Round 5 Lockout Chat

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We have put our MEGA SATURDAY on the shelf this week and joined forces to offer up the biggest Moneyball contest; a chance to win $4.5K. 500 spots are available in the contest for this week and with a $10 entry, you should put your money where your mouth is and try to snag some cash. The top 15% scorers for the week in the league are paid out. Join the SATURDAY SLAM now.

The game is very easy to play as it is similar to other salary cap fantasy platforms. Sign up.


  • I’m currently 1475/15 pretty happy with it.

    • wtf who do you have?

    • Sorry mate, read this wrong in a dazed state. I’m pretty much on par with that so no need to explain yourself!

    • Yeah I’m 1434/15. Pretty happy considering I’ve got Talia’s 16 in there and Saad on the bench

      • I got Talia’s 16 on the field, and

        Oxley’s 136 + Saad’s 85 on the bench. FMFT

        • Same. But had Ox on and Talia on bench last week. I do not want to work out how many points I missed out on over two weeks due to that.

  • Fantasty 14/1335 Heppell as Captain to come.

    RDT 15/1548 Lewis as Captain..

    Pretty happy so far lowest score in RDT is 71 with 7 Tons.

  • If Lewis is out for 2 weeks do we hold or trade.keep in mind that would mean I have to field all of Newton,yolmen,vandanberg,Cripps. If I trade my options who would my options be?

    • If it’s RDT then consider holding, if Fantasy then Pendles

    • Mate…

      It’s not even the end of the round, stay positive since you can’t do anything till lockout is over and hope that the rest of your squad scores well.
      Worry about trading after the next 3 games and for now, kick back, relax and shut up

      • Yes, it’s way too early to make any sort of trading decision… But it’s never too early to have a think about your options… Definitely doesn’t warrant being told to shut up. @iamcarlotn: If you have significant cover, and Lewis is only out for 2 weeks, you could consider keeping him on the bench… However, if you plan properly, you could also trade him out and then back in when he returns. The latter is quite risky, as 2/6 trades over the 3-week period are for the one player…. Remember that bye rounds aren’t too far around the corner

        • Good comments all round.

          If you’re definitely going to put him back in then it’s a whole round of trading ‘out and in’.

  • 13/1344 Armitage (C), Dangerfield, Vandenberg, Newnes, Hibberd, Bellchambers, T.Lynch, Salem, Melksham

  • Think I’ll just scrape through. My Ebert, Neale and Gray v his Clancee Pearce, Barlow, vandenBerg + 18 points. One stinker and the other team wins.

    Late out of Lumumba or Newnes would help: my Oxley v his Saad.

  • Do I get rid of Treloar/Parker for Heppell or Talia for Cutler???

  • Look at Robert Griffin coming up with excuses for why GWS suck. The eagles are terrible at the moment and they could only muster 33 points??!! Haha

  • 1443 with
    Ellis Yolmen

    Hoping to get 2000

  • Say you had BOTH Hodge and Lewis, and they are rubbed out for 2+ weeks. Should you be looking to do a sideways on both of them in the one trade week? (considering all other players are picked ect ect)… I have 300k in the bank, ranked 500th, but have a feeling my next move will determine overall ranking.

    Or, should you perhaps trade out the one who’s out for the longest for another premium, and bench the other player…

    • I’ve got both in the midfield so they’ll probably become Pendles & Heppell if both are out for 2+ weeks

  • If I knew Hogan was going to drift up the ground I would have fielded him.

  • So there’s this boxing thingy on now

    Firstrowsports FTW

  • May I ask who traded out neale this week aha?

    • was thinking the same thing myself, wondered how many traded him after the poor effort last week.

  • Hodge -> Pearce backline

    • this kills me, i started with pearce, upgraded him to hunt and now he dominates.. bad voodoo all round for me!

  • yes Salem lining

    • I thought you were one of the smart ones who played this game.
      He’s playing Melbourne and scoring a tonne. This is a one off, and if you do a stupid trade like that you’ll be screaming more than you normally would

  • Barlow on 52 at 1/2 time is encouraging. Might crack the elusive 2k this week!

    • And after saying that, he scores 2 points in the 3rd quarter, and then Salem is subbed off on 42.

  • Krakouer not sub yes !!!!

  • What happened to Jeru?

  • Krak survvies!

  • Third week in a row I’ve been set for 2000+ going into Sunday games, and third time in a row the Sunday Spuds strike and I don’t make it. FMDT

  • Ebert!

  • Griffin on Twitter: complaining about things being overused and only entertaining when used sparingly – definition of irony.

  • The sunday curse is the most consistent thing in my fantasy ! Major screw up taking a punt on Sloany for captain.

  • Anyone watching the power tell me why kraks not doing much?

  • Only needed Sloaney and Sauce to muster 147 between them to win my main league match. Surely not too much to ask!
    Why the F..k was Sloane subbed???

  • When are prices updated?