2015 Cheat Sheet – Roy, Calvin and Warnie’s teams

It is intense here at the moment and we are copping a heap of questions on Twitter, Facebook and via text from our mates. We have arrived in Melbourne for the game tonight and unfortunately we don’t have a lot of time to answer everyone. So here’s something we have whipped up in the final hours before the partial lockout kicks in.

Here is what we are calling our ‘cheat sheet’ for this year. It’s free and make sure you check out the links below for just some of the epic content from the site recently. You can make your minds up from this info!








Good luck!


  • Where’s Gablett? What’s going on?

  • I think you made a mistake printing the same team for Roy and Calvin…

  • That is one full on midfield that Roy has

  • Anyone know what time the teams for the week will be announced?

  • Surprised none of these teams have a premium ruck

  • Hey guys,

    I just started a new AFL Fantasy league: DT TALK PREMIERSHIP – WV5KR744

    Hope to have a really competitive league!

  • Dem loaded midfields wow

  • Hey guys really need to fill 1 more spot in our fantasy cash league, $20, gf winner takes all if ur interested email me at aslegg84@hotmail.com

    • Hi Im interested. Just emailed you, hopefully not too late! I’m keen on the cash league, let me know the details via email! Ta

  • I can’t find the option to add celebrity teams, can anyone help? Or do I need to wait till next week when leagues begin

    • Leagues – Settings (gear icon) – add/manage celebrities (over on left hand side)

      • thanks!

      • I see The Traders as an option but not warnie, roy and calvin as individual teams. There seems to be more celeb teams to chose from, the problem is some celeb players seem to forget their team half way through the season. I’ll pick the traders and maxwell for now, from the podcasts it seems like nick maxwell takes it pretty seriously

  • I still don’t understand the loophole. Is it meant to get two doubled scores or just one?

    • Its meant to effectively give you 2 shots at getting a captain’s score.

      You need a non playimg player in your 30 to make it work doe.

  • This has made me feel really, really insecure about my midfield. I feel the urge to now get Parker over Selwood.

  • The DT gods have spoken. Disregard backline, load midfield.

    • all depends on what you value. technically you could load up your fwd and backs and ruck with the result of getting a few under 600k mids and then all rooks hoping there will be 1 or 2 (posibly Cripps?) that turns into a Barlow-esque lock and then work on upgrading your mids throughout the season.

    • Well yes another strategy is loading up your forwards and backs since the best rooks would be in the midfield. In this scenario you could potentially have a full strength side quicker and better scoring rookies

    • Not sure if we’re going to see too many beast midfield rookies to be honest.

  • 1. T.Adams or M.Bontempelli

    2. Best 2 of :Vandenberg or C.Smith or Miller or Anderson or Freeman?

  • These teams seem ill disciplined and greedy to me

  • should i keep jacobs hard decision

    • in the same dilemma…. I’m currently tossing up between two scenarios.

      1) Ablett and Maric/Goldstein
      2) Selwood and Jacobs

      • Ablett and Goldy for me Bomber

        Not sure what your situation with Jacobs is Kirk so its hard to help. He’ll be one of the best rucks easily. Up to you with what you would do with the money.

  • Not April Fools day anymore, please post real sides, not these jokes.

  • Amateur move Calvinator, only 2 emergencies picked ;)

  • Guys should i jump on the bandwagon and have 3 guys under 200k in my defence or not????? Please anyone have any thoughts

    • I think its a terrible idea, apart from goodes the def rookies are at best average, fwd and mid rookies are still better so if anything by doing that you are taking longer for your cash cows to grow and missing out on more valuable players imo.

    • I will say it does give you more points because of the stacked mids or fwd line which will score better but I don’t think it’s worth it because the fwd and mid rookies are worth more in terms of growth and scoring potential.

  • Good to see warnie jumped to bellchambers / leuenberger ruck combo after all the talk of set & forget rucks :P

  • Why isnt there a DT Talk Open league where we all compete against each other?

    DT Talk Boys, get onto it!

  • I don’t remember which article I posted it under, but I definately mentioned that teams get more similar as the season progresses. I also mentioned that I found that 3-5 uniques was normal for most finals matches.

    I also remember Warney mentioning how thought 7-9 uniques was more accurate according to his research. Well mate, you don’t even have 7-9 uniques between all your starting teams. How do you plan to make your team more unique when everyone will be trading out the same injured players in the same rookies / form players as the season progresses?

    Please dont talk it up when the facts dont support it. Thats all I ask.

  • i have 25 25 and 22 players the same. starting 3 rookie defenders is faaar too risky.

  • Hey lads.. what’s better?
    A) C Pearce and R. Griffen – Play pearce on field
    B) Oxley and <643 mid? JPK maybe? – play McIntosh on field

  • Looks like AFL Fantasy site has crashed! Hope you guys were all set…. I’m nervous bout my rooks!

    • Clem Smith the Sub… unlucky for anyone who whipped him in and now can’t get on the AFL website

  • Is it still worth having a premium ruckman?