My Team 2015 – Round 4

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Round 3 price movers thanks to DT Live.

Round 3 price movers thanks to DT Live.


We had heaps of DT Talk community members play the all new daily fantasy game, Moneyball last weekend. It’s the Aussie version of the extremely popular Fan Duel, Draft Kings and Rotowire sites.

Moneyball has it’s own unique scoring as outlined here.

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ROUND 4 CONTESTS: Massive news. We have a 200 person contest for MEGA SATURDAY. $5 entry, top 30 get paid out. On SUNDAY FUNDAY there is a $10 comp with 100 places. Get involved by clicking here.




    Robbie Gray is out with a calf injury.

    My forward line

    Swan, Motlop, Dahlhaus, The Bont, Salem – Now who do I replace Gray with

    Schniderman or Martin

    Schnider man has BE of 21 and is averaging 109

    Martin got 110 last week and is a lot cheaper and has a BE of 9.

    Martin is a risk, though as he’s only had 1 100+ game.

  • Trading out Bartel for a mid (moving Krakouer to FWD bench)
    1. Watson (23k in bank)
    2. Steven (82k in bank)
    3. Coniglio (135k in bank)

  • I am so stuck…
    Should i get out Gibson or Lumumba, if i get out lumumba i can only afford someone like Rischitelli for Bartel, but if i trade Gibson i can get dahl or buddy.
    :c plx help

  • Been away since last friday so am a little lost at what to do with my team:

    Def: Hibberd, Newnes, Higgins, KK, McIntosh, Oxley (Saad, Byrne)
    Mid: Lewis, Ebert, Fyfe, Parker, Swan, Rich, CEY, Cripps (Newton, Vandenberg)
    Ruc: Goldy, Bellchambers (Griffin, Downie)
    Fwd: Gray, Dahlhaus, Dusty, Bennell, Honeychurch, Salem (Clark, McCarthy)
    Can go KK>Hunt & Gray>Sloane/Heppell (via Swan) but it will leave me with little $$$

  • Currently have Bartel, Gray, Wallis and KK stuck in my team.
    My thoughts are to trade Bartel (longest injury) and KK as he is bleeding cash. This leaves me with wallis and gray on the bench with sufficient bench cover (feilding vberg and mccarthy)
    With the cash i have i can afford bont and pittard (getting a primo def would mean having to get j.martin over bont).
    I have thought this over and it seems the best move but would like another opinion on the matter. Cheers

    • If you think Bont and Pittard will outscore Martin and Simpson/James Kelly then it is a good move.

    • Personally Go Bont and Pittard (Is Hunt an option?). At worst Pittard will average 75 til the byes but still make you some good cash. Bench gray this week he should be back next week. Defensive options are so eradicate and by the time you upgrade Pittard there will be some standout top 6 defenders

  • team after trades is:

    lumumba, newnes, geary, KK, mcintosh, saad (goodes, brown)
    lewis, jwood, parker, sloane, danger, NVB, yolmen, cripps (newton, van’berg)
    jacobs, belly (griffe, holmes)
    dusty, swan, gray, adams, clark, salem (lambert, saad)

    KK and geary live another round due to wine and bartel injuries.
    my trades i did were:
    wine – sloane
    bartel – swan

    • Best of a bad situation really, good options though.

    • Vanberg should score better then KK this week bench Wines and get in a defender in Trade out wines next week

    • just found out gray is out.

      how long do we think he will be out for?

      should we hold him?

    • should i:
      wines – swan
      bartel – motlop

      then move gray into mids via swan dpp and put either newton or van’berg on field?

  • Is Steven worth trading in? Is he a potential top10 mid?

  • Gray – Sloane via Dpp (Lambert to FWD bench)

    Wines – Whitfield

    Results in fielding Clark, Honeychurch and Salem in FWD


    Wines – Bont

    Lambert – Cripps

    Results in decent cash generation however, Gray would move to bench and same as above would be on ground on FWD for this week

  • after hearing gray is out had to reverse trades. NEW TRADES BELOW.

    lumumba, newnes, geary, KK, mcintosh, saad (goodes, brown)
    lewis, jwood, parker, danger, NVB, yolmen, cripps, van’berg (newton, gray*)
    jacobs, belly (griffe, holmes)
    dusty, swan*, motlop*, adams, clark, salem (lambert, saad)

    my trades i did were:
    wine – swan
    bartel – motlop

    i then put gray in mids with swan DPP and then benched gray and put van’berg on field.

  • D: Newnes, Lumumba, Oxley, McIntosh, Talia, Saad (KK (E), Goodes)
    M: Lewis, Hodge, Pendles, Parker, Grif, NVB, CEY, Cripps (Vandenberg (E), Newton)
    R: Goldy, Bell (Naismith, Phillips (E))
    F: Gray, Swan, Martin, Bont, Honeychurch, Salem (Clark (E), Hogan)

    My trades were:
    Bartel – Hodge via Bont DPP
    Gorringe – Goldy
    $128K left

    Any better suggestions please?

    • Pretty good trades, Gorringe and Hodge are bigger priorities to fix than KK.
      You could swap Saad into the mids (Hodge to Def) and play vBerg or Newton as I think they should score more than Saad and Talia.

  • Have $134k, if I go Gray>Bont & KK>Hunt it leaves me with $169k and players with low breakevens. Thoughts? Whole team is a few posts above.

  • Think I might go Zorko over Dahlhaus this week. Zorko has a higher cealing and reasonable draw coming up. Thoughts?

    • i like zorko. think he will be good this year especially with beams not there to be in front of him to take the tag

      please comment on mine above

  • DEF: J.Newnes, H.Taylor, H.Lumumba, K.Kolodjashnij, K.Macintosh, Oxley, (B.Goodes, A.Saad)
    MID: J.Lewis, L.Parker, N.Fyfe, D.Beams, W.Langford, P.Cripps, C. Ellis Yolem (B.Newton, A.Vandenberg)

    RUC: S.Jacobs, T.Bellchambers (T.Downie, L.Pierce)

    FWD: R.Gray, D.Swan, D.Martin, M.Bontempelli, M.Honeychurch, M.Clark (C.Salem, C.McCarthy)

    First trade was Bartel to Bont

    What next i have 138k.

  • Looking for a KK replacement: B.Smith, Docherty, Simpson or Hunt?

  • Trade Wallis for – Neale, Rischitelli, A. Swallow or Whitfield?

  • Now that Minson is out, Swan vs Jacobs?

  • Dumont.Drummond or Hams?