Fantasy Freako Rave – Round 4

freako_download_2015The round two edition of the Fantasy Freako Rave for the 2015 season is now ready for download thanks to our friends at Champion Data.

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  • For some reason fantasy freako doesn’t make it to the featured news when it’s released.
    It’s the best info all week as well!

  • I agree Fod. Love seeing all the break evens in one place not to mention the TOG.

    Thanks Freako, always appreciated

  • It is definitely a brilliant resource and we love it (hence why we post it here).

    The Freako’s Rave is easily found below the fold in other news when it is released and has it’s own permanent section just below the featured news as well.

    You should sign up to the email list so that you get it delivered to your inbox, so you don’t have to go to the effort of finding it on the site! ;)

    For the record, breakevens, TOG, etc can be found on DT Live as well!

  • Im personally very happy that it isnt broadcast up the top, less people to automatically see this brilliant resource.

    Its good because

    – You can quickly and time efficiently scan through team lists which are so clearly presented for standouts, more than once I have found a handy POD this way or players wouldn’t have thought of before. This is so good I dont bother with websites.Saves so much time.
    – Unique stats like TOG and PPM (I know other sources have them, but none as clearly and easily accessible IMO)
    – He always starts with a brilliant unique analysis to think of (Handy to know GWS is so defensive, I bet many will assume GWS give out big scores etc)
    – His little comments above each team are very to the point
    – His perspective is unique (i think this is the best bit) and sees things many others would miss.
    – The next 5 team graphics are so handy, instead of manually checking team fixtures online ( a pain) just have freako pdf open whislt trading and analysing your team.
    – Weekly, regular, comes to your doorstep, dont have to go out of yourway to get it.