The Friday Scramble: Round 4

FridayScrambleUmm.. ok, so who upset the Fantasy Gods this week?  This game is supposed to be simple at this time of year, get the right rookies, watch them appreciate and then cash them in and upgrade your other players.  We aren’t supposed to be using trades on this many injuries at this time of the year!  Well, there is no use us whinging about it, we just need to get in, get dirty and fix up our teams.  Hopefully I can give you a few hints on what to do with your sides this week.  So let’s jump in and start looking at the big issues.

Bartel Me What To Do 

Wow, that wasn’t good seeing Jimmy Bartel go down in the first quarter on Sunday.  The bigger issue for AFL Fantasy coaches is the fact that he scored only 8 points which caused him to drop nearly $50k.  Thankfully for those that have him in RDT and SC he hasn’t changed in price due to missing round 2.

Obviously the player you go to will be highly impacted the players you have already.  In RDT you can get pretty much anyone you want as he is currently the highest priced forward, my recommendations would be Swan (but you already have him right?), GrayMartin. After that I would certainly look at Buddy, he hasn’t had a massive start to the season on the field but is averaging 99.  Zorko would be a bit of a unique in your side, he has Mid eligibility and is averaging 90 currently, but that will be interesting to see how he goes when Rocky comes back.  The other option you have to make a bit of cash is to go down to The Bont and this would make you about $170k to use elsewhere.

In AFL Fantasy his price dropped to $511k.  Options around that price would include Goddard (+8k) Dusty (+11k), Buddy (+16k), Zorko (-18k). Or once again you could go all the way down to The Bont which woule see you gain 64k in cash.

So there are a few options there.  With Buddy just beware that he plays Freo in Perth this week and may not go huge for you.  And also consider the impact that Zorko gets from the return of Rocky.  Obviously I am assuming you all have Swan and if you were one of the ones that traded out Dusty after round one, perhaps this is the chance to get him back in.

I’m out of Wines!

After playing every game since his debut Ollie Wines now misses his first ever game. He will be out for at least 4 weeks so he must be traded.  The difference with Ollie over Bartel is that he went down in the last quarter so he had scored 80 DT points already and only dropped by $1k in AFL Fantasy.  As for players to trade him for, once again with unlimited cash, go for whoever, but those around his price that interest me would be …

In RDT Goddard (+200), Boak (-12,400), Dangerfield (-12,900), Gray (+8,800), Stanton (+11,500) and Hannebery (+13,200).

In AFL Fantasy Swan (-2k), Beams (-4k), Gray (-1k), Parker (+1k) or Fyfe (+24k)

With both of these guys there are plenty of options. These are just a few of the popular ones.

Rookie Watch

I won’t go into too much detail here as I am sure that you are all religiously reading Jeppa’s Juniors.

The updates from team news is that of course Ciaran Byrne  is out for 2-3 with a Hammy injury now. Hopefully you didn’t pull the trigger and get him in last week.  Blaine Boekhorst has been named for his first game for the blues.  He isn’t quite a rookie, but Patrick Karnezis has also been dropped.  Andrew Phillips has also been dropped from the Giants.

From Saturday night’s game, both Jed Anderson and Brendon Ah Chee  have been omitted.  On Sunday we see Matt Crouch  come in for Adelaide (he absolutely smashed it in the SANFL last week with 28 touches, 4 marks and 3 tackles) and we also see Brett Goodes hold his spot for now in the squad.  Check tomorrow afternoon to see if he makes the cut.

Selection News

Possibly the biggest news at the selection table is the return of ROCKY!  Just two weeks after we were told he would be out for at least a month.  If you traded him out or don’t have him I wouldn’t be too stressed at the moment.  His BE in all forms of the game is massive.  Now whilst we know he can go massive I am not expecting this to happen in his first week back.  What we should see over the coming weeks is that he will drop in price to the point that he should be fairly affordable.  His low Round 1 score will be in his pricing in SC and RDT for at least another two weeks.

Other selection news saw Leuenberger recalled.  So if you held him you are ok, but this will also have a small impact on Stefan Martin but he has scored very well with Berger in the team before so don’t be too worried.  The other main change was that Cornes comes back in and will surely go to one of either Lewis or Hodge.

New Functionality in RDT and SC

You may have noticed little coloured notes popping up next to your players in RDT and SC.  If you click on them you will not only go straight to the profile stats for the player you will also see the latest player notes for that player.  As news breaks about them that is where it will be reported, there will also be any other pertinent information about them.

Things To Remember

  • Rookies will be in and out. In the limited trade games don’t go jumping on and off each week.
  • Don’t expect a 150 from Rocky first week back….  130 is more realistic!  But seriously, don’t expect too much.
  • Friday Social Media is critical.  Last week it was a hot topic on the Friday that The Bont would be a late out.  Low and behold he was a late out.  However, having said that, check the sources of the rumours.  Of course DT Talk and all the writers will tweet whatever we hear if we believe it is credible.

So far we have had to do so many trades due to injuries, I don’t recall a start of a season like it.  But don’t worry, you aren’t the only one.  There are a heap of other fantasy coaches that are in exactly the same boat that you have been in, so just grab a bucket and start bailing out the water like the rest of us!  There has been talk also of culling rookies early as they have gone up a fair bit after just a couple of weeks.  I will advise against this strongly! Firstly, Jeppa will tell us when we should look to trade them out, but really just keep an eye on the BE’s and when they are within about 15-20 points of the players average, it is time for them to go.

Lastly I just want to jump away from DT for a second and recommend to all of you that if you are able to, get yourself along to Dawn Service in your local area tomorrow morning for the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day.  It may be cold and in some places wet, but it will be something that you will look back on and be glad you went.

Lest We Forget


  • trade out geary or igbo first?

    • meant ibbo

    • tough call, good on ya for giving Geary a shot, I was so close to picking him based on his NAB Challenge stats and he did well in Rnd 1.

      I’d keep Ibbo, his score trend is at least going up, while Geary’s is going down. Both have achievable BE’s and decent JS. Good luck with whatever call you make!

  • Whitfield, Coniglio or Telly?!?! help

  • Decided to trade Bartel and Gray.
    Do I go a straight swap to Buddy and Dahlhaus which leaves me with basically no money for next week, or do I go Buddy/Dahl and J.Martin, which leaves me $191,000 to fix up my KK/Wallis issues?

    • I’ve been scratching my head all week over the possibility of picking Jack Martin based on his numbers against Geelong, but I am not sold on the fact that he’ll be a regular scorer throughout the season… He may be, and GCS fixtures for the next 6 or so rounds are favourable to his success but he just seems so fragile still.

      Personally, i’d go for Buddy and Dahl and downgrade Wallis to a rookie next week to improve KK. You’re keeping KK this round so at least Wallis isn’t going to drop in value.

  • field 3:Honey/salem/clark/mcarthy. field 3:vandanbeg/newton/cripps/Yolmen. Thoughts and reasoning of decision please:)

    • Leave Honeychurch off. Last two weeks dogs 4th interchange player has been the sub, Honeychurch sits there now. Not saying he’ll get it, but enough of a risk for me. Others should be safe.

      Cripps and Yolman, toss a coin for Newton and VandenBerg (unless one of them gets the vest). I’d lean slightly towards Newman based on a slightly higher average despite the concussion test taking 20 mins out of his game in Rd 2.

  • Bartel -> Swan

    KK -> Simpson

    190k in bank

  • This is my scramble for the week – advice would be warmly welcomed.

    I have $422k to purchase a Fwd. Who would you pick between:

    1. Taylor Adams
    (Adams has a good run of fixtures ahead mostly at the G.)

    2. Jake Melksham
    (Melksham has averaged a nice 93pts over the last 3rnds but is a risk of a tagging role…)

    3. Jack Martin
    (Martin has shown improvements over the last three and is cheaper with a lower BE. But I feel most likely to have the most low score games than the above two.)

    If I’m picking a player with a long term approach I find myself leaning toward Adams.

    But am very keen to hear your thoughts. 1, 2 or 3.

    • I’d go 3.. looking at adams stats over previous years he seems the most consistent out of the three of them!

      • Yeah, Adams seems to stand out for taking his game to the next level, filling the void left by Beams at the Pies and all…

        Just seems a week too soon to make a call on Jack Martin, but it’s GWS that he’s playing next and a ton against them doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to average north of 85pts each week, at least it’s an away match against GWS to add to measure.

  • Y’all missed the boat on Jack Martin. Premo or Krakouer instead.

  • Who to start:

    Saad or Sutcliffe;

    Newton or Vandenberg;

    Salem or Hogan?

    Leaning towards Saad, Newton & Salem, what are your thoughts?

    • Personally I’d go Saad, Vandenberg and Hogan – but damn who knows, picking your starting rooks this year is like playing blackjack!

  • Went Bartel > Bont so i could afford Wines > Sloane (Was going to get Sloane last week before Luenberger went out…)
    Forward line looking pretty weak with Gray going out now, hopefully the three rookies i now have to field can step up

    • You’re not alone there mate, I ended up picking Barlow over Sloane (against all advice on this website) and paid the price. I blame the late news of Leuey not playing for throwing me out…

  • Who should I start?
    Def: Saad, Goodes or Oxley
    Mid: Vandenberg, Newton, Cripps, CEY
    Fwd: Salem, McCarthy, Clark, Hogan

    Also these are my trades this week Bartel-> J.Martin and Wallis-> S.Motlop
    What do you think?

  • Field krakouer or Honeychurch?

  • Trade KK or Gray?

  • Why was Minson omitted?

  • Trade Wallis for – Neale, Rischitelli, A. Swallow or Whitfield?

  • Had a whole week to mull it over and still undecided! haha – looking to start 3 FWD rooks – my choices are Hogan, Honeychurch and Clark – should I start Salem or McCarthy over any of these guys or just leave it be?

    • I’d start Salem over Honeychurch as he should hopefully rack it up tonight and Honey may be a bit saw from the Hodge hit.

  • Who to start – Newton or Vandenberg?

  • keep Zieble ??? or trade to bont ?

    also what is everone doing with gray holding ??