DT Talk Sunday Funday Moneyball – Round 3

There is a new fantasy player on the block; Moneyball.

We have an affiliation with this great new game where you play against like minded people in shorter style of fantasy footy.


We have a SUNDAY FUNDAY league happening. 50 person, $5 entry and prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Enter now.


Take us and other community members on in our special Saturday league. We have a huge 100 person league with $5 entry and the top 15 paid out. Not bad at all! Just choose from players who are playing on Saturday and fit them under the salary cap.


  • Goal 6 pts
  • Behind 1 pt
  • Kick 3 pts
  • Handball 2 pts
  • Mark 4 pts
  • Tackle 4 pts
  • Clanger -3 pts
  • Free For 3 pts
  • Free Against -3 pts
  • Hitout 1 pt


Prices are a little different to what we are used to in AFL Fantasy. In your salary cap of $60,000 you need to choose 9 players (2 forwards, 1 ruck, 4 midfielders, 2 defenders).  Be smart with picking your team as there are plenty of bargains to help you fill your squad at an average of $6,667. Prices will change after round four.

Sign up and get all registered to take on us in some different games. Just search up DT Talk and you will find a couple of different options each week.

We will add more contests when others fill up.

Click here to take part.

* 18+ only and please gamble responsibly.


  • If you’re statistically orientated you have a 1000 x better chance of winning powerball oz lotto than picking the ladder.

  • You can stick your fudge packing moneyball Warnie, no one wants this crap. 4 pts for a mark lol. Your entire contribution this year Warnie is three Deck of Dream Team articles (on Essendon players) and… actually that’s it, unless you want to count your one paragraph intros to lockout chats etc. Keep up this moneyball shit and this site will be dead within 3 months, people are sickened by the level of gambling around these days.

  • The take is 10% so you’re better off flushing your money down the toilet readers. Never seen such an obvious, exploitative, cynical money grab.

  • You need to chill aye aye. I like this money ball thing. I’ve won the last 2 DT Talk comps I’ve entered so hopefully will beast this one too. There’s money to be made if you know what your doing!

  • Haha. She’s back… and as angry as ever! Awesome.

    Just to call you out on a few things. I did four Deck of DTs (like everyone else) and last I checked, Mitch Clark plays for Geelong… but I guess you didn’t pick up that writers picked players from X club when we did them. Also, I spent a fair bit of time providing NAB Challenge stuff.

    Most of the content I am producing isn’t really seen a lot. Roy’s Trade Talk and Calvin’s Captains are back on DT Talk now (they were on AFL site last year). I produce two videos, a podcast and keep a lot of the day to day running of the site happening here – including those lockout chat, My Team, etc articles that people want to discuss their teams in. I also write a footy record article and contribute to six club websites as per my arrangement with AFL Media. Also – my pre-season was pretty busy with the AFL.com.au content we did, including 18 videos.

    You don’t like me and I am quite happy with that, however you can’t tell me the content on DT Talk is terrible and will make it die.

    As for gambling, I get your point, but this site costs $320 per month for us to have the server. Those gambling ads (and others) – that you can choose to ignore – help keep it ticking. As for Moneyball, well… get used to it. We love it and will continue to play it as we believe it’s the future of fantasy footy in Australia.


  • ******boom******

  • AN YOU SMELL WHAT THE DOGS COOKIN! Nice Warnie, p.s you forgot to mention the little fact of a full time job on top of your awesome efforts. Aye Aye you aren’t being forced to join any of the gambling sites you’ve mentioned, and I understand where you’re coming from, I mean after all the money I pay to the dt writers for their insight, doesn’t leave me much left.. douche…

  • Capt Blood I’m pretty sure Warnie is a part time not a full time teacher but will stand corrected if I’m wrong. Warnie I can’t see anywhere in my comment that the DT Talk content is terrible apart from the mid article Moneyball intrusions but now you mention it I thought Trade Talk was a bit thin this week and Calvin’s Captains a little bit sub par but generally the site’s content is pretty good which is why I keep coming back, esp like the Monday and Friday scramble articles and Jeppa’s Juniors. Yes I don’t like you because (a) you’re fat, (b) you helped basically kill off RDT for a nuffy game, (c) the cheap shots (eg “she”), and (d) I suspect you’ve created accounts in the past to defend yourself and attack me, eg lionben and hips23 who both used the unusual term ” halfwit ” which is one of your favourite terms. If you think Moneyball is the future of DT then go ahead and enjoy losing your hard earned cash which could be better spent on the astronomical server fees you’re always complaining about. I’m happy playing my money leagues with friends for 100% return rather than 90%. That’s all I’ll say on the matter of Moneyball. I will continue to frequent your site and call you out on the (rare) occasions where I think it’s necessary, rather than be a constant annoying troll. Despite our personal differences I have a lot of respect for your elite football knowledge and the fact that you address adverse comments like mine rather than delete them.

  • Haha. Far out. You have a massive chip on your shoulder (get it off or I might eat it).

    a). I’m fat. You hate people who are fat. Okay.

    b). We were approached and employed by Telstra/AFL Media before ‘RDT’ was even needed to be a thing (why have you STILL not understood that). As for ‘killing it off’. I believe there is RDT content here on DTT throughout other writers. If you don’t understand why I don’t (and Roy/Calvin) spruik it, then you are demonstrating a low level of intelligence. I apologise that you’re not getting your RDT fix from Roy, Calvin or myself.

    c). I assume you are a girl as your email address is “cathy.little…” and your previous username was “the princess”. Maybe I’m not a very good detective.

    d). I have never made another account to post on this site. That’s laughable. I don’t care for you that much – however you have some deep feelings for me as you’re keen to get a rise out of me at every possible opportunity. I can tell you that I know who “lionben” is, although I have never met him. Ben plays in the DT Shiva Div 1 league I am in and goes under that name there. It’s embarrassing to even hear you suggest that. BTW, “Halfwit” isn’t such an unusual term. For the record, “CaptainBlood” above isn’t me either.

    I am now a part time teacher – which is awesome. My day off is funded by Telstra to provide content for the AFL. Do I work a shitload harder than what I am paid for – including for DTT? Fuck yes. Ask my partner. People like you though do bring me down and wonder why I even bother, but I enjoy it and it gets me some pretty good fun perks and as it is starting to pay the bill, I want to keep working at it. I love teaching, but if I can be talking about footy with my mates and getting paid for it, then I’m up for that. I sense jealousy from you. Most people are very happy for us. We started 9 years ago!

    Remember… you don’t have to play Moneyball or bet, or whatever. If you don’t like it, then don’t frequent the site. Simple as that. As for how Moneyball works, I know I can grow food in my backyard, but I choose not to… I go to the supermarket and pay more than what it would cost to grow it for the convenience.

    Anyway – I have no idea where you’re from, however if we ever crossed paths, I’d be interested in debating all of the above (and more).

    • fuck heads like this Warnie who need to grow the fuck up:) I and I’m sure thousands of others who visit this site appreciate all the time and research you all put into DT Talk. Thank you.

  • Threats now hey Warnie? You’re all class as usual. Just remember we know what you look like and you don’t know what we look like so I wouldn’t be threatening anyone under those circumstances unless you got 6 bodyguards and eyes in the back of your head. Just sayin. Have a nice day you fat fcuk, hope your drug cheating bombers get smashed just like you will be one day if you keep making threats against unseen strangers shite head.

    • Woah. At what point did I threaten you? You’re losing the plot.

      • “Anyway – I have no idea where you’re from, however if we ever crossed paths, I’d be interested in debating all of the above (and more).”

        Oh it must be this you’re referring to. ‘Debating’ – wow… that is violence these days? All I was saying is that if we met, I would be happy/interested in debating ‘all of the above’. At no point did I threaten you. (And apologies if you took it that way…)


  • Warnie, you’re a class act, a good guy and you put on a great website. I have only one criticism of you which is that you would even acknowledge this absolute fucktard mouthbreather who sits in his Mum’s (cathy little?) basement trolling like a hero.

    Keep up the good work and do not feed the troll.

  • I took ‘and more’ the wrong way, apologies, must admit I was a bit surprised and glad you clarified. As for you Fat Knife, King of the Nuffy Comment, why don’t you get a life instead of spending 16 hours a day on this site posting your sh.it side every half hour and enlightening everyone with your sh.it observations, eg How the fuck did we all miss Roberton?

  • Aye Aye you are a straight up cretin. If you dont like the theory and or the money grab do not look at it. Business’ are setup to make profit not to do giveaways. Halfwit

  • I’ve met warnie and talked footy a few times and what I can tell is he one of the best blokes you’ll meet.
    All the time and effort warnie, Roy and Calvin have put into building this website to where it is today is incredible, so what is the point in hating when they’re just trying to pay the bills and grow the website further?
    I think you should stop commenting at dtt ‘mate’

  • Hips23, fcukwit, it’s pretty hard to avoid Moneyball on this site when there are about 40 references to it embedded in every article, have a look at the latest Calvin’s Captains. Not knocking the game, looks good, just think a 10% rake is a bit high in the age of Betfair who only take 5% but it’s your money so go ahead and blow it.

    • You’re a very angry man/woman arent you?
      a) I see the same ads you do when visiting the site but just ignore them if I’m not interested. It’s really not that hard!
      b) The content on this site saves you, me and everyone else numerous hours of researching multiple media sites for info.
      c) No one is really scared by a keyboard warrior. You’re an embarrassment to yourself.
      d) I hope you have a lovely weekend and cheer up :)

  • Aye Aye the TAB have been taking 17% since you were a tadpole in your fathers scrotum. If you do not understand how companies need to make money and also how they get their product viewed that is fine. But do not attack people who have done nothing but help others. If you find too much advertising on CC’s then make your own decision.

  • Cheers AndyHawk ya fkn parrot. Hips23 TAB employs Australians and puts money into Australian sport, William Hill is a multinational whose Australian boss is the wonderful Tom Waterhouse, son of the crook Robbie, nuff said.

  • Hips is right. Cheer up clearly your team is shit and your looking for someone to blame !!!!

  • Top 9% in RDT Poofpack.

  • Where is Albert Lloyd when you need him? HAHA.

    Warnie and the lads do a great job running this site, please feel free Aye-Aye or The Princess or who ever the fuck you are to take time out of your everyday life to create your own site, articles, interviews, podcasts and attempt to help others out in the fantasy football community that actually take an interest and appreciate the work the lads do.

    Instead of sitting staring at your computer screen wearing your Mum’s nighty and masturbating to people’s comments aimed towards yourself, try doing something useful with your life, fuckin’ Gong Beater!

  • Great yet another fkn parrot. FevsBingles ya fkn cocksucker, you spend even more time on here than fat knife, you got no mirrors in your house so you don’t have to see your facial lesions from scratching yourself nervously whilst you shove gerbils up your ass with whiz fizz under their nails and perform frottage on your blow up Lara Bingle doll, you’ve made over 10,000 comments to this site this year so what a great fucken life you must have, even your dog hates your guts you dandruff-fucked badger-rooting lowlife. Fucken hell look at all the keyboard warriors queueing up here for a serve, all repeating each other, so much talent on display, bring it fkn on nuffies.

  • FevsBingles go put your Feargal Sharkey records on and stick your dick in the mayonnaise jar again like you do every Sunday morning before heading to the synagogue to give the rabbi a sloppy one, it’s a pity your mother’s crabs got disqualified from the Redneck Olympics cos you could have got a job there cleaning everyone’s balls, now fcuk off back to your lockout chat Albert Lloyd is waiting.

    • Not really into Feargal Skarkey, more of a Undertones fan really.

      You were abused as a child weren’t you, so much anger, a little cranky this morning, didn’t Mummy breast feed you, had to make your own breakfast this morning?

    • What a sad little person…

  • Game over here. This isn’t ‘debate’ anymore.

    Just go and have a bet or enter a Moneyball team, you’ll have something else to care/worry about. ;)

  • Man such a filthy mouth for a little girl. Top 9% wow you are good at this game. Clap clap clap clap