Round 4 Lockout Chat

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game went great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.

It’s very simple and easy to play.

Join one of the many leagues/groups on offer with varying entry fees – we have a few DT Talk ones including our 200 person MEGA SATURDAY comp for $5 and 100 person SUNDAY FUNDAY for $10 – and then pick your team of nine players (2 FWD, 1 RUC, 4 MID, 2 BAC). Real cash prizes will be distributed to the highest ranking teams using Moneyball’s unique points scoring system.

Keep it pretty simple. Look for value. Prices will change after round four so think about some of the cheaper guys who did well last week. Sort by last week’s scores when selecting your team to get a feel for who scored well below their asking price last round.

We have set up a Moneyball Facebook group that we hope to build over the next few weeks. Join it by clicking here.

Click here to sign up and see what all of the fuss is about. 18+ only and please gamble responsibly.

ROUND 4 CONTESTS: Massive news. We have a 200 person contest for MEGA SATURDAY. $5 entry, top 30 get paid out. On SUNDAY FUNDAY there is a $10 comp with 100 places. Get involved by clicking here.



  • My second best performer has been C.McCarthy… with 14 played.

    • Yeah he is my 3rd with 13 played, how bad has the this 4 weeks of fantasy been? I know its a game and competition everyone is on a level field but regular punters like my self just enjoy playing against mates teams not going for ranking etc its enough to make you just delete team and enjoy watching footy for the rest of the season.

      Do you think with the way the game is played today injuries are on the rise, AFL I have no doubt are going to scrap the sub rule which would mean this week guys like oxley, whitfield, polec who were subbed without injury would of continued rotating which is good news for fantasy, but how about injury effected players like heeney, martin, lake should there be an OPTION to allow us to use our own interchange players if for example they have not completed 60% time on ground???


      • Should be if they dont play more then 21% game time

        • Yep fair enough, but the rules should be changed, right? To keep regular punters involved or your going to just end up with “ghost ship” teams everywhere.

      • I think that if a player gets the red vest then you get the highest score between him and the emergency you have covering him

  • My defense combined for 290 points this week.
    Midfield (Lewis(c), Heppell, JPK, Ward and Cripps) saved me, still on track for 2000 if Beams, Bont, CEY, H’Church and Clark can score as expected. Hate seeing VandenBerg and McCarthy’s scores on the pine.

  • Happy with 1546 – Thurlow, Beams, Rich, CEY, Clark & Bont to come.
    Mids have been good, Lewis(c) 260, Shiel 135, Stanton 130, Cripps 137 & Mundy 97 + Maric 105.
    Def same as everyone else. Vandenburg & McCarthy on bench.

  • As a Freo supporter and someone who traded Neale in this week, I can honestly say they are not playing “fantasy” friendly footy, pretty much I would avoid everyone in purple. They are playing manic pressure footy, guys are rotating around the ground and continually changing roles not week by week but minute by minute, great to watch and grabbing the 4 points but shithouse for fantasy…..( dreaming of what could have been rischitelli ) RIP my fantasy team

    • Definitely has me worried about Barlow. Isn’t playing his usual inside role as much and with Freo’s new style of quick ball movement, he isn’t the sort of player they are looking for on the outside

    • I dunno, Fyfe has been alright for me. haven’t touched any other docker this year

  • What’s the go with barlow? 55 and a 44, trust me to bring him in and get 55/44, is he worth trading?

    • Guys like Neale, Pearce and Suban have spent more time around the stoppages at his expense. Playing more of a wing/half-fwd which may be due to his injury-interrupted pre-season. Playing a very uncontested style so is still a chance of dominating against weaker sides but not getting the tackles and high possession numbers

  • SJ as sub, wow!!!!!

  • Went with Barlow because he was the safest option out of the 3 I was looking at. Pretty safe for 50 odd!

  • Steve Johnson as sub, FMDT
    I was on track for 2100, biggest fkn burden – He’s gone. I’m done!

  • Wow what a crud round, my only tons with 4 left to play are Lewis (c thank god) Cripps and Vandenberg

    • I was blessed with Lewis (C), Cripps, Vandenberg, Ward, Gibson and Adams
      But cursed with a shit backline and STEVE JOHNSON

    • Me too, but even worse is that cripps and vandenberg are on my bench.

  • 1757 with Zorko 1/4, Honeychurch and CEY to go.

  • Honeychurch sub. Gawd.

  • Lewis, Heppel (c), Cripps, Shiel, Stefan, McCarthy on field. Finally getting a break this week.

    1844 with 3/4 Clark and Talia to go

  • Keep Parker or Beams?

  • Clark is GOATing it

    • lol might have spoken too soon, gone backwards 6 points pretty quickly since half time:)

  • once again Geelong conspiring to keep me from 2000…

    Bartel (unfortunate), now Kelly being a spud

  • someone tell me what the hell’s going on with Sloane being on -1?

  • I was at the freo/Sydney game and it looked like both Barlow and Parker were playing more half fed than mid, especially Barlow. Should I trade any of them and who to. Already got Lewis beams Fyfe Barlow and parker

  • What a shit weekend of footy, almost every game was so wet and slippery. Not even one of my players played like they would usually do except for Hibberd, trusty Lewis and hats off to Cripps. all my other promes scored max 80-90 or lower. I had McCarthy and VBerg on the bench and played Honeychurch who started sub :’) lmao what a joke. Only had 3 scores above 100 and everyone else has done nothing. Steven, Motlop, Ebert, Swan all had a first quarter above 30 points and didn’t even come near cracking the ton. Not to mention Taylor Hunt who is a very high chance to be dropped next week did nothing all night. such a dissapointment

  • 2047 with a qtr from CEY and Bont left. 2100 would be massive. Happy to have played McCarthy and Clark instead of Honeychurch. Although I had Vandengerg and Tahlia on the bench who looks like being my highest scoring defender

    • Faaaaaaar that’s a good as score considering how shit this week has been

  • Can’t believe the scores Talia is pumping out now.

    • Very annoyed in a week where defenders have struggled he’s on my bench

    • Without any tackles aswell far out

    • He’s been the shining light in my dismal season. Had him on field for his 101.

      Bit concerned about the rain tomorrow but he’s earnt a ground spot regardless.