BBL Fantasy 2014/15


Launching this morning, the official fantasy game for BBL|04 is here with some awesome prizes; including $10,000 for the winner, $500 for round winners and a whopping $6,000 for the best league. Make sure you get signed up and get your leagues sorted before the first lockout on Thursday 18th December.

Feel free to post your league codes in the comments.

We will have content on DT TALK in the weeks leading up to the first lockout from the great minds of Zeus and Feathertop to help you select your initial squad including who the bargains are… the basis of all fantasy teams no matter what code you play! Look out for these articles¬†soon.

We will have some leagues popping up on DT Talk soon, but for now, make sure you are in our group. Here are the details:

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Alrighty, happy DTing!



  • My team:
    BAT:Finch, M.Hussy, S.March, Reardon,
    AR: Cutting, Kallis
    WK: Paine
    BOW: Arafat, Laughlin, Badree, Paris
    SUBS: Wells, Lawford, Hartley, Sayers

    • You can do better with the subs. Wells > Maddinson/Ferguson, Sayers > Doherty and Lawford > Turner would be good trades IMO.

  • First year doing BBL Fantasy, would like some advice:

    BAT: Pietersen, Marsh, Hussey, Hales. SUB: Wells
    ALL: Kallis, Flintoff. SUB: Stoinis
    WK: Whiteman. SUB: Hartley
    BWL: Bird, Laughlin, Badree, Cummins. SUB: Sayers


    • Have changed team around, went for some more underpriced options:

      BAT: Pietersen, Marsh, Hodge, Hales (Wells)
      ALL: Kallis, Flintoff (Stoinis)
      WK: Hartley (Carters)
      BWL: Bird, Behrendorff, Badree, Cummins (Paris)

      Salary: 25,500

      Went for many uniques; am hoping Kallis, Flintoff, Hartley, Cummins, and Badree can score heavily.

      As you can see, I went for Hartley as my no. 1 keeper as I don’t see that much to split the higher and lower priced keepers. What do you think?

      Also, would like peoples’ opinion on Kallis and Flintoff. Both seem like absolute no-brainers to me – underpriced and likely to score heavily – but not many teams seem to have them?!


      • Also, wanted to have lots of spare salary so I don’t have to make compromises when trading

      • I think Flintoff is a bit too old to confidently select. With a number of other good choices im staying away. Kallis could be a good pick up depending on his role in the team
        Don’t mind the thought of Hartley as #1 keeper.

        • I think I’ll stick with him as a unique, I reckon age won’t hinder him in T20’s, he strong enough to hit big and score well as well as picking up a few wickets when bowling. If he disappoints I’ll look to upgrade him to a Bravo or Pollard type.

  • BAT: Pietersen, Ryder, M. Hussey, Hodge (Hales)
    ALR: Pollard, Flintoff (M. Marsh)
    WKP: Paine (Hartley)
    BWL: Lee, Hogg, Richardson, McKay (Doherty)

    Give me the $10k now lads haha

  • Will finchy be playing for australia, if so should we not select him?

    • He will only be playing 1 dayers which begin after Renegades have played at least 6 matches. So I would definitely start with him in.

  • league code for anyone interested: 685890

  • For anyone who’s having a crack for the first time, I can tell you after a few seasons of playing – this year definitely offers you the most value. I’ve had a quick look through the players prices and thought I’d lend a hand.

    David Hussey ($59,100): Getting old but still a prolific hitter – handy offy’s which can pick up the odd wicket as well.
    Brad Hodge ($61,100): At this price he’s locked for me. Australia’s forgotten son, this bloke can hit like no tomorrow. In the past few seasons he’s been one of the most expensive, so jump on now.
    Alex Hales ($59,600): The number three T20 batsman in the world – need I say anymore?
    Cameron White ($63,300): Australian T20 former captain who has found tremendous form in the past 12 months. Opens the batting as well, which is handy considering him and his partner Luke Wright can win a game by themselves.
    Nic Maddinson ($49,700): If he can survive the first couple of overs, this guy will go big every time. Will no doubt be a future Australian star, and at his price + opening batting spot, he’s very tempting.
    Michael Kilnger ($69,200): Not sure why he’s this cheap. The former Strikers skipper was easily one of the best batsmen in last year’s competition, and boasts a very modest price this year.

    Aaron O’Brien ($58,400): Very handy spinner who can hit the ball if need be. With Murali not playing this year, expect an increased role. Will deliver 4 economical overs if nothing else.
    Mitchell Marsh ($68,800): If you follow cricket you’ll know this kid is a gun. Can bat and bowl very well, however there are concerns over international duties + how low he’ll bat in the order, so be cautious.

    Chris Hartley ($32,000): One of Australia’s most underrated. Hartley was in blistering form in the Matador Cup recently, and is equally as capable as Ben Dunk for hitting a huge total. Should bat up the order as well which is crucial for wicky’s in this form of the game, given the few catches/stumping opportunities.
    Ryan Carters ($36,000): Has had a formidable year to date, showing good form in all modes of cricket. With Peter Nevill now gone, and Haddin wearing the international gloves, Carters will be the sole wicketkeeper and will hopefully be targeting a top order batting spot.

    Xavier Doherty ($33,900): This bloke is still an international T20 player, and has typically been priced in the top 10 bowlers for the last 3 seasons. T20 is definitely a spinner’s game, and this guy is definitely worth his dollar if he keeps his spot with Boyce in the side.
    Fawad Ahmed ($36,000): On the verge of the international side, Fawad is easily one of the best spinners Australia has at the moment. Didn’t get much of an opportunity last year with Murali in the side, but expect him to be a permanent lock each round this year.
    Michael Beer ($48,300): In conjunction with his outstanding surname, Beer is another fantastic domestic spinner capable of bowling 4 economical overs if nothing else. Often overshadowed by Hogg at his former club, he should take the mantle at the Stars over Clive Rose, which hopefully will mean bigger numbers each week.

    Callum Ferguson ($41,500): Exceptional last 12 months – anything is possible.
    Joe Burns ($50,900): In terrific form at the moment, and can definitely hit a quick 50.
    Travis Birt ($64,100): Former T20 royalty (e.g. Dane Swan to a lesser extent for all you AFL followers). This bloke had a huge opening season, but seems to have lost touch since then. Capable of hitting a very, VERY big score and quickly, so jump on if he’s showing some class early.
    Tom Cooper ($67,400): This guy’s a freak. Can hit a 6 as well as anyone, and boasts a very modest price tag this year.
    Tim Ludeman ($41,500): A real chance to be big. Has played some very consistent and high quality cricket over the past few seasons, and given he generally opens the batting makes him a genuine contender as a fantasy wicky.
    Samuel Badree ($72,500): #1 T20 bowler in the world – enough said.
    Josh Hazlewood ($75,100): Gun young talent – if he’s not snapped up by the Australian team, jump on.
    Patrick Cummins/ Ben Hilfenhaus/ Kane Richardson/ Shaun Tait ($59,400 – $56,400): Take your pick. All have represented Australia. All are underpriced.

    • Thanks for the info mate

    • Appreciate the work mate, has made me reconsider my team. I’m a fan of Starc at 73k too
      Would love to hear your thoughts on Finch, Maxwell, Wade and Dwayne Smith?

      • Thanks mate.
        Starc’s a gun there’s no denying it, but like Hazelwood the pair always seem to be on the verge of a test call-up. If they’re looking likely to play quite a few BBL matches though, I’ll definitely be jumping on.
        As for Finch, he’s of course the cream of the crop. In BBL Fantasy though, for that price tag you’d want him hitting guaranteed 50+’s every week. The issue with big hitters like him is that they either make you a stack of runs, or go out cheap. For significantly less you could pick up quality players like Klinger, Hodge, and White as I mentioned, which will mean you won’t be investing all your eggs in the one basket, so to speak.
        The same applies for Maxwell – he’s a huge risk in terms of price tag. Sure, he could come out and score 50 off 2 overs, but he’s equally likely (if not more than likely of late) to sky one up in the air first ball.
        Wade’s an interesting one. He’s had 0 form until the recent ODI’s against South Africa, and even if he was in form, his price and batting position turns me off. For a few extra quid, I’d be looking for an upgrade to T-Paine, otherwise Ludeman/Nevill are both reasonable value. Remember in this format catches and stumpings are rare, so you’re basically choosing a wicky on batting, and particularly on what position they bat at.
        Smith I got burned with last year when he pulled out at the last minute. He’s easily one of the best international T20 batsmen going around, so well worth a punt if you’re looking for a player of difference.

        Hope that helps mate.

        • What do you think about Hartley as a no. 1 keeper? Also what do you think about Flintoff and Kallis as all-rounders?

        • Plus would you go with Cameron White or Michael Hussey? Tossing up between them seeing as Marsh is now in the Test squad.

          • Personally, I’m changing my mind on Hartley every day. It will really come down to whether you want to spend big money on Dunk. Based on form and batting position, I’d personally rank Dunk the best wicky available, but Hartley is a very close second (and at his price definitely deserves to be your number 1). My opinion would be not to waste money on any other wickys for your starting spot (maybe T-Paine if you’re a fanboy), as you’ll just be wasting money.
            As for Freddy and Kallis, you’re taking a punt on both at their price. Freddy particularly – you’ll be selecting him as a bowler basically, given how far down the order he bats, and considering he won’t be overly familiar with the Australian pitches, it’s a pass for me. Kallis, however, is worthy of a smokey spot, given he will likely bat at 3 or 4, and should be given at least two overs to bowl (plus South African pitches are similar to ours, so he shouldn’t need to adapt much)
            The last choice I’d again go White. Both are fine options, but White opens the batting and has a much higher strike rate. Hussey, as phenomenal as he is, will likely make consistent slow 30’s like he did last year – but who knows, he may come out swinging this year.

  • BAT: A. Finch, T. Birt, C. White, B. Hodge (A. Hales)

    A/R: L. Wright, B. Cutting (M. Stoinis)

    W/K: T. Paine (P. Handscomb)

    BOWL: N. Rimmington, S. Badree, P. Cummins, K. Richardson (J. Paris)

    • Really no point in having hales on the bench. 59k is too much to have on your bench and would be just as good on field as White or Birt IMO

      • Trade Birt to a cheap bench player and use the salary to upgrade elsewhere… possibly a top bowler


    SALARY : $2,800



      SALARY : $3,200


      • Maybe someone other than Pietersen, first year in bbl if he does well pick him up later

        • I like the look of Pietersen. Has always been one to hit big, isn’t that old at all, can also play as a part-time spinner, and doesn’t have to worry about international duties so will likely play almost all of the games.

  • Hey guys, im going to be posting big bash fantasy tips on this facebook page:
    Check it out,

  • Tossing up between Maxwell and Bravo, Maxy can get out early and Bravo’s average was 100 in two games

    • have maxwell for his double game round one then trade to bravo for the next three rounds if he dominates again round one

  • Bat: Finch Hodge Hales White (Maddinson)
    All-Rounder: Maxwell D.Smith (Stoinis)
    Keeper: Wade (Hartley)
    Bowl: Starc Badree Doherty Beer (Paris)
    $48 500 left

    Unsure on D.Smith and could upgrade to Bravo?
    Beer is only in there for the first round as Stars have a double and then will be traded. Doherty is also too cheap at that price to knock back
    Whether Paris plays will depend on if they want him or Muirhead i would imagine

    • Considering you are keeping a lot in your salary, I would advise against Wade. If you want someone who can score heavily with the bat, I’d upgrade to Dunk – He’ll open and play many games – otherwise, like you commented on mine, you could use Hartley and have 60-70k in your salary.

  • D Hussey, Hales or White?

  • please join my league no. 933026


    SALARY: 4.3K

    not sure on bowling attack or allrounders due to international duties
    Thoughts would be appreciated

  • BAT – Finch (c), Bailey, Birt, Maddinson
    ALR – Maxwell (vc), Abbott
    WK – Paine
    BOWL – Hazlewood, Hogg, Starc, Lee
    BENCH – Wells, Turner, Nevill, Cummins

  • thoughts? please
    21,100 remaining slary
    thinking of bringing in klinger and carberry round 2 seeing as scorchers have the bye this week
    K Pietersen, E Morgan, C White, A Hales (J Wells)
    D Sammy, A Russel (T Lawford)
    C Hartley, (J Peirson)
    C Gannon, B Laughlin, N Rimmington, S Badree (J Paris)

  • So here is what I’ve come up with, big cricket fanatic, can’t get enough of it!

    Batsmen: Finch (C), Ryder, Simmons, White, Ferguson (S)
    All Rounders: Maxwell, Faulkner (VC), Lawford (S) (Can seriously hit a ball)
    Wicket Keepers: Carters, Hartley (S)
    Bowlers: Badree, Nannes, Cummins, Tait, Rainbird.


  • Thoughts?
    BAT: Finch, Klinger, Hodge, Hales (Maddinson)
    A/R: Faulkner, Pollard (Turner)
    W/K: Hartley (Peirson)
    BOWL: Laughlin, Rimmington, Starc, Bollinger (Ahmed)

    33k remaining.

  • New lineup, What do you think?

    Got The Runs

    BAT: Finch, Pietersen, White, Hales (Head)
    ALL: Wright, Kallis (Lawson)
    WK: Hartley (Peirson)
    BWL: Bird, Badree, Cummins, Bollinger (Paris)
    Salary: 39,400

    Got rid of Hodge simply because he’ll bat too low down in the order. Had to get Finch in so it was a toss-up between him and White. In the end White’s DGW and his opening the batting made me keep his spot.

    Looking at Flintoff after his bye, if he impresses I’ll be looking to pick him up. Got Wright instead because of DGW.

    Let me know what you think of Bird and Pietersen. Really like the look of them with DGW first up and both should play all or almost all games. No point in downgrading either of them as I already have 40k odd to spend.


  • bat: finch,M hussey,white,hales(wells)
    ar: wright,kallis(cartwright)
    wk: hartley (nevil)
    0$ left
    tossing up between white and hodge and calls and D smith
    Thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Thoughts on my team:
    Batsman: Finch, Lynn, White, Hales, Maddinson(sub)
    All-rounders: Wright, Pollard, Turner(sub)
    Keepers: Ludeman, Hartley(sub)
    Bowlers: Pattinson, Starc, Badree, Cummins, Doherty(sub)

  • 494051

  • BAT- A.Finch, K.Pieterson, C.White, A Hales (N.Maddison)
    ALL- D.Bravo, L.Wright (M.Marsh)
    WCK- C.Hartley (J.Pierson)
    BOWL- C.Boyce, P.Cummins, K.Richardson, X.Doherty (J.Paris)


  • BAT: Finch, Pieterson, White, Hodge (Maddinson)
    AR: Kallis, Faulkner (O’Keefe)
    WK: Hartley (Peirson)
    BWL: Bird, Rimmington, Starc, Doherty (Paris)

    Thoughts guys?
    Options I am looking at are: Christian, Dwayne Smith (will he bowl?) and Cummins (can be expensive…. I see Starc as better value)

    • i think smith is a good player of difference but not sure on how much he will bowl. i like the look of cummins and have him currently in my team

  • edited team
    bat:finch,white,m hussey,hales(wells)
    ar:maxwell,wright (cartwright)
    thinking to replace one allrounder and maybe white after double round to kallis or D smith.after that might upgrade either paris or doherty

    Thoughts would be appreciated

  • Feel free to join my league 253975

  • 372032

  • League number 406844 for anyone