The Friday Scramble – Round 1

FridayScrambleAhh, this feels familiar, back in my normal place on a Friday.  And Happy Good Friday to you all.  Just thought I would pop in and give you a few thoughts on teams and just a couple of things to watch out for.

Firstly though, did you have Kamdyn McIntosh on the field last night?  Wow he was fantastic for his 101 in DT and 120 in Supercoach!  In two of the three formats I had him on the field, in the other one I had him as an emergency. If you really want his score in AFL Fantasy you could put a non player on the field, some one you think will play soon  if you had Kamdyn as your emergency. That is the only format I would suggest that due to the large number of trades you have. But even if you missed out on his score, you will at least get his price rise!


Great to see Gary Ablett Jnr named. This is enough for me to pick him.  In that same game Adam Saad is named and is third on the bench.  I expect that Greg Broughton will get the vest so Saad should be ok.  The big news from that game is that Vandenberg was not only elevated yesterday but named too.  This certainly helps us all.  Newton and Hogan were also named which helps us and Angus Brayshaw has also been named.  Not sure on this one as I think he and Vandenberg will be fighting for the Green Vest.

Isaac Heeney was named for the swans on the field.  Lock n Load.  Similarly Adam Oxley is also on the field, load him up too.  I see De Goey getting the vest in that game.  For the Eagles we have Tom Lamb named at CHF, so clearly the replacement for Darling.  Don’t discount this kid, I saw him live in the NAB and I liked what I saw.  Mitch Honeychurch on the bench worries me but even more worrying is that Brett Goodes is named last on the bench.  I still say pick him up, but put him on your bench if you can as I think he is a vest candidate. Interestingly  Hamling fort he doggies wasn’t named.  I saw him in a few draft teams over the last few weeks.  Make the changes accordingly.

For the Giants Cam McCarthy is on an extended bench and is last on that list.  Alarm bells there for me.  Keep a keen eye on final selections tomorrow afternoon when they come out at about 5pm to see if he survives.  I think he will.  Cam Ellis-Yolman has been named on the extended bench. I am a little nervous about this but I think he should be safe.  I see Martin, Lyons and possibly Jenkins being the three that miss out for the Crows.

Lastly Naika Cockatoo has been named for the Cats.  He is first on the extended interchange but personally I would not take the risk with him.  Given this game is on Monday, full lockout for AFL Fantasy will have taken place before you know the final squad for that game.  In the other formats that both have rolling lockouts this weekend you will be able to take the risk as you can still make changes with other options available.
Just my few thoughts on the team sheets with particular emphasis on the rookies for you.  I will be back with a regular Friday Scramble for you next week.  Enjoy the rest of your Easter Break and I will catch you all next week.  Cheers


  • Thanks Dunny, average night for me, Lids 53 and most likely suspended, Martin (doesnt matter quite much as every1 has him), Cripps, the Mullet and Mcintosh.

    Though who i did like the looks of throughout the game was Taylor Hunt he seemed to play that very DT friendly rebounding across half-back roll picking up easy possessions and plenty of marks.

    • Happy Easter Dunny.

      Martin, mate…what a disaster. Played on Judd in the first quarter, didn’t take part, got off the leash a bit in the second, then tagged out of it by old mate Simon White (Simon who?). Didn’t look interested, at one point I saw him behind 3 players at a centre bounce. My concern is that he DIDN’T HAVE TO get involved because of the quality of the opposition, and he DIDN’T WANT TO. This is the polar opposite of piggery and not my idea of a premium player. Added to this mess is my postulation that Richmond don’t have the types of players to help him break the tag in a tougher game and he will just go missing until he floats away like Cotchin has done for a couple of years under a tag.

      Hard to trade him in RDT but seems a must trade for mine in Fantasy. Thoughts please Mr D.

  • Tom Mitchell not named…. I don’t think he will be at the swans next season

  • Great stuff Dunny, with cam-ellis yolmen named on an extended bench what are his chances of a green vest even if he makes the cut later today?

    • Shh heaps of idiots on here think he’s out because of the orange dot, years on and people still think that means emergency and not extended bench/emg. Let them leave him out.

  • Griffin or wallis?

  • I’m torn between picking Rockliff or not!! Just unsure about what Robinson, Christensen, Beams and Rich back in the team will do to his scores..

    • just get him and if he goes bad trade to ablett in the coming weeks

    • look at it this way regardless of who the Lions have in the mids they still have the same number of mids on the field as they did last year and the same number of players in the team as last year but maybe now less chance of tag going to the Rock, do u want to sit there while your opposition gets 150 remember this guys last 5 round avg is like 155 and the 3 round is like 165 – high risk high reward

  • Dunny, McCarthy is a certainty to play, don’t worry about this extended bench BS, GWS’s twitter has been pretty much only been about him, he did the question and response and everything is saying “It’s his spot to lose”, he will start and there will be no vest.

  • So what to do with Smedts? Change to Oxley or stick?

  • Just for everyone, wherever a player is named doesn’t make any difference to their chances of being vested. One is the same chance of being the sub if he’s on the field or last on the bench. It doesn’t make a difference! The actual positions of players change right up until the last 30 minutes or so.

    • In the case of Brett Goodes, he was last on the bench because it was in number order. 1, 22, 39 and 44.

    • the order of the bench doesn’t matter, but being named as a started seems to matter. that’s the only reason i started mcintosh last night.

  • hogan or mccarthy?

    • macs cheaper but Hogan looks the goods he is kpp but so only expect around 60 pw for me Mac

  • How do you subscribe to fantasy coach?

  • Do all player still take 3 rounds before prices change??

    • after the first round now, im not a big fan of it but i think they made it harder because we have 2 trades a week.

  • Ablett or Parker? Ablett may get a vest rumour has it…

  • Good stuff, Dunny.

    This from the AFL website suggests CEY unlikely:

    As forecast by new coach Phil Walsh, Adelaide picked no AFL debutants for the game against North Melbourne at Adelaide Oval, but former Melbourne and Hawthorn medium defender Kyle Cheney has been picked in the back pocket.

  • For RDT, should I get Gorringe on the bench (dont think can score well, but plays) or save the spot for naismith?

  • Some questions:

    With Honeychurch looking like a vest, would it be better to go to Hogan for the JS or even Jack Martin for a riskier unique?

    If Vandenberg is vested, is it worth keeping him as a bench player or just scrapping him for now?

    Kkolo is named in the back pocket- should I pay any attention to that?

  • Hey all, ive got spots left in my fantasy league! High quality players please!
    League Code: VAZ7RUVC

  • Hibberd or shaw?

    Also considering hibberd and Berger
    Kk and premo ruck

  • Fantasy coach, anybody got any ideas?

  • DEF: Newnes, Lumumba, Kolo, Goodes, Oxley, McIntosh (Tippett, Saad)
    MID: Rockliff, Sidey, Beams, Parker, Fyfe, Langford, Walllis, Cripps (Newton, V’Berg)


    DEF: Newnes, Lumumba, Taylor, Kolo, Goodes, McIntosh (Oxley, Saad)
    MID: Rockliff, Sidey, Beams, Parker, Fyfe, Lanford, Newton, Cripps (CEY, V’Berg)

    Keep in mid that CEY is probably not going to play and Wallis could have a 85+ average season with his new role.

  • OPTION A: D. Wells & T. Miller

    OPTION B: M. Wallis & I. Heeney

    A or B?

  • b

  • Hey all, have been doing a brownlow game by game prediction for the last 4 years and have picked all the winners. Was stoked to get priddis at $41. So I have decided to make a facebook page for those keen to make some dosh with me this year :) .

    Have been debating my no.1 ruck spot for a while now and have gone with Mumford. Reason being his first three opponents :

    Last time v opponents .
    Saints – 132
    Demons – 80 & 118
    Swans – 62 & 110

  • If you like Cockatoo then be confident he will play as his parents have been flown down from Darwin

  • Thoughts on A.Corr as D5


    pretty sure this confirms no luck for McCarthy at GWS but CEY will get a gig on the bench.

  • 764172 RDT League if anyone is interested

  • Should I play Oxely and put Goodes on the bench because of the vest risk?
    Should I play Clark instead of Honeychurch because of the vest risk?

    Help appreciated

  • Does anyone no when the final teams for the Sunday games will be announced I’ve checked the afl site and it is still saying 3 to be omitted I thought they were finalised by 6.30 fridays