Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 2

Ok… we all know why we are here and there’s no point waffling on about it.


It’s the only way to say it… Jordan Lewis is simply on fire.

Let’s just flash back to the end of 2014 home and away season, where Lewis ended the season with three scores over 140 in his last four games.

He played against the Bombers just once last year and STRUGGLED. It was in round two and he was tagged by Hocking for just 66pts (13d). Now, Hocking didn’t play last week against the Swans and shouldn’t feature this week. This is wicked news for Lewis!

He scored 156pts last week and basically did as he pleased. The Hawks move the ball freely between themselves and on the MCG against the struggling Bombers, this should be the case again.

Last week, the Swans midfield in Luke Parker (111), Kieren Jack (104), Hannebery (99) and JKP (94) all found a fair bit of the ball which means Lewis is shaping up as one of the safest and best picks for this week.


Brad Ebert was the highest scoring player last week with 163pts. He dominated against the Swans last year with 100 and 136 and even posted scores of 114 and 123 before that. The Swans do have a tagger though (Bird) but I’m expecting him to run with Travis Boak. Add to this, the fact that the game is in Adelaide so based on his form and history here, he can’t be ignored either.

In the same game, Luke Parker hopefully will be back to his best after being KO’ed last week. He scored 111 to that point and only played 68% of the game and scored 106 and 73 on the Power last year. The guy who took Parker out last week, Buddy Franklin averages a nice 100 against the Power in his last three.


This is a big call but Steve Johnson will be back to his best this week and I’m expecting something big. He scored 92 and is coming off a limited pre-season. He had 68 at the half last week against the Hawks and slowed down from there.

This week, Stevie will go against the Dockers, without a tag from Ryan Crowley who has certainly had his measure in the past, holding him to scores of 56, 58 and 68 in their last three encounters.

On top of this, Stevie returns to his home ground where he posted scores of 58 (Crowley), 131, 168 and 128 last year.

Joel Selwood has always flourished without a tag in these games when Stevie has copped it. He scored 130 and 138 against Fremantle last year and should be great again, despite scoring only 76 last week.

He scored a solid 101 last week and this week Michael Barlow will be much better. He had his best game of 2014 against the Cats (137pts) and it was even at Skilled Stadium. Prior to that he had 98 and 127. Last week, the Hawks had a field day against the Cats with the top scoring three players averaging a total of 127pts.

Big game and I’m tipping some big scores to be coming out of it.


With Tom Rockliff down, will Dayne Beams step up? Or find life much tougher? Beams scored 104 last year against the Roos, when he was a Magpie. The Crows smashed the Roo’s last week and but things just aren’t the same anymore. It’s a big pass for me on Beams this week with too many unanswered questions surrounding him.

Oh dear Gaz… what is going on? Gary Ablett doesn’t seem right does he, and making him captain this week would be a very risky call. He meets the Saints at Metricon and in the past this would have us liking our lips… but this week he is a sure thing to be tagged by Maverick Weller who held Ryan Griffen to just 48pts last week. Gaz scratched up 61pts in the opening round and although he averaged 129 at Metricon last year before being injured… he’s just not himself right now. We have to pass.


Scott Pendlebury Vs Adelaide @ Etihad – scored 97 and 101 on the Crows last year and averaged 116 at Etihad from his three games there in 2014.

Jack Macrae Vs Richmond @ MCG – started the season well with 107 last week and scored 131 against the Tigers last year. We love this kid and he’ll be awesome again this week.

Adam Treloar Vs Melbourne @ Spotless Oval – Last week against the Dees, Prestia topped scored with only 101. They are tough to score against. This wasn’t the case for Treloar last year though when he pumped out 101 and 159 against them. He is coming off a very 119 from round one and looked like a pig.

Rory Sloane Vs Collingwood @ Etihad – he was tagged by Macaffer last year for just 62 but did bounce back for a 104 on the Pies as well.

Dusty Martin Vs Bulldogs @ MCG – We can’t ignore last week terrible score and when we see that he scored only 76 when he met the Dogs last year, we have to pass on him again.

Dion Prestia Vs St Kilda @ Metricon Stadium – scored 101 last week and posted 108 and 94 on the Saints last year. He really needs Gaz to keep playing though.

Dyson Heppell Vs Hawthorn @ MCG – he only scored 88 on the Hawks last year and started the season well with 111 last week. Gun player but it will be tough this week against a possession controlling Hawks.




  • Sidebottom to Rich ~~ 80k (No upgrades next week)
    Sidebottom to Barlow ~~ 400k (Lots of defence upgrades next week)
    Please help me guys, 1 thing to consider, this is only going to work if KK and Lumumba go bad so i could waste the money.

    • I’m gonna assume you meant that the other way round

      Money in the bank won’t be wasted. Worst case scenario, KK and Lumumba do well and you have no-one else to upgrade, then you can upgrade Rich to Barlow next week.

      • Holy Moly Blaise thats the best idea I’ve heard off since slice bread!!
        So i get in rich and depending how well my defence and rich goes i can upgrade them!!!
        Thanks a million <3

    • If it’s any help I’m trading Sidey > Rich & Redpath > McCarthy that will allow me to get rid of two of Newnes, Lumumba or KK for Hodge & Simpson. That is assuming no more forced trades due to injuries. Will sit Bartel on the pine for the week & take the risk with McCarthy.

      • Agree with McCarthy, good bench option who will make cash and be top cover for an injured player on field.

  • Nice list, personally i will be bringing in those top two captain choices for Rocky and Sidebum this week.

  • No Ellis as a sneaky cap choice

  • Cheers Calvin, great stat filled article. 50/50 call between Barlow and Lewis for me

    • Lewis mate, check out his stats from last season.

      • I did!?! – Essendon taggged Lewis to 66.
        Although after looking Schnitzel didnt play so I’m guessing they will go to him and Hodgey first so he should score more this weekend

  • Can you guys put a Poll or advice on whether to hang onto Ablett or swap him for an Ebert/Barlow/Macrae/Heppell?

    • If you have any LTI’s like Rocky or Sidebum get them out first. If not then probably worth looking to trade out GAJ until he is firing on all cylinders. He will drop in value over the next couple of weeks while he is getting back to full fitness.

      • Just thinking he still might pump out 100’s, don’t mind the value drop, you’ll always end up with him in the side eventually

        • That’s the million dollar question, if you think he is going to ton up you should definitely keep him, I’m just unsure he will over the next 2 or 3 weeks.
          After the way Rocket was talking him up I was expecting the shoulder to be in much better condition. I’m holding him in RDT but will probably sideways in Fantasy until I see him back to full fitness

    • Wouldn’t bother with Ebert, he’s not in the same class as Barlow and even Macrae/Heppell.

  • Impressed with Talor Walker in the only match I have seen over here in the UK. Thought he might make the captains list

    • He won’t do that every weekend though Mike, be great if he did though, been years since we’ve seen a genuine 100 goal season player.

    • Well he won’t kick 6 goals 6, take 15 marks and have 20 odd kicks every week. He will most likely average something closer to 3 goals, 7-8 marks and 15 kicks. He might average 90+ but too risky for a captain option in my opinion

    • Thanks, hope to see plenty of matches in round 2.

  • I will never be sold on Ebert haha.. J.Selwood will have the top score of the round

  • Lewis all day every day, and fifteen times on sunday. Could care less about what he did VS Essendon last year. The dude is thrashing like someone who pissed on an electric fence

  • I have a problem.I Am going rocky to Lewis but do I go sidey to Barlow/Heppell and get 88k or to wines and get the 170k in the bank to upgrade kk/lumumba next week to the likes of hodge and simpson?88k won’t let me do much.I could even go sidey to rich and next week upgrade both lumumba AND Kk. Thoughts would be appreciated

  • Need a midfielder under 587k. Was thinking N.Jones, Wines or Ellis. Thoughts??

  • Rocky to barlow will be definite. Then sidey to pendles/Ebert/Johnson or to rich that could give me some cash to upgrade my defence next week. Thoughts

  • Same kind of question mate @jake

  • Ellis for me.. (that’s my dt brain not club ). Bulldogs don’t hard tag and we’ll keep it on the wings against them. Ellis…

  • Can someone let me know how to sign up to fantasy coach this year?

  • No one in the top 5 for me!

  • The stuff about beams isn’t true! Calvin said he scored 104 against North Melbourne last year but he actually scored 131!

  • finally some love for jack macrae on this site!

  • Do I trade ablett?? If so who to out of Barlow/Hepell/Ellis.
    And do I trade lumumba or KK to hunt or give them another chance??

    • I’d trade Kolo to Hunt, think Lumumba can put scores up like he did in NAB.

      I’d also hang onto Gablett for a week, but if you want to trade, then I think to Barlow/Ellis.

  • Do I trade KK after 1 bad week? If so who do I get if I have enough for anyone.

  • Hi all
    My Mids are
    Rocky, Lewis, Ablett, Sidey,
    P’bury, Mitchell,Newton, Cripps

    Trading out Rocky in Treloar and out Sidey In Rich

  • Hope Rich goes well for everyone but I’m staying away, he might make a few bucks over the coming weeks but he has never been a great scorer. Like Roy’s suggestion of Whitfield.

    • I played with the idea of having him in but he isn’t going to smack those scores out most weeks, be good if he did though, I ended up staying away though.

  • What’s Should I do? Please help

    Back: Geary, Malceski, Goodes, newnes, kolo, Oxley( saad, smedts)

    Mids: pendles, Ablett, Newton, beams, van berlo, vandenberg, griffen, wells( yolmen, freeman, dumont)

    Ruck: Mumford, Bellchambers,( gorringe)

    Fwd: Gray, swan, Bartel, Salem, lamb, walters( Clark, Kane Mitchell)

    • I’d trade Kolodjashnij, to Hunt preferably, also get Griffen out, he’s not going to do too much I don’t think, I can’t see him pumping out any more than 3 or 4 tons this season.

      I’d also put Clark on field for Lamb.

  • DEF: Simpson, Newnes, Kolo, Lumumba, Goodes, McIntosh (Oxley, Hamling)
    MID: Lewis, Parker, Fyfe, Beams, Sidey, CEY, Newton, Cripps (Saad, Vandenburg)
    RUC: Bellchambers, Leuey (Holmes, Cox)
    FWD: Swan, Gray, Bartel, Martin, Bont, Clark (Salem, McCarthy)

    64k in the bank, suggestions? (Obviously Sidey needs to go!)

  • What trades should I do?

    Def: Newnes,Lumumba,Kolodjashnij, T.Hunt, Goodes,Saad (McIntosh,Hamling)

    Mid: Rockliff, Ablett, Lewis, Beams, Parker, Newton, Cripps, Vandenberg (Smith, Cam Ellis Yolmen )

    Ruck: Maric, Bellchambers
    (Griffin, Cox)

    FWD: Bartel, Martin, Swan, Gray, Salem, Clark (Mccarthy, Redpath)