The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 4

There were more important things than football on Saturday, as we commemorated the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli, and all those who have served at War. For a day, AFL and fantasy took a backseat. Unfortunately when we woke up on Sunday morning, the day’s results really sunk in and boy it wasn’t pretty.  This weekend the fantasy gods finally got me, and they made it count… It’s time for the weekend wash-up!


In the words (almost) of Scribe, how many dudes you know score like this? Not many, if any.

CRIPPS! (137) – This is BOOM worthy!  The kid is going to be a star, and he’s playing like one already. With Judd out of the team he had a field day against the Saints, just what we needed when most of our premiums couldn’t muster a whimper. Huge, definitely becomes a must have.

Heppell (138) – Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Realistically we shouldn’t have been able to go wrong with Barlow, but Heppell was the differential at the time when replacing Ablett/Rocky. Not any more, he is going to push his average up to 110 this season and there’s no reason he can’t take it further. He’s getting better and better! Let’s hope the tight tags are few and far between, I think that’s false hope though…

Stanton (130) – He loves playing against the Pies! Unless I own him, in which case he’d probably dump a 60 on me. Great for those who backed him in their Match day squads. Even better for those who took him late in their draft leagues, he would have been a steal! Well, some weeks he can be a steal…

Seedsman (128) – The seed man! I still haven’t figured out why Footy Rhino’s “The man of seed” has taken off so quickly, but regardless his last name is brilliant. Tick. He can rack up uncontested footy, massive tick! I may trade Taylor Hunt to him, let’s hope this bandwagon doesn’t lose it’s wheels after 2 weeks. At least I had him on the pre-season watchlist!

Adams (127) – Now this just annoys me. I had him in my team all pre-season, and backed him over Bont. After 2 ‘solid’ scores, his injury made him an easy trade to Bont. Since then Bont missed that week anyway, before Adams pumps out this monster. Happens every time…

Vandenberg (106) – Get him in your team, and get him on your ground. Simple. Performances like these are the real legends of the week! Just what we needed.

Lewis (130) – I’ve run out of superlatives and it’s only round 4! Consistent as always, only now he is consistently pumping out massive tons. If you don’t have him, wave goodbye to your season. Perma captain (for now).

Goldstein (130) – Forget the odd shocker he used to throw into the mix, Goldy is finally reaching his potential this season. He has a massive tank and gets the lone ruck role to himself week in week out (Just realised I have no idea how that saying actually makes sense… Moving on). He is pushing Jacobs for the number one fantasy ruckman throne. According to the people I’ve heard, Stefan Martin doesn’t even exist. (Honourable mentions in the legends column to Martin and Jacobs, the rucks are on fire!)

Shiel (135) – We can’t just have people going from loser to legend every week! From now on there will be a weeks immunity from being a loser if someone knocks up a big ton, and a weeks suspension from the legends if they have a shocker. Well done Dylan, you’ve just created your own rule! Seriously though, awesome pick.

Rischitelli (120) – Fair play! I didn’t think he could go any bigger than he had been but I was proven wrong. His role has changed drastically since Ablett has gone down, and I don’t think it’s sustainable. That’s irrelevant in this case, he will score well in the short term and make you money! Great pick.

Smith (151) – Draft owners rejoice! I remember picking Smith 2 years in a row waiting for his breakout, and it still hasn’t come. These games make it all worth it.

Dahlhaus (119) – Who’s house?! I’m kidding, that’s not a thing anymore and it never should’ve been. Thank god, because Luke Dahlhaus is definitely a player we will hear about in Fantasy circles for years to come! As an owner of Dahl last year I somewhat doubted his ability to keep his form up, I was wrong. I don’t have the stats, but he is definitely getting more midfield time under Beverage and he loves it! A top 6 forward, no shadow of a doubt. Great pick!

Boyd (113) – Get your trigger fingers ready, Boydy will be back in our teams come Round 6 DPP changes! What a hero. Pencil him down for a calf injury Round 7.


It wasn’t just the amount of spuds we had this weekend, it was the magnitude of their woefulness that made this round such a shocker (for some).

Neale (36) – I’d like to take this moment to remember that he scored 162 points last week. That is honestly the only thing preventing me from starting a man hunt. 36?!?! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING. I knew we couldn’t expect those whopping scores on a weekly basis, but he was still on the ball for the majority of the game. To play as poorly as he did you have to seriously try and avoid the ball, even then most players can get to 50. Thirty six… Devastating. To whoever I suggested to get Neale in, I whole heartedly apologise… Just take it out on Lachie, not me!

Oxley (36) – After his huge couple of weeks, we can forgive the Ox for this one. It wasn’t pretty, but he could’ve made it past 50 if it wasn’t for Bucks keeping Gault on the ground for reasons unknown. This just goes to show how important it is to get the rookies of our grounds ASAP, only problem is our premiums lack of ability is making that near on impossible.

Hunt (48) – Let’s note that he went down the race in Q1 with a knee problem, and it clearly hurt his score. That’s my excuse anyway, perhaps reality has set in. I’d love to take the 70 grand he has made me and run, but there’s bigger fish to fry. He at least made it to 48, better than some… The fact I’m accepting a 48 pretty much summarises 2015 in a nutshell.

Simpson (67) – I backed him in this season, but his role is less than pleasing from a Fantasy perspective. He doesn’t even want the ball when Carlton get it, where are the cheap marks Simmo?! I’m hoping he can pump out one of his special 140’s, but that looks less likely by the week. Unfortunately, 67 points is the least of my worries in defence.

Newnes (58) – By god he is frustrating. There’s no way he will make the step to premium status. Yes he can crack the ton, but he can also dish up scores like this. Not to mention the amount of times he butchers it. If he looks like an 85 average player, he probably is an 85 average player.

Barlow (44) – I said it last week, and I will say it again. WTF! He has always been one of the most reliable premiums, so when we needed a Rocky replacement who better! His 145 against Geelong was a thing of beauty, but it did come with warning signs. Fremantle’s midfield has become so good that Barlow is no longer required at centre bounces. While he continues to rack up the +6’s, his disposal and tackle count is well down. There’s nothing more I can say, Mr Dream Team isn’t a viable option at the moment. I am looking at trading him this week. Having just said that, you should probably hold now.

Honeychurch (24) – When it’s not going your way, bad things happen. He’s looked brilliant all season, but Honeychurch was always a chance of getting the green vest. That doesn’t mean it hurts any less, now there’s doubt in our minds come next week. Do we continue to back him in? Even then, 24 as the fresh man in a winning side during the final 40 minutes Headaches everywhere…

Sloane (59) – Can we just all be allowed to pick a safe premium?! This was his lowest score since Round 3 2012 (Rory has played 44 games since then) after starting the season with three tons. It’s hard to know where to look when making your trades these days, this just rubs salt into the gaping wounds.

Lumumba (51) – Welcome back Heritier, we didn’t miss you. Surely this is the last week I have to consider him relevant! Moving on…

Whitfield (50) – When you rely on uncontested ball, this can happen. He won’t pick up his consistency for a year or two, I’d avoid him for now. Future fantasy superstar…

Malceski (44) – So, who picked Malceski? Didn’t think anyone would answer yes, even if you did the embarrassment would be too much to make public. Not really sure what to say, move him on and don’t look back.

Martin (31) – Sometimes, life sucks. This is one of those times. Put the lighters away Martin owners, there are other reasons to live (Like Game of Thrones). I must admit, there’s not much else that could give you faith after trading Jack in. Just know it wasn’t your fault. Remember the drill guys, not too much love (but just enough). Most importantly DO NOT enter their personal space, just look what Clarko did after a tough league loss. Don’t let yourself be that Port fan…

Roughead (41) – Hopefully you played that bloke with Roughead this week, you’ve got away with it!

Heeney (17) – My RDT was the shining light for me leading into Saturday night, but Heeney made sure the joy wouldn’t last long. I’m guessing not many had him in Fantasy, if you did just remember that Cersei’s reign is almost up. What a time to be alive!

Rockliff (66) – I didn’t actually see this game, can someone fill me in. Did Rocky play forward? Either way, I’m drooling everywhere… He is going to be a bloody bargain!

Johnson (49) – Speaking of bargains, if Johnson can recover from whatever is bothering him then he could be the best of all time. He remains one of the most powerful scoring Fantasy midfielders, and is now under $500k and plummeting. Winter is coming. That was irrelevant and just begging GOT, I apologise. It’s all I can think about on Sunday night!

Walker (43) – Westhoff V 2.0. If your name isn’t Buddy Franklin and you’re a key forward, you’re not fantasy relevant in my view. That’s the end of that argument.

The Mark Stevens

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It was only a matter of time before the video review system came under scrutiny. Again. I hope I haven’t seen this one wrong (forgive me if I have) but at a crucial stage of Saturday night’s game between Freo and Sydney, there was a review to see if the ball had hit the post or not. In my opinion, the ball came of Michael Johnson’s leg and back into play for Tippet to score a goal. After just one look at the vision, the ‘reviewer’ (what do we call them in AFL?) confirmed the behind. I’d like another look at the vision in slow motion, but I guess that won’t be possible now. There was a few other calls this weekend labelled ‘inconclusive’. That should not be a thing! We will never know if the right calls have been made or not, but if it was incorrect it’s a howler of the highest order and that is exactly what we’re trying to wipe out with this half arsed system. Spend the money on it or toss it!



Even though it was another horror week for most, there are some blokes out there actually putting in some effort. Here are this weeks nominations…

Goldstein – If you were gutsy enough to back in Goldy in Round 1, massive kudos. Get him the stubby! Well deserving of your votes.

Lewis – OINK. When our teams were a rabble and needed a hero, Lewis stepped up yet again. His rise to piggery has been enormous, worthy of a vote for saving my  (and many others) bacon.

Cripps – Wowzer. I backed Cripps on the ground last week, if only he pumped this out against Essendon! He was the third highest scorer this round, I need to say no more. Must win the stubby.

Heppell – One player who showed true ANZAC spirit is Hepp. He was everywhere on Saturday in a losing cause, what a pick!

Smith – One for the draft purists. Isaac Smith had a field day, his 150 would have decided a huge amount of match-ups. The only 150 of the round!

This Game Sh*ts me

I just… I can’t… I won’t… *breaks down*

I can’t really remember such popular players dishing up such woeful scores. We try to convince ourselves as much as possible that everyone is suffering the same fate, but that doesn’t make things any easier. The fact is when players like Barlow and Neale dish up 80 between them, your Round is over before it’s even started. Forget the good work of your other 20 players (or in my case, I could scrape 10) scores like that are completely devastating. Injuries are one thing, but when the players you backed in let you down it’s almost personal! Those who suffered will now spend weeks trying to patch up the mess created by so few, and that’s why this game sh*ts me.

The Other Bits and Pieces

*Know your walls*

So… Didn’t score many this week. My defence was lucky to average 50. I had more players score 48 or under than I did score a ton, yeah that happened. I’d happily leave it at that to be honest. Fine, 1833. Not much happened in 1833. All I know is that not only was there wars, the year started on a Tuesday. Need I say anymore? I think this week is one where we just have to grit it out and back our players to come good. If role is the issue, then make those players a priority to dump! I’d say let’s hope for a better week in Round 5, but if it’s worse whatever I say here would be irrelevant anyway. I’d be boarding a flight to Mexico.

If you enjoy seeing me rage and want a punching bag when sh*t goes tits up, follow me on twitter@MattCraigDT. My views are honest, possibly helpful and occasionally entertaining! Hit me up with your weekly Golden Stubby nominations, and mainly what gave you the sh*ts! I value everyone’s opinion.


  • 1. Good read matt.
    2. That Mark Steven’s picture still makes me laugh every time i see it.
    3. Was at the game and rocky sat forward for a large proportion of the game, definitely started there. He did have a few stints in the midfield and also ran the field to take kick outs to himself in true rocky form.

    • Cheers mate, good to hear it wasn’t completely Rocky’s fault!

      The pic captures the mood perfectly haha

  • I managed to grab a reasonable 1956 on he weekend.
    Trades are Lumumba -> Talia (WB), which allows me to bring in Lonie as a Forward Bench cover.
    Most disappointing player was Tex, but after going 4 rounds with NO BENCH on the FWD line, therefore copping a donut from Bont last week, I had to bite the bullet.

  • I’ve got bugger all cash, mate.
    The above trade only leaves me with 18K breathing space as it is.

    • Could be better options than talia too eg. whitecross is cheaper. Just depends on who you already have in terms of rookies/cheaps. Robbie Tarrant another player cheaper than lonie and likely to hold his spot for a while after some good games.

  • Good read, Matt. To let you know how my season is going I have in my team only 2 from your Legends list but 6 from your Losers list, including Sloane as captain and Lachie Neale who I have already traded out once this season!!!!!! Last year I finished 161st over all. This year I think they are going to boot me off the site.

  • Great read mate, always good to see everyone else struggling as much each other, I scored 1951 which I’d probably around par for the week

    I’m also considering the lumumba to Talia trade as a cash grab and if thinks don’t go to astray this week will offload barlow, he seems to be playing forward way too much! Will probs grab coniglio and make him a stepping stone to a fallen Rockwiz in a few weeks

    • Thanks mate. I haven’t watched Talia closely enough, is he a lock down defender? If so surely his scores have been a bit flukey. I’m looking at Robbie Tarrant, loves to come off his man and rack up the +6’s Gibbo style, plus will gain FWD/DEF DPP next week.

  • I’ve held off on Lewis for too long…

    I’m a fool.. He’s in, and he’s staying

  • So if they persist with rocky playing fwd untill he is back firing could we see him dpp imagine that!

    • I doubt it. He will have 2.5 games under his belt, only 2 of those would be in this heavy rotation. Difficult for Champion Data to make the call based on the resulting stats. Additionally they would assume he is there cause he is injured, not cause he actually plays there.

      • agree with you here

        if Rocky gets forward, then maybe Lewis does as well (considering he spends a bit of time outside the forward 50 with hawks being dominant)??
        what a coup that will be!

        remember that last year was pretty-much DT irrelevant players getting DPP, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up (my guesses are Boyd def/mid, Gunston def/fwd and Bruce def/fwd)

  • Cheers again Matt.
    Taylor Adams to Bont as well. FMDT

    Callan Ward 126 not worthy of legend? Saved my ass!

  • Goldstein, Martin or Jacobs. Money is not an issue

  • I would happily take your 1833! I scored my lowest ever 1677 with a decent side. F*****g Neale.

    • I ended up with 1742, after pumping out a 2022 week before. AAAARGH. FMDT. I dropped down from 7400 to 16000. Yeesh.

      I reckon Ross Lyon is sneakily rotating his mids week in week out to have less time on the ball, while still being on the field. …

  • Michael Talia has gone 72, 40, 90, 101.

    Surely these numbers from a young key defender warrant a mention?

  • NVB, newnes, simpson, hunt, saad, rich, beams.
    Someone help me with trades please.
    Have 112k to help.
    Great read matt, best article every week.

  • What are everyones thoughts on Duryea??

  • Keeping barlow but trading stevie J… Who should i get heppel or fyfe?

    • Definitely Heppell. Vince will have Fyfe swinging at him by quarter time next weekend.

  • Great Read!!

    My trades this week is to free up cash

    Newton- Clem Smith(Bench)
    VB- Krakouer(Bench, or swap with clarke)

    Cash: $356K

    Will use the cash for next week to uprgrade defence


  • for Rocky, he missed out on contests (unsurpising given his lung/rib condition) and even rested at the goal-square for those boundary throw-ins near the posts (you know, the kind that go to about 20 out)

    and nice of you to break your own rule so soon after creating it (for Neale, who made the legends last week with his 162) – short lived that one ;)

    • Ah hehe. I’d actually written Neale’s paragraph (On Saturday) before I had created the Shiel rule. Formally in place now. (I reckon a 36 deserves it anyway)

  • Anyone know Rischitelli’s BE???

  • Freaking horrible round for me and I have so many issues it’s not funny.
    Got $191,000 in the bank but who do I trade?
    Still got KK and Lumumba in defence.
    Barlow is spudding up my mids with Van Berlo and Wallis is sitting on the bench injured.
    Anyone know how bad Jack Martins ankle injury is?
    Thoughts at the moment are KK to Seedsman and Van Berlo to Adams
    Barlow and Van Berlo to Sheil and Riski?

    • not serious but he’s in doubt for the Q clash this week. looks like tarrant likely to get DEF status, so i’m bringing him in this week for Martin and will move one of the backs like KK next week or 2 #KKlivesagain
      Re Barlow, it’s a tough one but he’s already lost decent cash and his BE 158 this week. If Weller is out for saints (tagger) then Heppell seems the logical switch if you don’t already have him

  • Rory Sloane copped a very heavy knock to his head in the first quarter. It was obvious throughout the game he wasn’t right after that. Probably should have been subbed out IMO.

    • Giving him too much credit there. That knock happened about 20 minutes into the game and he was on -1. Yep, negative after 20 minutes (that -2 looked great against my captain). He wasn’t even tagged, but was running well wide of Macrae. Macrae was getting the ball – Sloane was standing back hoping someone else would give it too him, but no-one was. Danger was the only crow who could hold his head up in that first quarter.

      Adelaide may have learnt something about believing their own hype and underestimating an opponent.

  • Pretty poor week with 1830. Oh well, we move on. Still think my team is ok and all rookies still have a bit of cash to make.

    Team is:

    Backs: Newnes, Lumumba, Hunt, Sad, Oxley, Talia, Kelly, Mcintosh
    Mids: Lewis, Beams, Pendles, Fyfe, Parker, Rich, Cripps, CEY, Newton, Heeney
    Rucks: Smith, Goldy, Anonymous Henchmen
    Fwds: Dusty, Swan, Buddy, Bontempelli, Salem, Hogan, Clarke, Honeychurch.

    Assuming no surprises at selection (big assumption) I was thinking Heeney > Krakouer and Honeychurch > Tarrant.

    Leaves me with $260k to updgrade next week when I will look at either Heppell, Hodge or Boyd if he gets DPP status as a defender.

    Thoughts? Anything obvious that I could be doing this week that I’m missing?

  • Team:

    Backs: B.Smith, Hibberd, Newnes, Ibbotson, Mackyntosh, Oxley (Brown, Smedts)

    Mids: Lewis, Sloane, Treloar, Parker, Rich, Van Berlo, Ellis Yolmen, Cripps (Saad, Newton)

    Ruck: Grundy, Bellchambers

    Forward: Swan, Gray, Dahlhaus, Martin, Bontempelli, Clark (Cox, McCarthy)

    Thoughts on trades

    Smedts to Ciaran Byrne
    Van Berlo to Taylor Adams
    Smedts to Ciaran Byrne
    and Parker to Heppel

    After Smedts out have 130k in the bank

    • I’d hold off on Smedts. I’m tipping he’s back in this week and he has a BE of only 17. Whereas Byrne didn’t play last week and is a long way from certain of breaking into a winning team. I hope I’m right about Smedts as I’m hoping to bring him in for Lumumba. I’d prefer Tarrant but he’s a fwd only.

  • Great read again Matt, you know it’s not your week when you’ve got the first 7 losers in your team… oh well lets hope for better next week!

  • Thought o would free up some cash this week so brought in heeney for griffin (still probably going to work out for the better)
    And then traded Goodes to Hunt in the backline….
    Nearly jumped in the ocean after seeing their combined total of 65.
    1800 would have been a huge improvement on my godawful score.

  • Also cheers matt. Great read week in week out

  • Hi great write up I saw that behind and watched it a few times and believe it hit the padding of the post, you must have two wyes one red and one white. What I did see a lot of in that game was Swans players chipping ball about 10 metres at MOST and being awarded a mark, this seems to follow them they must trick the umpires somehow, but has always been the case they seem to get away with t?? wtf???

  • Hibberd or Everitt?

  • Is Seedsman a good option for Lumumba?

    • No. look elsewhere

    • In hindsight it is… Harry O to WhiteX for me this week, tho all 6 of my on-field defenders have shat me off this season and could have been chopped. Hodge + 5 muppets might be is as good as you’ll be able to do till Boyd gets DPP.

  • Pretty dirty on myself for not trading in Dahlhaus and Swan as I suggested and went with Neale and swan instead…

    MY question is this…

    Do I move swan into the mids, piss Neale off immediately and pick up Dahl? Or just go sideways with Neale… I don’t want to keep him.. shattered I brought him in to be honest!

    Cheers lads

  • To dim sim – ANYONE is a good swap for Lubumba. Watched game he just ran around looking for cheap disposals and still scored shit he has only lost 21k thus far get out while u can I did

  • To oz lotto Neale musta been given a role note still has an avg 88 and only lost 3k not sure what b/e is but expect him to bounce back to at least a 90

  • For anyone thinking of getting in Dumont for a cash grab

  • Anyone else salivating at the prospect of rounding out their mids with Rockliff, Ablett, Barlow and Stevie J all at about 100-150K less than their starting prices?

  • Do i go 1. stevie j to heppel and lambert to tarrant

    2. Stevie j to heppel, goodes to whitecross or

    3. Lambert to tarrant, goodes to whitecross

    Thoughts guys?

  • is WhiteX a good downgrade from lumumba?

  • I’ve had Whitfield from the get go & whilst it hasn’t been an amazing pick, his 90.5 average is still not an outrage for a $450K player. The main downer about him I think as in any of these types of picks, is that he’s not top 10, so he is a guaranteed (required)trade to get into a barlow/sloane/ablett 105++ type. We still only have a finite amount of trades.