this evening… especially after the boys had given me crap about it. All part of the fun/act. ;)

      • I’ve still got Rich, was going to trade him this week, but am now thinking of ditching Missy Higgins, getting Rich into the backline, and bringing in a premo Midfielder.

  • Hi all. Great Podcast Warnie. We’ve got an Elite Draft League starting in Round 6. Live draft this Friday 8th at 2pm. Please join if you’re keen to follow through all season – no ghost ships please! Code = UCJ9D4WL

  • Toby Greene FWD and Hamish Hartlett DEF any chance?

  • Have all 7 of the DPPs named so far, so much room for activities!

  • Is Brandan Ellis a chance? He has been playing a bit off half back.

  • I am starting to think these new positions are being given out too easy with such a small sample size.
    Also to guys referencing heat maps as why a player should get a position added, Firstly use the players heat map for the season not a single game. Just cause a player played forward for one game he shouldnt get position eligibility.

    • Correct.

      And there is more to a player heat map than first meets the eye… especially in the case of someone like Rich (CD have called on other data so I’m told that confirms the addition). It’s an interesting thing. They probably haven’t got ‘everyone’ that could have an addition, but I’ll trust their judgement.

      Mitch Clark is an interesting one. I’m not complaining, but there must have been enough for him to warrant the added RUC. Talking small sample size, that could be one that is a worry considering they brought in Simpson last week. I do agree that maybe his 8 hit outs isn’t probably enough, but I guess he must have been at a decent amount of contests to make it count.

      • The way it was going would have killed fantasy. There is nopremos in the backline to upgrade to and only a couple in the fwd line. Yet 25 or so mids fighting for 8 places. No wonder all teams are almost identical in fwds and backs come finals. This and 2 trades a week is killing fantasy imo.
        Needs to be more than 6 premiums to chose from in the fwds and backs so we can have points of difference come finals.

        • Good call mate, Fantasy is usually just a race to have the same team.

  • Warnie warnie warnie …. You dropped the ball with Rich becoming a defender. The overlords at ChampionData wont be happy campers. I get the feeling you wont be gifted those extra few 100k dollars and 3 trades a week in your dt side at the start of next season :P

    • Ah good, so no-one could tell that was staged… ;)

      • hahah glad i jumped on here I was all set to trade him and leuy to do some majour dpp action to get in boyd and glenn might have to find someother dead weight

      • Staged.. ok …#Skepticism !

        You didnt deny the extra cash and trades tho i see :P

  • This is a little off subject but I want to ask, will there be an article about possible rule changes for next season? I have some pretty good ideas but would like to discuss them when the time is right!

    • Probably towards the end of the year, however – throw your ideas out there… the big dogs would be thinking about it now.

      (I reckon they would be reluctant to make any big changes…)

      • It would be nice if we had a forum to chat about it but here’s my best idea,
        Instead of having 46 trades for the season with a maximum of two per round on a use them or lose them basis, I think it would be better to accumulate 2 trades per round with no limit on how many you use in one round, for example, if I only use 1 trade after round one, then I can use three trades after round 2, or if I don’t use any trades for 3 rounds, I would have accumulated 6 spare trades that I can use whenever I please, what do you think?

        This would add many different dimensions to the game and for good reasons, trades can be saved up for the bye rounds, or as a precaution for suspensions or injuries, or to offload multiple rookies who all peak around the same time, or you might be happy with your team and not need to make any trades at a certain stage.

        In my opinion, this will appeal to pretty much anyone who plays the game.

        If we could get support for this idea i’m sure the AFL will listen!

  • Quick question, in Real Dream Team are there any Position changes this week similar to Fantasy?

  • 1.Lumumba/Newnes -> Pendlebury via Rich
    2.McCarthy to Pendlebury via vandenBerg
    3.Lumumba/Newnes -> Boyd


    Newton -> Glenn

    Im personally thinking #2 as lumumba and newnes are playing okay and could both step up this week.

  • When are the dpp’s coming into effect? Still no change

  • Warnie, are you and the others surprised by the DPP of Rich and Clark? Remove the fact that you’re thrilled to have the added flexibility, is their eligibility warranted? If some of your stats are anything to go by Clark winning only 8 hitouts for the year would suggest his time in the centre ruck is limited. Of the ruck contests he has attended how many have been in Fwd 50? It doesn’t make him a ruckman in the classical sense. Not sure a chop out for the resting ruckman warrants DPP.

    As for Rich, realise he hasn’t been confirmed as DPP yet but all the talk from you guys suggests it’s a formality. The heat map whilst not the only indicator was pretty central. You mentioned CD had some other data for determining DPP. I wonder how much ownership (Rich 50% and Clark 56%) plays a part with wanting to keep participants involved, especially after the carnage of R1-5 and only 150,000 people playing, down on previous years.

    • People are getting sick of fantasy games where your opponent only has 3 or 4 players that are different, and also having enough trades to have premo benches by the end of the year

      • I agree there should be some more incentive to take ‘POD’ players as having only 4 uniques sucks but not oo fussed about the trades the way this year is starting

  • The Dpp take effect when? Before start this round or after?

  • Next question (appreciate answers) how long for hodge? I recon 4 weeks if so will trade get back later he was always Gibbs have a rest regardless I will hold Lewis

  • Sorry ignore question re when dpp starts I see answers

  • Hello any1 on hodge question

    • If only there was somewhere we could go to find information like this… they could call it the “internet”. And if only you could search for the info you’re looking for like a library… they could call them “search engines”.

      WTF, they already exist?!