Preliminary Finals Lockout Chat



lockoutDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend via Chad’s DT Live website.

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  • My conundrum…. best 2 out of Jellwood, Jordy Lewis and Sidebum? please help!

  • Trying to decide between:
    Jelwood (Langdon tag)
    Swanny (unpredictable)
    Watson (2nd game back from injury)

    Appreciate any thoughts

  • My team is first, looking to try and win and get one back. I will have cover on bench for def and mid but not ruck or fwd but opponent will have bench cover on ruck and fwd.

    Swallow vs hodge
    Jaensch vs butler
    Sloane vs delidio
    Macrae vs cotchin
    Gray vs zaha
    Danger vs k jack
    McGovern vs Shenton

    Pretty sure we both will be trading beams and Barlow for ??

    What to do

    my mids are rock, pendles, jelwood, macrae, Sloane and martin

  • Have 580K for a mid to replace Beems, should i go:

    Jordan Lewis

    Already have Rocky, Cotchin, Selwood Priddis

  • Sloane or Selwood?

  • It seems O’Brien misses out yet again… ensuring no cover for my mids.

  • sidebottom or selwood and why?

  • sloane or cotchin

    • My brother has gone for Cotchin to match his opponent this week. I’ve gone Sloane, because I think he is more capable of a higher scoring including next week (crows v saints, tigers v swans). All the best.

  • Need two…. thoughts appreciated.

    Sloane (v NM, STK)
    Lewis (v GEEL, COLL)
    Zaharakis (v GC, CARL)
    Ellis (v STK, SYD)
    Jack (WB, RICH)
    S.Mitchell (v GEEL, COLL)

  • Really need help Swan, Buddy or Cotchin

  • Who is least likely to play out of Dustin Martin and Scott Pendlebury?

  • field aiden riley or zac o’brien?? need an M8, other will be emergency

  • Alright guys I have narrowed it down to 2 guys.

    Sidey vs lewis?

    Sidey doesn’t play as good with beams out of the side and he plays GWS this week and they like to run multiple tags but he had 143 on them last time he played them and then has hawks in the GF who he has a bad record against


    Lewis who is in killer form and has been consistent for the last 10 rounds but he plas geelong this week who he doesn’t have the best record against but he has collingwood in the GF who leak points and he has a killer record against them



    • sidey by a bee’s dick…. also i tossed a coin over these two and it landed side up!

    • I can’t choose I am actually going to toss a coin I think they are both equal and I like lewis as a pod

  • Anyone else tempted by Toby Greene. I have an easy week this week and in round 23 I like the look of him vs Dogs. Although Sloane v Saints could be better?

    • Personally I don’t like Toby Greene now that ward is out he could attract the caff and picken tag

      • Probably goes to Treloar I think, but there’s certainly a risk. I recall he didn’t like the tag last year one bit so maybe I’ll overlook.
        Also Macrae to finish v GWS could be a bonanza. My oponent is two players short of me this week and out of trades so I’m just planning for r23

      • Oh the benefit of hindsight. Who did Maverick go for?

  • With my trades first one can be priddis, sidebottom or Lewis

    But second trade can only be cotchin down in so can’t get 2 of the above


    my mids are rock, pendles, jelwood, macrae, Sloane and martin

  • Have thought about priddis and mundy trade ins

    Thoughts on mundy

  • The best 3 mids under 540k for the next 2 weeks?

  • On another matter I have Cameron Wood starting in ruck atm..

    Do I start McGovern (C.Cameron for fwd bench) and move S.Martin to Ruck


    Start Cameron Wood and McGovern my fwd bench for the maybe Dustin Martin withdrawl?

  • Best two mids for this week out of: Lewis, Jelwood, Priddis, Cotchin, Watson, Greenwood, Greene, Swan?

  • Sloane or cotchin??

  • Buddy, Jelwood, Sidebottom, Cotchin or Greene for two rounds? Thinking Buddy ATM and he could have some big scores.

  • How do we think Sandilands is going to go after his 60 last week? Benching that tall mofo could be a masterstroke…

    • too late for anything meaningful now, but ruckman have struggled vs Hawks all year, and Brisbane (other than rd18) actually give up reasonable scores to ruckman, so I’d back him in

  • Sloane as a unique or cotchin to cancel cotchin going huge?

  • I’m surprised no one is jumping on Mundy. Plenty of midfield time with Freo’s outs.

  • Oh no Smurph!

  • Brenton James @beeJAY6020
    @CalvinDT @WarnieDT @RoyDT @AFLFantasy you boys hear the channel 7 coverage pre game? more #carnage – Dustin Martin out for Sunday, Conca in
    Retweeted by Calvin

    Is this true? On Richmond’s site, posted just before 5pm they state no changes with Dusty in the team

    • It doesnt seem to have anything to back it up. Surely it would be on the net somewhere if this was true

    • What’s the latest on Martin????? That Channel 7 report is the only media report on it.


    yeah neither did I

  • Great start for my pre-lim. Chose Zaharakis over Gray and had Simpson and Murphy combine for 51.

  • Is anybody watching the GWS game? Who from each team is getting tagged?

  • Mumford gets the worst fuckin treatment from the umps just because he’s so big and strong. Had his head taken off twice and nothing…. but every legal tackle he lays gets called a free against?!

  • Swanny injured again on 38 Q2.

  • Loving greene’s work. Brought him in last week. Cheers Roy!
    Not loving my decision to bring swanny in this week as much

  • All the rave for Priddis so I got him in last week. 96 pts… Ok but no premo score… 17 pts half way through second term v Melbourne WTF!

  • My opponent gets a donut for Dusty out, thought I might gain an advantage with Kersten as E. 2 pts might yet be the difference LOL!

  • What yas think up by 13 opponent has ellis and franklin I have cotch and mcveigh

  • Gary Rohan 3 kicks…mentioned as being a real key for the swans by Andrew Welsh ???

  • What’s a par score this round? About to get 2200.

    • Par will be 2600 this week

    • Ok in all seriousness, I think it’s subjective. When Warnie comments on par it seems to be based on his fantasy ranking and wether his ranking goes up and down. But I believe he is ranked around 1-2000?

      That might be ‘par’ for the real hardcore players that want to finish right up the top, but it’s not really ‘par’ for the majority of the competition.

      To me I just concentrate on my personal goals. I finished around 10,000 last couple years, this year I want to finish top 5000. I was ranked about 5,800 last week so for me I just want my ranking to go up. I am on 2181 with no one left to play personally. My ranking is 4,183, but I’m sure it will go down a bit because there is half a game to go

      • Warnie’s par tends to be about the average for the DT talk community… as they are typically better performing than the general population as they clearly put in more research. It’s meant just as a rough guide for the higher placed teams

  • Need 40 or more from NRoo to snag an incredible come-from-behind win.
    This is the first and only time I will be ever seen actively supporting the Saints and not just hope for their opposition to lose.


  • Finished my RDT prelim with scores tied… Here’s to a favourable points adjustment

  • When Cotchin has a bad game, he HAS a bad game.

    He better perk up next week