Scott Selwood – Deck of DT 2015

Name: Scott Selwood
Club: West Coast
Position: Midfielder
AFL Fantasy: $459,000
AFL Dream Team: $457,200
Bye Round: 13
2014 Average: 81.0
2014 Games Played: 12
Predicted Average: 89

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Why should I pick him?


I’m sorry. I can’t do this. There is literally no reason for you to be picking Scooter in your initial team this season and I can’t, in good conscience, pretend that there is. Unfortunately, this article is going to read like a Sex Ed class from the 1970’s – abstinence only, folks.

Forget the fact that up until last year’s ankle-affected debacle of a season, Scooter improved his average each year by at least 10 points. You read that right – 10 points a year. Double digits. He laughs in the face of the Career Arc theory.

Scooter Arced

Please ignore his tempting $460k-odd price tag, based on his injury-affected 81-point production last year. You know, a monstrous 27-point drop from his best work, brought on solely due to a Round 2 ankle twist that restricted him to 12 hobbled games.

Whatever you do, don’t pay attention to the fact that, even playing on one leg, Selwood still went to work on a respectable DT/min ratio. Given that he dropped down to 77% TOG from his normal 85%, one might be encouraged by his fantasy potency… Don’t be that guy.

Above all, erase the concept that he’s capable of pumping out 26 touches a game, along with 4 marks and 8 tackles, from your mind. To clarify, I don’t mean just once every now and then – he’s capable of doing that EVERY WEEK. That’s a cheeky 109 DT points, and that’s before you even add in all those bonus stats. The only player to top those figures last year? You guessed it – Tom Rockliff. 

As I said, forget all that stuff.


Why shouldn’t I pick him?

So why have I issued this blanket ban on the Selwood lovers? It’s simple. Scooter isn’t even close to approaching something that we could call ‘fitness’, thanks to that recurring ankle injury that plagued his 2014 efforts.

West Coast football manager Craig Vozzo admitted earlier in mid-January that Selwood “had a secondary procedure after his initial operation (and) it has put him behind where we would naturally like training to be at this time of the pre-season”, than later threw around worrying buzzwords such as “managing”, “special program” and “no timeline”.

A week later, Coach Adam Simpson himself added some bleak words of his own, letting slip that Selwood was “progressing towards starting to run” and that he was “not sure about Round 1”.

Yep. Sounds super promising, right? Grab that red texta and strike a long, slow and deliberate line through Selwood’s name on your initial squad’s watchlist. He’s already been ruled out for the bulk of the NAB Cup and even if he does suit up for Round 1, what can we realistically expect from someone who is thinking about maybe, possibly, kinda running in the future, probably?

Some might think this is the waste of a card in the Deck and there’s certainly an argument for that – but I recognise the value in a cautionary tale. If, like me (and the 24% of coaches who’ve backed him into their early AF Drawing Board squads), you’ve had Scooter locked at M4/5 all pre-season thus far – then now you know it’s time to scribble out his name and start looking for a replacement. And I think that’s worth it.

Deck of DT Rating.

JOKER – It’s a classic case of loving the idea of someone, and not the actual person. I would love to waltz into the 2015 with a crazily underpriced Scott Selwood surrounded by unicorns and rainbows and sliced bread; but unfortunately, the actual Scooter that we’ve got has a bung peg and has forgotten what real life running is like.

Stay away initially, but don’t keep him off the radar completely.

Bonus Stat: Scooter didn’t have a full pre-season in 2013 either (back issues), yet belted out a 115-point average over the first 6 games of the year. Interesting… My point being: he can play, no matter the situation. Maybe Scoot starts slow or gets a vest or two early and his price drops – it could become a very different equation then.


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  • Dick of dream team.

    Hellwood ruined me last year. It wasn’t tagging, it wasn’t injury- he’s just soft.

    • Beg to differ. Definitely cooked his chook ankle-wise in Round 2, re-injured Round 3 and battled on from there out. Never got a clear run at it.

      • Absolutely agree here Tbetta. While he’s one of my man crushes in the AFL, I can’t justify picking him with an injury ravaged preseason. Hoping he can attain full fitness in the first few rounds and he’ll be prime for the picking.

        In terms of Fat Knife, Scooter is definitely not soft, he’s a hard nut and loves the physical side of the game, just like Joel. It wasn’t tagging no, he plays best as a run with player where he can still rack up disposals, tackles and dream team points, while minimising the effectiveness of other elite players. He was definitely carrying an ankle injury throughout the year

  • Scooter not even “he’s tearing it up in the pre-season” either.
    Isn’t he recovering or something? Wouldn’t touch him this year, in fact i’ve made a new rule for myself to try and avoid players with new coaches with obvious exception to Ablett types – until you see what their role is.
    Scooter will be DT relevant again one-day, just not right now.

    Great to see an article that says “STAY AWAY” so clearly.
    Nice work Tbetta

    …..he will still burn some still no doubt this year who don’t read this haha.

  • Brutal assessment and pretty damn spot on, not sure why he’s still sitting in my team though…
    Damn that blind faith!!

  • Ditched him the second that second round of surgery happened, so this DoDT was pretty pointless for me, just commenting to say this was one of the most entertaining reads I’ve had a while, great article.

  • Funny as. Sad thing about SS is that he got hobbled right at his DT peak, about 1 week after I traded him in in 2013.

  • Conflicting poll. Whilst you did sound like a jaded ex-girlfriend, I was never considering him round 1. Top article though!

    • Hahaha. I definitely feel like the sour ex, I’ve never recovered from our break-up early last year. Still hvae strong feeling, ya know?

  • still can’t believe so many people have him in their squad. surely no west coast supporters do.

  • Nice pic of Adam Selwood on home page article ;)

  • Mid season upgrade kinda. Will grab him when he is due to make a come back. Might be a savior if a mid price or rookie gets injured half way through money making

  • From the outside looks like a tasty underpriced mid capable of averaging 110, then you dig a bit deeper and see the second round of surgery, the fact that Simmo likes using him as his tagger and all of a sudden it’s YUK!

  • Hollywood even if he is used as a tagger it doesn’t matter he still plays offensive but he also chalks up a load of tackles. The surgery is the main concern other than that he is a premo. I am biased but those stats don’t lie

  • One good DT season doesn’t make a player a gun! Not particularly DT relevant before 2013, had a good year in 2013, much like “attack dog” Griffen (god I hate that name) but then didn’t back it up, injury or no injury. Can’t say someone’s with such a small sample size. West coast glasses, take them off!

  • @bruce86 I remember watching him play against melbourne early the year tagging Jones I think when he chucked out a putrid 45 or something round 11 tagging boomer it was another 40 odd, not good enough to get in my side

  • Ripping article Tbetta. He WAS in my team (not that I have paid much attention to it, too early IMO) but I definitly wont be starting with him now.

  • At best he’s an upgrade target. IMO he’ll drop about 40-50k, leaving him ripe around rd 6-7 when our first rookies are good to go. The Rd 13 bye looks mighty tempting.