Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 22


It’s Preliminary Finals time so you better make sure you have the right captain.

Although you are probably going with the  mighty Tom ‘PIG’ Rockliff, I offer some great players who you should consider this week if you are looknig to be a little unique.

Make sure you check out the FULL CALVIN’S CAPTAINS article over at the AFL.COM.AU website for a full and comprehensive take on who you should be locking in this week.

Also, use this information as a tool to assist your trades as he covers who will be BIG this week and who might flop. With the amount of carnage already on the Fantasy floor, this might be just what you need to get one up over your mates.


#1 – Dane Swan (Collingwood) – We won’t but Swanny will benefit in the absence of Beams and Pendlebury (if he’s out) this week and will thrive with more midfield time. He scored 163 and 159 against the Giants last year.

#2 – Trent Cotchin (Richmond) – Cotchin has been in sizzling form and scored 138 against the Saints in round 15. He’s coming off scors of 118, 113 and 113.

#3 – Joel Selwood (Geelong) – He’s averaged 126 in his last 5 games this year and has averaged 113 against the Hawks in his last 8 games.

#4 – Dyson Heppell (Essendon) – HAS BEEN RULED OUT FOR THIS WEEK

#4 – Matthew Priddis (West Coast) – Priddis will be looked at by many this week when he takes on Melbourne at Patersons. I’m not as convinced as other coaches out there, but he’ll be rather solid. He scored 98 last week and 102 when he met the Demons

#5 – Rory Slaone (Adelaide) – 79 last week and 106 and 145 in his last 2 against the Roos… he’ll be ok, but man we are scrapping the barrel this week.

Make sure you check out more info about these guys and 15 other players over at the AFL website where the FULL ARTICLE is up and ready to roll.

Good luck – you’re going to need it

Who is the best Captain of Difference (COD) heading into round 22?

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  • Who’s been the most consistent in the past few weeks for the midfield??

  • So the flash-in-the-pan, flavour of the week spasms have stopped. Noone is talking about Liberatore anymore, I thought he was a top 8 midfielder not 6 weeks ago, now he doesn’t even make any of the discussions, even with Kennedy, Beams, Pendles, Barlow and Fyfe out of the equation.

    Instead we are talking about the Great Dane and Priddis, the guys who get it done season after season.

    Next time you bag out the Milansta, remember the big picture because I see it clearly.

    Btw, loving all the outs, I’m using DPP to get Zorko into my midfield this week, got Jake Lloyd on the bench along with Dean Towers for the DPP switch. Loving how my league opponents are screwed tho! $$$

    If you remembered my post about not cutting the bench fat because of this exact situation (which happens every season btw), then it would have served you well.

    I dream of these kind of situations! Thank you DT for a bye week essentially for me.

    • And I have Kennedy, Pendles, Barlow and Fyfe in my midfield this week! Who cares, still 0 donuts for me this week!

      • “Remember the big picture because I see it clearly.”

        What’s the big picture? Talk all year like you’re the Fantasy messiah handing down wisdom to the peasants, yet never show them your team or ranking because it will discredit all the bullshit you’ve spun? That’s the only big picture you’ve seen clearly.

        • Spot on……reveal your Team and Team position, and we will start to listen if you have merit

      • mate you should take your finger out of your donut

    • He/she is back and is as humble as ever.

      BTW, I have no donuts this week and may possibly have bench cover in 3 out of 4 lines.

      Jump back into your Delorian and let us know what awaits next week.

    • some one hand the man a very large tissue to wipe the shite from his chin as this man cannot stop talking crap. all year you hand out your bullshit opinions without showing team or rank and i feel you are just full of shit mate. every now and then you make some sense and get something right but then again as they say if you throw enough shit at a wall some will stick.

  • Cotchin