Download the all new DT Talk iPhone app

You Beauty! Life doesn’t get much better! The first ball of the season is about to bounce and the all new DT TALK App has arrived, giving you a one stop Fantasy shop right there on your phone or tablet! All the news you need to know about AFL Fantasy, Dream Team and SuperCoach no longer needs to be more than an arm’s length away.

Make sure you are armed and ready to go before the season opener by downloading here:

If you have any feedback and ideas for what you would like to see in the app, please let us know in the comments.



  • Serious fantasy coaches only RDT 687209
    Afl fantasy FMCM3YTD

  • Nothing worse than an app coming out first for an inferior phone and os. 75% of users are on Android doesnt make sense.

    • An android one is in the works… and personal opinion that it is inferior, however I think your stats are a little out!

      • :) haha cant help myself from hating on iphone :) sorry warnie. You are probably looking at the browser usage stats per os or app usage stats id say Warnie, total Userbase of Android is what i quoted by, as Android make a lot of cheap phones a lot are owned by people in poorer countries that cant afford mobile data hence the stats.

  • Works fine on my inferior phone. Cheers lads.

  • Awesome Warnie. Here’s to inferior phones!

    Just one suggestion, anyway you can make it possible to reply directly to people’s comments on the mobile site/app like you can using the pc?

  • So will their be an app for ok play store (Galaxy s3) if so that would be great. Also, something that would improve this site would be something like instagram where you can see when peopl comment a reply to you so you don’t have to keep tabs open to see if anyone replies. Cheers, keep up the good work