Sunshine makes me happy – Ep. 37

Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss the Anzac Round of Fantasy footy including making the right calls for benching players, captain options and they answer your tweets.

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This year the podcast is a live radio show, broadcast from 6pm in Launceston on 103.7FM, City Park Radio. You can stream it on the website at or by searching for City Park Radio in the Tune In app. If you’re keen to hear more from the boys, they host the Drive show from 5pm.


  • Seedsman to average 70? thats a big call, I’m expecting 85.

  • Great show again guys.

  • I’m thinking of trading Anderson to Krakouer and Rich to Boyd but the only problem is I’d only have 37k remaining

    • how is having 37k in your bank after 2 trades a problem? Remember rookies are starting to ripen / have a bad game that will halt their progress and invite a trade to a better prospect (like Krakouer the last couple weeks). You’ll have plenty of cash when you start to kill off those cows.

  • Do i go 1. stevie j to heppel and lambert to tarrant

    2. Stevie j to heppel, goodes to whitecross or

    3. Lambert to tarrant, goodes to whitecross

    Thoughts guys?

  • Would whitecross for lumumba be a good trade and have money in the bank or should i go lumumba up to a smith or hibberd?

  • get Whitecross he can peak at 400kish, lots of money to be made in a solid team where he knows his role and is respected. Only concern of mine is with Hawthorn’s defensive resuffle with Lake going down, what role will he play. Worth the risk imo.

  • Lumumba to Talia (WB)
    Which allows me to bring in Tarrant as a FWD Bench cover.