Potential position changes for 2015


Here’s a bit of a post-season discussion topic… who is likely to change their Fantasy position classification in 2015? That is, who may gain or lose dual position status or completely change position?

Some potential changes I have considered in my first five minutes of thinking are: Luke Parker to be MID-only, losing FWD. David Swallow losing DEF and becoming just a MID. Jimmy Bartel to definitely have FWD status but whether that is attached to DEF or MID, I’m not sure. Brett Deledio could be a sneaky chance for FWD status, but I’m not holding my breath. Same goes for Dane Swan. A little birdy told me he was VERY close to having FWD status added on the last DPP changes.

Anyway – add your two cents in the comments on who you think may have a position change. We’ll leave this here for a while before the pre-season starts properly here.



  • Could Fyfe get one in the forward line?

    • wouldn’t think so, gets way to much of his ball in the midfield

    • Agree with Schulzy. Think he’s set to be a MID his whole career! Well, at least until he’s about 30 and then might be the league’s best lead up forward for 5 years or so. What a jet!

  • Hanley I think will loose DPP just be a mid only seems to spend lots of time on the wing

  • Bartel should definitely be a FWD/DEF – he pretty much never plays in the midfield, and never in the centre square at a bounce.

  • It’ll be interesting to see who keeps it from the DPP changes that happened before Rd 8 and 16 this year. (While on that, I loved that addition to the game…).

    Some of those with it added in the last batch – Kieren Jack, David Zaharakis, Mitch Duncan, etc – might be lucky to hold it.

  • Kelly will be a permanent DEF. Hardly played MID in the second half of the year.

    Also thoughts on Jack Martin as a possible MID/FWD?

  • Ziebell fwd/mid
    Bennell fwd/mid

  • What % must someone play fwd to keep a fwd tag mate?
    I know Parker had been there 36% of games at around RD18.

  • My thoughts are –
    Bartel def/fwd
    Sitchell to keep dpp
    Swallow, Hanley and McVeigh to lose defence eligibility. McVeigh a sneaky fwd chance but unlikely.
    Swanny – mid/fwd
    Lids – mid/fwd
    Jack keeps mid/fwd status
    Duncan – Dunno about him, may lose it
    Zaha, Bennell, McGlynn, D. Smith to keep it
    Parker, Caddy to lose it
    Dusty mid/fwd still….. Was a chance to become def/fwd earlier on in the year but he hasn’t played their in the 2nd half of the year
    Westhoff def/fwd – Very interested if this happens
    Stef Martin to ruck only is locked in
    Those are my thoughts on some of the relevant dpp’s

    • So based on this it will seem to be a wise idea to load up on in the forwards, while going more mid-priced in defence with options such as Whitecross, Waters, Ibbotson, Yeo, Seedsman, etc. with a couple of these guys a huge chance to be top 10 defenders if not injured, especially with the lack of options back there. Hopefully next year, we actually have some quality rookies come through there as well, so we don’t have to get another Bews type again as D7…….

  • Aside from the obvious ones mentioned above (Bartel & Swan, and some DPP losing a position, would you think Sidebottom is a good chance of regaining FWD/MID?

    How about Matt Suckling to be DEF/MID? (gains MID)
    Dean Rampe to be DEF/MID? (gains MID)
    Daniel Cross to be DEF/MID? (gains DEF)
    Kade Simpson to be DEF/MID? (gains MID)
    Gary Rohan to be MID/FWD? (gains MID)
    Nathan Hrovat to be MID/FWD? (gains FWD)

    Sam Mitchell to lose DPP, while Hodge keeps it.

  • Is there a bias towards removing dpp or adding dpp? Are recent changes more or less likely to lose dpp status?

    How much time in the ruck is needed for dpp? Could Griffiths qualify as R/F after becoming D/F from previously D early in the year? A whole raft of R/F changes this year at West Coast – Nic Nat, Sinclair, Lycett – are they all likely to retain dual status?

    • In-season, there is a STRONG bias for adding DPP – as you know, a player can’t lose a position during the season (‘STRONG’ is an understatement). From this, you can then imagine what happens in-season would have a bearing on how things are managed off-season: because of the increase in numbers of DPP during in-season, a bias toward removing DPP off-season would maintain year to year numbers of DPPs. Else, the numbers of DPPs ought to keep increasing year to year without such a bias in place.

      Off course, this is the first year Fantasy has run (with the in-season changes), so we’ll have to wait on a long term year by year analysis to see if my idea is actually what happens.

  • Roughy to FWD/MID? Has had stints in mid as ruck rover but really don’t think so

  • What do we think about danger, spent very little time forward this year, I feel he may be just a MID, dusty a certainly to retain MID/FWD, Stanton and windowlicker to DEF/MID and FWD/DEF, lids to gain FWD, Sideass possible to get DEF? Goddard gains FWD? Daisy to be a FWD only, langford DEF/MID, hopefully jack, duncan, caddy, mcglynn, harvey all keep DPP, load up on FWD line and hope some good back rookies come through, scharenberg would of been handy, rocky is going to be so so expensive I’m not sure if I will start with him, depending on the fixtures next year?

  • Surely mcgovern would be a chance to gain DEF in addition to FWD.

  • Some very good suggestions there people. I personally think McGovern gaining DEF is a possibility. Hopeful Parker retains MID/FOR. Would be very pleased to see Stants and Westhoff both gain DEF status. Bontempelli FOR/MID would be good for us too. Would also like to see one or both of Sidebum and Swan to be MID/FOR, probably not likely though, but hey, I’m allowed to dream.

  • Jack Gunston maybe a DEF/FOR ?

  • What are the chances of Stanton gaining DEF/MID Status, Deledio gaining MID/FWD status and Westhoff gaining FWD/DEF status?