NAB Challengers 1 – Ep. 29

Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss the first six games of the NAB Challenge and who put their hand up for selection in 2015. Calvin debuts his team song. If you are inspired to write and record your own song, send it to

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This year the podcast is a live radio show, broadcast from 6pm in Launceston on 103.7FM, City Park Radio. You can stream it on the website at or by searching for City Park Rado in the Tune In app. If you’re keen to hear more from the boys, they host the Drive show from 5pm.


  • Lost a bit of the podcast unfortunately… the trouble with live radio and relying on technology. Missed out some chat about Leuenberger and Rich. Catch up with Roy’s article on the AFL site below.

  • TEAM NAME: Fantasy Tigers. (AFL Fantasy 2015)
    Used: $9,882,000 (98.8%), Remaining: $118,000 (1.2%) On Ground: $8,826,000 (88.3%), On Bench: $1,056,000 (10.6%)
    Expected Total: 2060, Site Expected Total: 2031
    Def: J.Newnes (82), B.Sheppard (80), G.Ibbotson (80), J.Geary (77), T.Hunt (75), B.Smedts (65) (J.Hamling (45), M.Dick (52))
    Mid: G.Ablett (120), M.Barlow (113), S.Sidebottom (112), J.Selwood (110), L.Neale (95), B.Newton (70), J.Anderson (70), P.Cripps (66) (T.Dumont (62), A.Vandenberg (61))
    Ruc: T.Bellchambers (80), M.Leuenberger (83) (J.Griffin (62), T.Read (37))
    Fwd: J.Bartel (100), D.Martin (101), B.Deledio (101), D.Swan (105), M.Bontempelli (86), M.Clark (69) (J.Hogan (65), K.Lambert (65))

  • Unlike the steaming dog pile of last week, The Calvinator has come through with the goods – I can see fantasy footballers nationwide putting a patch on and singing along with the pirate!

    • Bit harsh! It wasn’t supposed to be good, but better than a ‘steaming dog pile’. Calvin’s was a ripper! Classic stuff. I’ll get a lyric video made up for his tomorrow night hopefully.

      (If you haven’t picked up on it, they’ll get better each week – Roy has something special up his sleeve. The magic of fantasy entertainment).

  • Lo! Calvin has raised the bar!!!
    Roy is going to have a tough time topping the pirate’s effort imo – not sure how he’s goin to do that barring a music celeb collaboration of some sort? ;)

    Yep good stuff and entertaining!
    cheers fellas