AFL Trade Period 2014 and Fantasy

trade_logoThe AFL Trade Period is now over and we’ve taken a look at every player traded and what it might mean for AFL Fantasy in 2015. Look out for a podcast from Roy, Calvin and Warnie at the end of October as they will look at the trade period, the fixture when it is released and other fantasy things!

Fantasy price projections from Chad’s site; where you can start planning your 2015 teams.

LATEST UPDATE: Thursday October 16, 4:30pm.


TRADE #18 – Thursday October 16, 1:59pm.

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $314,321 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: I’ll never forget the shot on goal I saw Cheney have at Aurora Stadium that he took from the top of the goal square and slammed into the post. This pretty much sums him up! There isn’t any reason for us to think he’ll be any form of fantasy player – classic or draft – in his move to his new club. Unless you’re making a team full of ranga’s, then there is no reason to even consider him. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.


TRADE #18 – Thursday October 16, 1:59pm.

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $368,280 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Lowden has sat on the Hawks list for a few years and finally made his debut in round 12 this year, kicking 3 goals on his way to 66 points and was subsequently dropped. He will now be Sam Jacobs’ understudy at the Crows. This may not be the greatest thing for the big Sauce as Lowden has the ability to play as a second ruck, but it will be interesting to see how they share the ruck role, if in fact he plays. NOT ON MY RADAR.


TRADE #17 – Thursday October 16, 1:52pm.

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $286,812 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: In Jones’ last game for the Bulldogs, in round 15 against Melbourne, the forward was held to just one handball as Frawley gave him a bath. He finished his career in the red, white and blue with a 16 point game and a 3QT red-vest. That was two weeks after be booted four goals for 112 points – his best score, and only ton, in his 5 years in the system. NO WAY.


TRADE #16 – Thursday October 16, 1:51pm.

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $386,861 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: At this price, Biggs is probably a little bit expensive however he may have a bit of upside with a discount on his average of 69.3. His first game of 2013 in round 21 against St Kilda was the best of his career racking up 24 touches and laying six tackles for 96 points. The 23-year-old could be set for a big year at the Bulldogs with opportunity, but there’s a fair bit of risk with so many other developing midfielders on their list. PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.


TRADE #15 – Thursday October 16, 1:45pm.

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $263,990 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Probably going to be a good player for the Demons, but we won’t be looking at him for Fantasy reasons. In his three years in the system he played 21 games at an average of 47.2. This season he played 16 games with a top score of 62. Yeah, nah… I don’t think a move to Melbourne is going to make this 193cm KPP fantasy relevant. NOPE.


TRADE #14 – Thursday October 16, 11:57am.

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $385,969 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Hallahan bided his time at the Hawks, winning the 2013 JJ Liston Trophy as the best player in the VFL. He finally made his long awaited debut this season after being drafted in 2010. In his six games, he averaged 68.8 points with one game in a vest. He should get more opportunity at the Suns, however he might be a little expensive to use as a mid-pricer. THERE WILL BE BETTER OPTIONS OUT THERE.


TRADE #13 – Thursday October 16, 11:52am.

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $438,365 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: The 29-year-old midfielder has won a Brownlow and will be a great pick up for the last couple of years that he has left in him for the Bombers, but realistically, his fantasy relevance is minimal. Cooney hasn’t played 22 games in a season since 2008. He hasn’t ever been in the conversation as a premium Fantasy player and I don’t think that is going to change. Even if he can have a 90+ season, that’s only a 12 point increase on this year. FANTASY DAYS ARE OVER.


TRADE #12 – Thursday October 16, 11:48am.

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $494,388 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: The deal finally got done and Ryder is a Port player… and the Bombers aren’t going to court. Paddy is coming off his second best fantasy season, averaging 88.6 from 20 games. His best was in 2012 where he cracked the 90 average for the season. With FWD/RUC status, he could be a valuable member of your Elite side, but possibly just below the premium ruck numbers we expect as he is fully priced. The main worry is that he will be playing second fiddle to Lobbe who is a bit of a fantasy stud himself. This can only be bad for the two of them I think.  PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.


TRADE #11 – Thursday October 16, 11:37pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $347,801 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Remember when Giles played his ‘debut’ season for the Giants? He was one of the best ‘rookie’ picks we have had in our ruck lineup in recent years. In fact, he was a keeper for some coaches. Giles made us plenty of cash playing 20 games at an average of 81.7 that included 6 tons. This year he averaged a touch over 62 from just nine games as Shane Mumford came into the side. An interesting prospect with Ryder leaving the Bombers, but Giles’ fantastic 2012 was when he was the number one ruck. Bellchambers will most likely still hold that mantle. Cheap enough as there is some upside.  ONLY CONSIDER IF HE’S THE NUMBER ONE RUCK.


TRADE #10 – Wednesday October 15, 4:00pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $195,300 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: The big forward comes in at a price much cheaper than what he was at the start of this year after copping the price premium as the number one draft pick. Is he going to be a fantasy star? Well, not for quite a while but Bulldogs fans will have seven years at least to see what he can produce. He played 9 games in his debut season for an average of 35. Don’t expect much more than that in 2015, but he could be bench fodder in the forward line. ONLY CONSIDER FOR BENCH COVERAGE.


TRADE #10 – Wednesday October 15, 4:00pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $477,536 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Griffen had his best ever fantasy season in 2013 when he averaged 105.5 – the first time he had averaged over the ton after going 91, 98 and 97 in the three years prior. At a few stages this year I suggested him as a good pick up – sorry if people listened to that! It took until round 8 for him to crack the ton and then only managed six more after that to finish the year with an average of 85.5. Now, that is 20 points less than what he did the season before, so he should definitely be on your watchlist.  LOOK AT NAB NUMBERS.


WHILEY MarkTRADE #9 – Wednesday October 15, 2:30pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: Jaksch $215,388 (profile) / Whiley $463,140 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: The Giants may get some love at the Blues as they’ve been keen all trade period to get their men. Jaksch is named as a forward in fantasy but could be a DEF/FWD as he is a bit of a swingman. Has he got a fantasy game? No sir-ee. Pass! Whiley on the other hand played just two games this year for 70 against Melbourne in round 21 and 96 on the Magpies in round 22. 9 tackles helped him in the latter game. Unfortunately, even with a discount, he might be a too expensive option to consider.  UNLIKELY TO BE RELEVANT.


TRADE #8 – Wednesday October 15, 12:19pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $378,547 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: I need to write a few words here about Stanley so it fills up the page. Gosh. I’m not sure what to say here! Unlikely to ever make my fantasy team in any form unless he comes in at a ridiculously cheap price one year. I may eat my words as he did produce a 135 in round 18 this year plus a 100 and a 95. What is he going to do at the Cats? That’s something else I don’t know. He’s a 70 average at best – pretty much what he’s priced at. As stkildathunda put it, his career highlight is winning the 2009 Grand Final sprint. PASS.


TRADE #7 – Wednesday October 15, 12:16pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $567,709 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Greenwood broke out in a big way this year and generally we stay away from guys who did that. There was always some reservation about this mega improvement due to being pretty good at that tagging role. Could this come back and hurt him a bit at the Pies with Macaffer out? I don’t think so, due to how well he played gathering the pill himself. With scores of 54, 66, 67 and 60 early in the season, we may even consider Greenwood’s 101.7 average could make him unders. I’ll be unlikely to touch him. PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.


TRADE #6 – Wednesday October 15, 12:10pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $600,296 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Beamsy was in all of our sides this year because he was priced at under 100. He started the season in brilliant form averaging 118 before the bye. Not that he really tailed off, but there were a few sub-100 scores that even had me questioning whether to trade him out or not. He finished the year with an average of 107.5, his secon best behind 2012’s epic 116. He’s a Fantasy gun as we all know and this should continue at the Lions. Arguably he’s cheaper than what he is capable of, but the big question is who is going to benefit most from this? Rocky? Possibly. We’ll be chatting about this over the coming months. Hmm – maybe we’ll have a podcast soon?!  HIGH ON YOUR SHORTLIST.


TRADE #6 – Wednesday October 15, 12:10pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $471,510 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Unfortunately we’ve missed a bit of a breakout from Jack Crisp. 10 games at 49.4 in his debut season, then 2 at 48.5 wasn’t great but then he went BOOM in the final six games of this year averaging 84.5 thanks to a string of scores in the 90’s and 80’s. Sadly, this will price him out of our teams and realistically, at the $470K projection, that way overs for me.  TOO EXPENSIVE.


TRADE #5 – Wednesday October 15, 12:01pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $219,597 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: We were all mega-keen on him this time last year knowing he’d be going into 2014 hella-underpriced due to injury. We’re back at square one and with a bit of luck, Clark could be a fantastic option for us up forward this year to save us some coin. We all know how good he can be – read this Deck of DT for some numbers – but it’s all about getting on the park. He’ll be a lower end of the mid-priced players that will make some cash and score some okay points for us along the way. LOCK AND LOAD IF HE GETS THROUGH PRE-SEASON.


TRADE #5 – Wednesday October 15, 12:01pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $396,459 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: I could definitely write here how under-priced the artist formally known as Harry-O is due to pumping out an 87.5 average in 2013 and dropping over 16 points to average 71 this year. Normally I’d be all over that but at this stage I don’t think I trust the Prince in my Fantasy side. We could argue that last year was a blip on the radar as he went on a streak of averaging 62 for the four seasons prior. We’ll certainly monitor him over the pre-season, but I’m not holding my breath.  LOW ON THE PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.


TRADE #5 – Wednesday October 15, 12:01pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $351,819 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: As a FWD/MID, Varcoe could be a nice option after averaging just 63 points this year. While he hasn’t set the world on fire fantasy-wise, he looks like he may play a more fantasy friendly game at the Pies. “We will use him a little bit differently to Geelong, a bit more on the outside to use his speed” could see his numbers increase. Not sold, but those pre-season stats will be nice to look at along with what his role will be in the black and white.  PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.


TRADE #4 – Monday October 13, 3:00pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $461,075 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Christensen was set to continue to increase his fantasy standing after a fantastic 2013 averaging 86.8 from 18 games. A back injury limited the midfielder to just 8 games this year and that may warrant him a discount on his 82.6 average. Either way, he has a fantasy game that is capable of 90+ and if he can be named up as a forward again, then he will be in the mix as one of the best in 2015 at the improving Lions. We should see some more improvement as he heads into his fourth season.  PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.


UNRESTRICTED/DELISTED FREE AGENT – Saturday October 11, 3:48pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $393,223 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Gwilt is an interesting prospect. Interesting is used loosely here as I don’t think I’d be touching him but he has shown the capacity to score some decent numbers for a defender. Maybe the Bombers are blinded by the fact that he scored 101 on them earlier this year, but probably more for the reason they may struggle to field 22 players at certain stages of the year! Gwilt averaged 70.4 from 17 games this year, his third best return behind 72.2 from 22 in 2010 and 70.8 from 15 in 2011. Anyway, he’s basically fully priced as he hasn’t done much better than what he did this year so you wouldn’t start with him. NOT GWILTY.


TRADE #3 – Friday October 10, 2:00pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $334,800 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Not even being traded to a club that generally see a bit of the ball in the backline will make Joel Patful relevant. The former Lion goes into his tenth AFL season coming off his best year to date; an average of 60 from 21 games with a top score of 87. There’s no way he should be on your radar in any form of the game. Patful’s top score in 197 games was 89 against Melbourne in 2010. Maybe use that stat to trick one of your mates into drafting him in Elite? NO, NO AND NO.


TRADE #2 – Thursday October 9, 3:05pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $265,999 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Adding a bit of red to his navy blue jumper, Garlett was on the outer due to some off-field behaviour along with form. He played nine games this year at an average of 47.7. While he is unlikely to get a discount, his price is well below what he is capable of. In three of his six seasons in the AFL, Garlett has averaged 70+ and you’d think that he will have every opportunity to play in the Demon guernsey and increase in value. If there aren’t too many ‘bargains’ up forward, Garlett is set to be priced in the mid-$200K range and would have better job security than blokes priced around him. Worth considering. PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.


TRADE #1 – Thursday October 9, 10:30am

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $230,175 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: After playing 8 games this year, O’Rourke will be a mid-priced player… but around the same price as a top 10 selection in the draft. He averaged 41.3 points this season, a figure brought down by three vests. That said, his highest score was 72 – which he achieved twice. Citing lack of opportunity as a reason for a move from GWS, it’s odd that he’s off to the Hawks where it is only going to be harder for him to get a game. Job security issues aside, I think we might find better around. PASS – YOU DON’T SCORE FANTASY POINTS FOR BOX HILL.


UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Monday October 6, 10:37pm

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $513,639 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Oh yeah! Here we go… finally a really Fantasy relevant Free Agency player! Eski had his best Fantasy season this year, averaging 92 points from his 22 games – the second year in a row he’s played every game. Not bad for someone who has had LARS. The negative is that as a 30 year old he may not be pumping those numbers again, but at a new home on the Gold Coast, he may have every opportunity to do as he pleases and play a fantasy friendly game. While we may not start with him as we look for value and under-priced players elsewhere, he has to be a chance to come into our sides at some stage in the season as he would be gunning to be a top-six defender in 2015. Some big pre-season scores will make him very tasty to start with. HE MAY BE A POPULAR UPGRADE TARGET.


UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Monday October 6, 9:41am

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $425,921 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Frawley is coming off his best Fantasy season of his 8 year career. He averaged 76.3 from his 21 games. The defender was among the first run of players to gain DPP prior to Round 8 this year, adding FWD status. Frawley will be played as a defender at the Hawks and you’d think that he will just be a DEF in 2015. His better scores came from when he played forward but who knows how he may fit in with some of that backline chipping around at Hawthorn? Could it help Lake get back to his Fantasy best? Hmm.. certainly wouldn’t start with him, but there is a small chance he becomes relevant. PASS.


UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Friday October 3, 10:15am

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $448,655 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: As Roy likes to refer to him, ‘All-Australian’ Jarrad Waite sometimes makes us think he could warrant a place in our Fantasy teams. Waite’s two best seasons were in 2009 and 2010 when he averaged 86.8 and 86.6. This year, he would have tricked a few when he came back from injury in round 18 when he went on a streak of 135, 107 and then 134 in the first week of Fantasy finals. He then hit up a solid 86 but would have burned a lot of coaches with the 45 he posted in the prelim. Ouch! More of a SuperCoach player due to being KPP, but even at that, I wouldn’t touch him. A WORTHY ELITE DRAFT PICK, BUT I’D STAY AWAY IN CLASSIC… SORRY ROY.


RESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Friday October 3, 10:14am

DT LIVE PROJECTED PRICE: $423,522 (profile)

FANTASY VERDICT: Burn me once, shame on you… no, no and no. We should be giving Higgins a little bit of credit here. He played an equal career high 20 games in 2014 and pumped out some very nice Fantasy scores – including 127, 108 and 109. Higgins was among the first batch of player to gain mid-season DPP having DEF added to his FWD status. What role will he play at the Roos? Unsure at the moment but he’ll be priced at his 75.9 average which is well below his best – 88.5 in 2009 – and he is still just 26… there is potentially some upside! YEAH, NAH… BOTTOM OF WATCHLIST.

Discuss the trades and any Fantasy value you find in players at their new club in the comments.


  • Hi guys just wanting to know that if Beams goes to Lion’s would it be a good idea to select a few Lion Mid’s.

  • @marcus81168 beams at brisbane will take tagging attention off hanley and rockliff, especially rockliff. Injury free rockliff will be the highest scoring player in the comp again, a must have! If hanley is a dpp again it would be a very wise choice also

  • going to stay away from Mal, thought Broughton would be let lose when he went to GC, never eventuated, will wait and see how he starts the year.

  • None of these will be in my starting side. One I am considering as rookie or cash cow is Membrey. He will be very cheap at the start of the season.

    • Definitely! As soon as that deal is done, I’ll be adding him to the above post. DT Live has him at $223,200. I’ll be a big chance to pick him at that price.

  • With the Lions picking up both Christensen and Beams will that effect Rocky’s fantasy scoring ability?

  • Guys who i think who may be DT relevant to start with early next year as a result of trades are –
    Higgins – bottom of the watchlist tho
    Malceski – upgrade target
    Christensen – only if he gets fwd status
    Beams – who gets the tag at Brisbane? Rich? Hanley? Beams himself? With beams having that form slump mid year, and if he is not first in the tagging order again, he’s looking very likely to be included in my team. With Rocky, I think he’ll be at the price where you NEED to start with him. If he does shit, you downgrade him and pocket close to 100-150k. But if he does great, you have the best captain choice in the league and he would be almost impossible to upgrade to
    Clark – Lock and Load
    Greenwood – An average of 110 in his last 15 games, 108 including finals. Actually averaged 116 if you take out all the games that he tagged…… Kind of a pity that Macaffer got injured tbh! Watchlist for me until we find out how Buckley utilises him.
    Membrey – depends on the other rookies. but at an average of approximately 29.3 (that is if Fanhub continue to go by the formula of discount % = 30 – 3x, when x = number of games played), he is firmly on the watchlist.
    Ryder – Watchlist….. I have a feeling his and Lobbe’s scoring will be destroyed and they’ll average around 75 each.
    Ryan Griffen – Who gets the tag out of Treloar, Ward and Griffen? The added pressure of the captaincy and injuries now lifted of him, he is firming as a lock at this stage. Especially if Ward looks like the one getting tagged

    Anyone I’ve missed out on guys?

    • Great work! Looks spot on to me. Time will tell on a few over the pre-season with roles, etc. Be interesting to see what else gets done up until 2pm tomorrow!

      • Thanks Warnie! I agree with what you said regarding pre-season roles, etc. Hopefully there are some other DT relevant trades, especially from some rookies perhaps!

  • Because of Christensen and Beams being picked up by The Lions and his cost. I will not start with Rocky next year. He will start the most expensive player by about 100 grand, I do have query on him with the additional midfield depth at The Lions.

    • I am on the other side of the fence. He will be 150k more than Pendles and co, which means that if he struggles, you’ll be able to downgrade and gain 100k still from getting Pendles/Barlow/etc. However, if he goes bang, he will be very hard to upgrade without sacrificing a mid premo. I’m thinking of starting with him

      • yeah, but Rocky C + Rookie vs Jelwood C + Griffen/Scooter
        which would you rather have?

        Negligible difference there personally, but it’s relying on an inconsistent rookie, and Rocky holding a roughly 120 average

        2nd option seems safer for me, but this is why we’ll be having different teams :)

        • this is more for the limited trades, rather than freely switching premos as and when with 2 trades per week

        • I think that the same will apply for AFL Fantasy even with the two trades per week. Personally I won’t be backing in Rocky to average over 130 to begin with… and even if he does, it’s a fair bit of risk starting with him. As you used as an example, I’d take option 2 for sure.

          To start with Rocky or not will be a big discussion point of the pre-season… I’m sure it will be a topic of our first podcast of the off-season that is due out in a couple of weeks!

          • for me it’s purely because he’s ~150k more expensive than anyone else (like I said pricewise, Rocky+Rookie vs Jelwood+Scooter will be of similar cost, I’d back the 2nd one in personally)

            although it is good, I think he’s more of a bye-upgrade target for me (hopefully he gets a friendly one)

  • How come DT live has Mitch Clark 6k more expensive that what he was last year without him playing a game? Usually players go down in price when they miss a whole season. Is that price going to be lowered or will that be his starting price for 2015?

    • No idea. However, Clark played 4 games last year at an average of just 48. This got him a discount to start with… but yeah, he may end up a little cheaper. I guess we’ll know for sure in December when the prices are released.