AFL Fantasy Position Changes 2015

Dane Swan is available as a FWD/MID in 2015

Some big news was announced today in an article via (and in a video you should watch) about some new positions for some of our favourite AFL Fantasy players.

The main guys highlighted were the new FWD/MIDs for 2015. Let’s start with the big one, Dane Swan. The Magpie was probably already in most teams after his worst fantasy season since 2005. Now available in the forward line, the DPP is basically a lock for our squads. Brett Deledio and Brendon Goddard will be also up there as the top forwards available next year. Kangaroo Jack Ziebell, Cat-turned-Lion Allen Christensen and new Bomber Adam Cooney also have FWD/MID status.

We also heard that Sam Mitchell, Cam Guthrie, David Swallow and Pearce Hanley won’t be available down back. The star defenders of 2014 are MID only for the upcoming season. With those new premium FWD players being added, we also lost some. Patrick Dangerfield, along with Swans Luke Parker, Kieren Jack and Ben McGlynn can only be selected in the midfield.

Hyped rookie Christian Petracca, who averaged 99 points in the U18 Championships, is a FWD/MID but he’ll have a pretty hefty premium on his starting price.

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Stay tuned from Monday, and every second day after, as prices and positions for each club will be announced. Monday we’ll see  the Saints.


  • And so it begins again haha

  • Well done guys. This means a rethink of my defence and forwards.

  • Bummer i was hoping he would be a pod for me. Not now

  • It couldn’t have been POD with Swan cause he is massively under-priced.

  • hope they release all the positions soon, happy to wait for the prices, but would like to know what other players might roll out in new spots, duncan, zaharakis etc

  • still getting Hanley and Parker

  • The prices are being released gradually from 15th of December. One every second day.

  • What position is Bartel? Surely he’s a FWD/DEF now, as he’s never in the midfield.

  • This sucks to be honest. Swan is justifiable because he spent a hell of a lot of time up forward last year, but when has Goddard or especially Deledio ever been considered a forward… All this is doing is just taking away the unique picks.

  • Another year of slim DEF pickings with little or no value. When will defensive spoils be awarded points to gain some parity with FWD values? May as well stack the MIDs and buy rookies & returning players like Waters down back.

  • Reckon Rich will go bang next season don’t think he’ll get tag anymore with the Lions midfield now having Rocky Beams Redden Hanley Zorko Robinson Christensen Taylor Mayes and Aish.

  • Herald Sun have done their article on position changes today. AFL Fantasy, RDT and SC will all have the same positions initially. Here’s their article:

    Dane Swan (Collingwood) — midfield/forward
    Brendon Goddard (Essendon) — midfield/forward
    Brett Deledio (Richmond) — midfield/forward
    Jack Ziebell (North Melbourne) — midfield/forward
    Harley Bennell (Gold Coast) — midfield/forward
    Dale Thomas (Carlton) — midfield/forward
    Adam Cooney (Essendon) — midfield/forward
    Paddy Ryder (Port Adelaide) — ruck/forward
    Tom Bellchambers (Essendon) — ruck/forward
    Jarrod Harbrow (Gold Coast) — midfield/defender
    Nathan Krakouer (Port Adelaide) — midfield/forward
    Christian Petracca (Melbourne) — midfield/forward
    Jayden Laverde (Essendon) — midfield/forward
    Hugh Goddard (St Kilda) — defender/forward
    Sam Durdin (North Melbourne) — defender/ruck
    Kane Lambert (Richmond) — midfield/forward

    Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide) — midfielder
    Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn) — midfielder
    Pearce Hanley (Brisbane) — midfielder
    Jimmy Bartel (Geelong) — forward
    Luke Parker (Sydney) — midfielder
    Jarrad McVeigh (Sydney) — midfielder
    David Swallow (Gold Coast) — midfielder
    Stefan Martin (Brisbane) — ruck
    Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide) — forward
    Lewis Taylor (Brisbane) — forward
    Josh Caddy (Geelong) — midfielder
    Luke McDonald (North Melbourne) — defender

    Al Paton also tweeted out a few others.

    Tom Mitchell – FWD/MID
    Brandon Ellis – MID
    Motlop – FWD/MID
    Westhoff – FWD
    Taylor Adams – FWD/MID
    Josh Thomas – FWD/MID
    Dal Santo – MID

    There were more… we’ll be able to post the lot next week I think once they’re public! Exciting times!

  • Were you guys aware of McVeigh? Would’ve thought he was worthy of mentioning.