Fixing Mistakes – Ep. 35

Our scores were up on last week, so they boys are a little more excited about heading into round three. Roy, Calvin and Warnie dissect the events of the weekend and answer plenty of your questions to help you make the right choices with your Fantasy team.

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  • WARNING: The Bont is a massive trap!

    • Not really

    • I wouldn’t call him a trap, unless you’re expecting 100+ every week. Even from here, and 85+ average is very realistic AND would still make him a great buy.

      I am slightly concerned that he has Hawks and Swans coming up. I’m in two minds whether to bring him in. My rage trades was Ablett to Bont and Leuenberger to NicNat, however I doubt these will stick as I think Ablett to Heppell is what I would really like to do.

      • The only thing Warnie is that extra dollars youve gotta pay for Heppell and with Bont you keep some cash for Upgrading Leuey or someone else.

      • I agree with you. Bont didn’t play Adelaide last year but played Hawks and the Swans where he scored his two lowest of the year, 43 and 41. The Bont loves to play in a winning side. The Bulldogs have played: Collingwood, Richmond and WCE in which they’ve won. He has scored: 144, 133 and 100. In losses and against harder teams he struggles. With a tough draw coming up, I am looking to get him in when he plays: GWS, GC and a few more easy teams, just before the byes. He sure is tempting, but I cannot afford to chase these early ‘hype’ scores.

        • BTW I really enjoyed the podcast. Keep it up fellas!

        • Agree his numbers may be inflated but I don’t think it has anything to do with playing in a winning team. It’s to do with the 10 tackles a game he’s pumping out. I beleive he’ll have a similar year to Reddens year where he relies on the tackles to boost him up.

        • Yea but he was also in his first year last year. He is a lot bigger and better this year so comparing his scores to last years doesnt really work.

      • I like Mundy as a sneaky option in for beams, then Hertier out for someone.

        Cripps-KKOL on the rocks

      • Warnie, even though I’m a Carlton supporter, the Bombers have Carlton this weekend, get Heppell in, he’ll ton up no dramas at all! I have!

        • ye looking at heppell right now but will mean i go kk to hunt instead of simmo/hibbo/docherty

    • The Bont is set and forget. Even if he puts out a few 70’s he will be worth a spot in our forward line

    • The kid is an absolute freak. You will be kicking yourself.

    • Bont has a BE of 23. I’ve had him since the start (one of my few good decision in this disaster called 2015). With a BE that low, it is hard to go wrong.

  • Warnie, do you think Oxley will back up his ton or was it a one off?

    • if you listened to the podcast they said he played very well and is going to play a rebounding role. Looks like he can score well.

    • played well last week because the ball was down there all the time. this week won’t see as many opportunities.

      • Not sure about that, St Kilda arent looking as shit as what everyone else thought they would, and the Pies are looking worse!

      • Again, Oxley’s BE is -23. What’s not to like? Even I would score better than that BE!

  • Gary has the Cats at Simonds this week – injured or not he loves the place so I’m sticking with him over Beamsy this week, but only just

    • He loves the place when he is fully fit. I wouldnt back him to score well anywhere until that shoulder is 100%

    • check dt talk’s twitter feed. I think you’ll want to trade him.

  • Is it safe to say Boydy is back to some really good form? What a DT gun of the past. Looks set to average over 100. How much truth to him getting granted defender status?

  • Anyone know why cogs was the sub week one. Have been waiting for him to break out pike in know he can showed good signs on the weekend

  • I’m keen for people’s thoughts
    harry+goodes for docherty+bruce
    harry+goodes for b.smith+bruce
    harry+cripps for Hodge+cheap rookie

    im not sure if goodes job security/vesting is going to be an ongoing issue. If it isnt then I’m happy to keep him and play saad. I think doch is going to have a good season mopping up around the back line, the ball will be there a lot this yr.

    Hodge will be super consistent But i dont want to get rid of cripps as i think he will improve and avg ~75.

    Sorry for the essay. Thoughts?

  • 133k in the bank, what should I do

    Back: Geary, Malceski, Goodes, newnes, kolo, Mcintosh ( saad, Oxley)

    Mids: pendles, Ablett, Newton, beams, van berlo, vandenberg, griffen, wells( yolmen, freeman, dumont)

    Ruck: Mumford, Bellchambers,( gorringe)

    Fwd: Gray, swan, Bartel, bont, lamb, walters( Clark, Salem)

  • Carlton will sorely rUn with 2 or 3 taggers again so I expect some of the lesser bombers to score well like tje Richmond game a few weeks ago, whats people’s thoughts on kk with harbrow out of the side, help or hinder his scores?

  • Fixing Mistakes –
    Who is first priority to get rid of out of:

  • wanna thank the boys for their help last few years, snagged the port v sydney matchday prize so when i get back from working in wa would love to buy the lads a beer in tassie. went to uni with you warnie and remember you bouncing of me about 2 metres when you tried a dodgy shirt front in the gymnasium. lol

  • Yolmen in for ablett with 800k in the bank
    bontempelli in for ablett with 400K in bank

  • Fantastic listen fellas

    • Hey everyone,
      As round 3 approaches, I’m interested in setting up a 12 man draft league for those interested. It is open to anyone however if you join, I would expect you to play throughout the season. That way it becomes more enjoyable for everyone. If this appeals to you, the league code is A7U94SA4

      Important Draft Info:
      The format is 3-4-1-3/4 with NO CAPTAINS. There will be a finals series and head to head matches will not take place during the byes. If enough interest is received, the draft will take place at 8pm on Thursday night (16/04) with 60 seconds between each pick.

      Thanks for reading and I hope you join for a fun competitive year filled with friendly banter, cheers :)

  • What do people reckon: Fyfe or Mundy? I see Fyfe getting the Rosa tag this weekend, but Fyfe feels like safer long term option than Mundy.