North Melbourne offer plenty to fantasy coaches

Whether you’re weighing up your bets or whether you’re a fantasy coach plotting your plans ahead of the new campaign, the new AFL season couldn’t come soon enough for a lot of us.

In terms of fantasy planning, you could do a lot worse than have a look at the North Melbourne squad this season.

On the back of a decent sixth-place finish in 2014, the oddsmakers believe the Roos will be one of the teams to watch in the bets this year, and it’s no surprise when looking at the North Melbourne squad – something fantasy coaches will be doing between now and the start of the season.

One player who might have slipped under the radar during much of the pre-season fantasy planning has been Shaun Higginswho joined North Melbourne from the Western Bulldogs in the offseason and has wasted little time in establishing himself with his new team-mates.

The 26-year-old has been earning rave reviews from members of the North Melbourne squad for his performances during pre-season, and the versatile former Dog could now become a popular selection ahead of the new season. Available for $430,000, Higgins could be a very useful player to have on your rosters, even more so if he is used as a forward rather than as a defender.

Jarrad Waite, who joined at the same time as Higgins, is another player who could be a big point scorer this season. The former Carlton man is expected to be a key member of the Roos team this season and should have plenty of chances to rack up some serious fantasy points.

Elsewhere in the squad, Jack Ziebell is understandably high on the list of many fantasy coaches, coming off the back of a 2014 campaign in which he averaged 84 points a game and with dual-position status this season.

Veteran forward/midfielder Brent Harvey hasn’t been the most prolific points scorer in recent years but the 36-year-old could still be worth a punt for some fantasy coaches who are looking for a reliable-if-unspectacular midfielder who is going to play the majority of games during the season.

As far as younger players go, new draft Sam Durdin could be a very profitable player to have in the defence/ruckman position given his dual-position status and price tag of $252,000. The number-16 draft pick looks set to be given a taste of senior football this season and will be hoping to prove those doubters wrong who claim he doesn’t have the size required to contribute regular points in his first full campaign.

And if you’re looking for a bargain, you could do a lot worse than take a look at Daniel Wells, who is available for $356,000 and has the ability to be a very productive player in your midfield. While injuries plagued him for much of 2014, the 29-year-old looks set to start the new season fully fit and ready to remind everyone what he is capable of.

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  • I stopped reading when you suggested Waite as a viable fantasy option

  • I stopped reading when i saw the picture of Higgins

  • Yeh unfortunately i dont agree too. No mention of A Swallow who could be a premo mid steal & instead you mention higgins & waite.. If you choose harvey and it pays off then full kudos to you but youd be mad with the likes of goddard swan deledio martin plus cheaper options in tmitchell, kelly, adams..

  • Thought boomer has done alright the last few years especially when he’s been available in the forward line..
    8 tons and 8 nineties last season out of 20 games seems pretty prolific for a fwd… compare that to dusty (11 tons 3 nineties) and buddy (11 tons one 90) or mcglynn (8 tons 3 nineties and yes i know hes lost his fwd status this year)
    maybe not prolific for a midfielder but for a fwd??
    Ziebell should be good this year in a strong north lineup.
    Harper any chance to cement his spot? Lots of decent fwd rookies to pick this year it seems anyway with the likes of membrey, hogan, karnezis, clark etc…
    possibly even reid or sylvia if fit!!

    • yes, those players may be decent options
      but basically the article is all about the fantasy “relevance” of Higgins, Waite, Ziebell and Durdin

      1 of which is injury-prone (and is too awkwardly priced)
      1 of which has averaged above 80 4 times in his 12 year career (and passed that score 9 out of 16 times last season)
      1 MIGHT (and emphasis on it) become relevant this year, but only because of his new found DPP
      and the other has an elite-DT ruckman to contend with, or a non-relevant DT role down back

      • the 5 players I’d consider are:

        Goldstein – arguably the ruck to have over the past 5 years, and should be top 3 (with Jacobs and Mumford) this season
        Swallow – underdone last year and should benefit from a full preseason
        Ziebell – COULD go back to his 2012 average, which will be invaluable as DPP
        Boomer – scores well, but other new DPPs lessen his selection
        Dumont – should get a run early

  • Anyone else thinking about Atley as a Smokey? Very good young player, could breakout this year

    • Freako’s been saying it “for years” in his prospectus, provided he gets mid time (was def in 2014, and is in the 2015 one too)

  • Wot a rubbish article, I wouldn’t take any of those crap players, boy have standards fallen on this site. Save that dribble for the AFK site.

    • This was a sponsored post, as stated in the article. Stuff like this keeps the site ticking for us (advertising goes nowhere near paying server costs in the off-season).

      However I’ll take offence to us saving “that dribble for the AFL site”. What’s wrong with what WE post on the AFL site? I guess you’re just here again to throw around your negativity again about us ‘selling out’ or ruining the game, yada yada yada. You must live a sad, sad existence to waste your time belittling everything we do. We are having fun doing what we do and if you think that we had anything to do with VS not having the contract with AFL, then you’re dumber than I thought (‘wot’ should be spelled ‘what’). We don’t run the game, make rules, have anything to do with the server stability and function, we’ve been employed by the AFL/Telstra to provide content around their official fantasy game – which started MONTHS before we had even heard about VS being dumped (or however it went down). Take it up with the people that wear suits… not the guys who are basically still doing what they’ve been doing for the past nine years.

      But nice to see that you are still stopping by! Maybe a comment on one of the awesome Deck of DT articles or something might turn your virtual frown upside down?

      Enjoy RDT. You don’t have to be playing Fantasy to get something out of this site. DT Talk will continue to talk DT/Fantasy and whatever else… even if three of the team are employed by the AFL.

      • In fairness, given that you talk DT and watch AFL for a living
        I’d gladly trade places with you (I’ll take Calvin’s as a preference, looking at numbers for captains is my thing)

        • It’d be nice if it was a living, but being a part-time teacher and a part-time fantasy coach is pretty good!

          I guess dealing with negativity from some corners is part of it.

          • I had a bit of a crack a you last season Warnie…but mainly over defending the issues of the AF website (sorry by the way)…BUT..DT Talk is an exceptional website, you shouldn’t have to defend the quality of what goes up here, it’s quality

          • Hopefully that will all be forgotten this year! Site should (well, better) be working nicely and all will be good. They’ve made a heap of improvements, etc. While the game play won’t be up some people’s ally – those that don’t like any form of change from what they’ve got used to over the years – it offers a different fantasy platform for us to throw our hat into and have some fun with. That’s what some have to remember.

            Fingers crossed that 2014 is a blip on the radar.

            This was a sponsored post from a betting agency (not that it was too over the top) with info that you can take with a grain of salt… like anything fantasy related, tbh! The quality of content on DT Talk is at the best it has ever been I think. I took a bit of offence to the comment about our writing on the AFL site. Not sure where that comes from? I wouldn’t have thought what we did there was full of shithouse advice or whatever.

            Anyway… I’m off to sing some Taylor Swift lyrics.

    • No one is forcing you to come to this site and read these articles. If you think the standards have fallen on this site then just fuck off. If anything the articles have gotten better and are more indepth than ever before!

      If you think you can do better then how about start your own research site and lets see how you go.

  • Boomer as a mid yeh best of luck with that

  • Warnie you rock! Keep up the good work. Love everything you guys write up

  • Crikey all I said was it was a shit article and I’m pretty sure it’s a fair observation that the likes of injury and suspension prone Waite wouldn’t have been promoted in the old, non-sponsored posts days a month before even a practice ball has been kicked. Deck of Dream Team is very high quality and it’s a shame that it has to be published alongside misleading naff sponsored crap but I’ll be more wary from now on and just read the unsponsored stuff and dare not criticize the almighty Joan of Arc downtrodden schoolteacher who selflessly devotes all his spare time to helping us sad sad schmucks trapped in our mothers’ basements negotiate the nuances of fantasy AFL in all its forms for negligible gain.

  • Oh yeah and “ally” should be spelt “alley” if you want to go down that road, at least my misspelling was deliberate.

  • And you’re right I should contribute more, I’ll start that right now.

  • Je suis Warnie