My Team 2015 – Round 2

Discuss your team, strategy, players, etc. in this post. Name it up if it’s for RDT or Fantasy as that can make a difference with what you should do. Offer up constructive comments if you want questions answered yourself! Be a giver, not just a taker! This is a great community and we want it to stay that way. We love banter as much as the next person, just keep it clean!

Head to for live scores over the weekend and for your study needs during the week. Data View has been updated and there are plenty of other features there and in the works!


We had heaps of DT Talk community members play the all new daily fantasy game, Moneyball last weekend. It’s the Aussie version of the extremely popular Fan Duel, Draft Kings and Rotowire sites.

Moneyball has it’s own unique scoring as outlined here.

We will be running leagues each week to jump in with varying costs and the best will win real cash! Sign up now, check it out and search for DT Talk in the leagues and you will be able to take us and other community members on.

* 18+ and please gamble responsibly.


  • am i crazy to want to put KK on bench and Saad on the field?

  • Sidebottom to… ?


    $ is not an issue as my other trade Ablett to Ric

    DEF: Hibberd, Newnes, Lumumba, Kolo, McIntosh, Goodes (Saad, Oxley)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Lewis, Parker, Beams, Newton, Cripps (CEY, Vandenberg)
    RUC: Belly, LBerger (Downie, O’Brien)
    FWD: Bartel, Gray, Martin, Swan, Clark, Salem (McCarthy, Honeychurch)

    Salary: $42,000. Benching Bartel and playing Honeychurch, E on McCarthy, Ablett to Wines, then Belly to Natinui. What are your thoughts? Cheers

  • @ozzie
    I wouldn’t get Nic Nat in this week
    it’s been putting down with rain for the past week in Perth and those conditions probably don’t suit the big men

  • Barlow or Parker and why?
    Currently gone Barlow as he was only owned by 5% of teams before this round but can’t get over Parkers 111 from only 63% game time!!!!!
    Someone please provide some good pros and cons for each as this question has been bugging me all week.
    Thank you!!

  • sidebottom > Parker and Ablett > Rich & 368,000 for upgrades next week


    sidebottom > Parker and Kolo > Hunt & 35,000


    Sidebottom > Parker and Ablett to any premo !!!!

  • How are these trades?

    Lumumba > T. Hunt
    Devon Smith > Bont/Tex (have gone with Bont atm)

    With my luck Lumumba will score good now and Hunt will score shit. Devon Smith was an ultimate POD fail, but I had to try something at the start of the season to have a slightly different team than everyone else’s. Is Bont getting tagged cause I haven’t seen any Dogs games I’ve only see the scores. If he isn’t then surely he’ll cop attention that will derail his amazing start to the season, and that worries me.

    Thoughts and help appreciated