Want to win up to $25 Million this Melbourne Cup?


TomWaterhouse.com is thrilled to launch the $25 Million Bet That Stops A Nation, the biggest betting prize in the history of Australian bookmaking. Simply pick the Top 10 in order in this year’s Melbourne Cup and you will win your share of $25 million.

TomWaterhouse.com has $25 million to divide up among anyone who can pick the Top 10 in this year’s Melbourne Cup. It is the Bet That Stops A Nation in the Race That Stops A Nation.

What could you do with $25 million? It is a win that could change your life.

It couldn’t be any easier to place your Melbourne Cup Top 10 bet. Check out our breakdown of how to get on. It costs just $10 a throw with punters limited to 10 chances. Punters can bet from now right up until the Melbourne Cup jumps on that famous first Tuesday in November.

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18+ only and please gamble responsibly.


  • Warning, warning….The facts should be made clear. There are approximately 7 TRILLION combinations when attempting to pick the top 10 in order in a 24 horse field. Even factoring favoured horses filling the top 10 the odds still run into the billions. I shake my head at all the uninformed people that money hungry opportunists like Waterhouse try to take advantage of.

    • isn’t that kind of the point?
      they’re not going to give away the money

      most casual punters (ie those that just bet on the melbourne cup) will just see the payout and go with them, it’s only 10 bucks (plus maybe your office sweepstake)

      I think that a share in 25 million (note that you probably wouldn’t be the only 1) would be a fitting reward for being so lucky (or skilful) to pick the top 10 in order

  • Sam, I repeat:

    There are 7 trillion combinations.

    Nobody will win the $25 million.

    And Tom Waterhouse skims $10 off god knows how many uninformed punters (plus gets many of them to sign up with him).

    Sam, like many out there you don’t seem to be a numbers man, therefore you don’t appreciate the sneaky and insidious nature of this promotion, roping people in on a forlorn promise of riches without presenting the facts.