Lance Franklin – Deck of DT 2015

Name: Lance Franklin
Club: Sydney
Position: Forward
AFL Fantasy: $536,000
AFL Dream Team: $534,700
Bye Round: 12
2014 Average: 94.74
2014 Games Played: 19
Predicted Average: 94

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Why should I pick him?

Before 2014, ask anybody in Sydney about Buddy Franklin and they would have thought you were talking about some kind of snack sized water bottle. Turn the clock forward 12 months and he is the darling of the harbour city, with a wallet fatter than Clive Palmer and fiancée hotter than Jackie Lambie (Hard to believe I know)

Australia’s version of David Beckham (minus the soccer, aftershave range, ex spice girl stick figure wife and high pitched pommy accent) is an out and out champion.

After having an off 2013 in his last year at the hawks, Buddy was offered an enormous “incentive” to head up to Sydney for the next 10 years. He packed up his belongings and ,using a portion of his new pay packet, purchased 15 x 24 carat gold dolphins to tow him on a chariot made entirely of diamonds up to Sydney.

Being clearly bloated from all the caviar, truffles, Dom perignon and dolphins that he consumed at the start of 2014, his fantasy game started in a truly woeful fashion. Averaging a disappointing 71 after his first 6 games, which included 3 scores under 55.

He then had a week off in round 7 with a “knee” injury (Rumour has it, that he took the weekend off to hire the entire Sydney harbour for a pool party).

Something happened around that time that would change Buddy’s fantasy stats for the better for the rest of the year. Yep that is right, he found a beautiful partner that he will spend at least the next 8 years with…. His name was Kurt (Oh and some broad named Jesinta)

Now let’s not down play the significance of Kurt “everybody in Adelaide still hates me” Tippett. The 2 came together for the first time in round 8 and Buddy where berko against his old side. With Tippett taking some of the attention away from Buddy, he went on his merry way to 15 Kicks, 10 Marks, 2 goals and even 4 tackles for 106 lovely points. Now it should be noted that he also kicked 7, yep that is right 7 behinds AAAANNNNNDDDDD gave away 6 Free kicks….. Had he converted each one of those points and not given away those stupid frees, you could add another 53 points on top of that 106.

Buddy was back!

From that point on until he was “omitted” in round 19 (Sapphire encrusted Oompah Loompahs hand feeding him grapes in the Hunter Valley), he went onto average 102.8, from his next 9 games, including 6 x 100’s and a 98 and an impressive 36 goals.

Buddy had found his MOJO again. He was happy, Jesinta was happy, Kurt was happy, all of the panel beaters in Sydney were happy.

He went on to finish the year in style. Let’s not forget his 9 goal 157 point domination of the Saints in round 21.

Put simply, these numbers tell the story:

  • Tippet in the side, Buddy averages 107
  • Tippet out of the side, Buddy averages 84

That is a very handy 23 point differential.

Buddy scored over the ton 11 times in the regular season and once in the finals. When he does get over 100, he averages 119. Those are premium midfielder stats.

Oh and he likes playing in Sydney. This year he averaged:

SCG – 111 (40, 100, 113, 122, 120, 114, 157) They play 8 games there in 2015
ANZ – 103 (73, 106, 95, 137) 3 games in 2015

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

There is a smorgasbord of tasty talent on offer in the forward line in 2014, and if lots of DPP is your thing, well then those options might suit you better.

He shares the round 12 bye with studs like Swan, Goddard and Riewoldt, as well as some new DPP’s in Ziebell and Cooney.

He can be inconsistent, and those stupid free kicks he gives away have been known to make my laptop throw itself in anger.

He will miss games. Buddy hasn’t played every game in a season since 2008.

There is a chance he may drown in his wad of cash


Deck of DT Rating.

ACE – He is a marvel, and I don’t even really like the guy. I think that there is a bit of uniqueness about him for 2015, and he is not a bad Ace to have as a point of difference. He will definitely be a top 6 forward and as long as he continues to be good on field mates with his mate Kurt, the signs are good for Buddy in 2015.

Note: I may have stretched the truth or made up some facts in the above story… He actually averages 118.5 when he scores a ton, not 119.

Will Lance be your Buddy from round one?

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  • Great Article Rainman. This guy’s been locked for me since I started thinking about 2015. Absolute jet. I think it’s easy to let the amount of DPP options tempt us and forget the Forward only contenders that can score just as well.

  • A lot of ‘LOLs’ reading this… thanks Rainman. You have a very convincing case on why to pick him. Watching him against the Bombers early will be hard if you don’t start with him. Currently out of my side at the moment, but geez… the point of not getting too excited with the FWD/MID options we have is an important one to remember!

  • Good job Rob “ha I rhymed” I think I won’t start with him! I might instead buy some C.O.L.A & watch that go flat instead.
    cheers [_]) mate

  • Top Article.
    I know we’ve only just started the DODT but the 4 we’ve had are going to be in everyones team at some point in the season….
    Need some roughies/mid pricers that a lot of coaches will be 50/50 on and not just the cream of the crop that everyone will have by seasons end.
    Sorry to be critical but I was under the impression that these articles need to garners peoples attention as well as creating a bit of controversy/mystery of who to pick… No point having the likes of swanny,deledio, pendles, jelwood, priddis,stevie j, beams, dusty plus many more in the DODT as these guys will be owned by a large portion of the competition anyway. With the defenders the way they are this season eg hodge, bartel, simpson and malceski the most expensive I think a lot of the DODT could be on players such as those as well as the likes of hibberd, lumumba,mayes, waters, R. henderson, whitecross, ibbotson etc… Then possibly even throw in the likes of NVB, rich, luenberger, griffen and kreuzer and I think that will make the DODT more enjoyable to read…
    Apologies if Ive jumped the gun and a lot of these guys are still to come on the Deck of Dream Team!!

    • There are 48 different players to come! Starting with Rocky was a given, backing up with Ablett made sense. I went with new DPP Goddard and then Rainmain selected Buddy for today – which has shown that not all are sold on him, especially to start with (which the Deck is definitely about – starting or not with some of these players).

      We’ll definitely see a range of players. New Years Eve I’ve got my next one up who is a bargain then on New Years Day we’ll see a great left-field one from Rainman again!

      Tomorrow it’s Dunny with someone I’m sitting on the fence with at this stage.

    • Hey McFirth, thanks for the feedback.

      I love the deck because of the diversity it does bring. Plenty of those you mentioned and some that you haven’t will be appearing. There are a couple of mine in particular that I don’t think I have seen mentioned anywhere that I think are particularly relevant.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment

    • Hi McFirth,
      The guy for tomorrow was only in about 15% of teams last year and I am not sure I am going to start with him myself, but he may well be in my team by year’s end. My second card is going to be a real on the fence kind of guy!
      Cheers for reading the deck though mate.

  • Even rookies like Nathan Brown, ben Reid, Colin Sylvia, Jon Griffin,Tom Boyd, Jesse hogan, Alex Johnson, ben newton,Jed anderson, andrew phillips, Tim membrey, Morabito,clay smith plus many more would be very interesting reading!!
    Cheers again guys not nit picking just trying to throw in some constructive criticism!

    • Not sure if you at cards often mate but each deck has Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks….

      • Oh – and don’t forget prices/positions are released for each team, MJ has a quick look at 5 players. Feel free to discuss any of the dudes who pop up there in those comments as well!

      • haha yes recall I compute however the dubbing of said aces, kings, queens and jacks on the DODT is completely subjective and we’ve started with 4 aces have we not and if you read the names of the players Ive stated above you should be able to see that there is a decent cross section of cards you could give these guys even with the rookies the rating they are given is completely proportional to the averages they are predicted to score for the season. Not my problem if you see all Jacks buddy!! :)

        • Not sure if you have been around here much but it’s very hard to keep a POD quiet around here. The best part about this deck is it brings information to players that would normally just use a cookie cutter team. The players you have mentioned could set you apart from the rest. If everyone could log on here and be able to choose a squad from the 52 players in the deck wouldn’t be much fun.

    • I’m sure we’ll see a few of those names pop up! We can only do one a day and there are no hard and fast rules on who we do… Stay tuned.

  • Good article. I’m very time poor, so I need all the info I can get from written pieces like deck of cards. I appreciate your efforts.
    I’m not sold on Buddy yet (been burnt) but come Rd 1 he may be in my team and may be the captain of it. Buddy may kick 10 against the bombers..

    • Haha – we should actually look to make a card size copy of each article. “Lance Franklin: Rainman says pick him even though he doesn’t like him”. Done!

  • Will there be a free hit after round one again? If not, choosing the right cash cows is going to be huge

    • Nope, no free hit in 2015 (thankfully). While I did well with it last year and understood why they wanted to do it, I don’t think we needed it. A rolling lockout would have been enough to get through that first fortnight.

  • Pass for me, with all the other juicy options up forward this year. I feel much safer heading into the season with Goddard/Deledio types, than the enigma that is Buddy.

    I’ll wait and see for later in the year.