Preliminary Carnage – Ep. 23, round 22

What a big weekend it was in NAB AFL Fantasy. Carnage everywhere and for those of us competing in the Preliminary Finals this round, then there could be a few teams walking wounded.

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  • So currently, the players who aren’t gonna play are: Harvey, McGlynn, JPK, Beams, Ward, Stevie (unknown), Pendles (unknown) Butler (unknown). Bartel and Macrae should return. Anyone I missed?

  • What do you boys think of a ridiculously cheap Leigh Montagna? $407k and had 110 on the Tigers in Round 15.

    • I wouldn’t risk it. Pay an extra $60K for Swanny!

      If you can get to Montagna to be M9 – especially for cover if you have 22 playing but one of the mentioned players ends up being a late out – then that would be worth it.

  • Anyone having this issue with the Fantasy site? Since the end of last week, I can’t click on player’s profiles to look up their stats

  • Who should I bring into my midfield? Priddis, Sidebottom, Lewis, Watson or Gray/Zaharakis (to swap into my forward line)

  • Best 2 options to bring into my mids, already have rocky, pendles, sidebottom, sloane, priddis and barlow

  • Which 2 out of these 3…. Heppel, Watson or Priddis?

    • I would say Priddis and Watson. Dunno how he’ll go but could be an X-factor. Depends if you think you are gonna win or lose. If lose, pick Watson, If win, pick Heppell.

  • I am surprised how well the podcast flows with the banter, information and advice. Really well done.

    I was hesitant to get Priddis, because he seems to score more against the harder teams, but I think you’ve changed my mind.

    • Haha – we’ll take that compliment. Generally we just talk a lot of shit. I guess because we live and breathe (plus write a fair bit about Fantasy) some good stats and advice filters through!

      Good luck with Priddis. He has been great since I’ve had him!

  • Hey Guys, I’ve got $430,000 salary and My midfield is Rockliff, Barlow, Beams, Johnson, Pendlebry, Fyfe, Sloane, JPK.
    Bench: C.shenton, B. Ross

    Also in my foward line I’ve got Ambrose on my feild (this is where the 430,000 was meant to come in) any ideas

  • Who should I bring in for beams and Kennedy (if he doesn’t play) have around 140k in the bank so can get any mid for both players
    Def:bartel, Hanley, mcveigh, Simpson,hodge and Mitchell
    Mids:rocky, selwood, Barlow, pendles, sloane, dalhaus (gone next week for a premo if everything works out with no rested players)
    Ruck: Martin and Mumford
    Forwards: buddy, Parker, danger, gray, caddy, dusty

  • You guys are SO convincing about Greene and Treloar!!!!! ARGHHHHH!!! I had originally locked in Heppell vs GC, now I’m triple guessing myself. Who to get out of Treloar, Heppell and Greene? Also by getting one of Greene and Treloar is it worth getting Devon Smith over K. Jack (can’t afford Smith if I get Heppell)? Thoughts?

  • Warnie following on from your great escape on the weekend I thought I would reminisce and share my great escape from round 13 2013.

    I was in an eliminator match-up and literally dead and buried. It was coming into the last game of the round Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs at Etihad Stadum. I had Boyd, Cloke, Pendles and Swan to come whilst my opponent had nobody.

    The equation was simple I needed 504 points from these 4 players at an average of 126.
    Boyd- 112
    Pendles- 133
    Swan- 137
    Cloke- 127

    = 509.

    I somehow managed to pull out a 5 point win from nowhere.

  • Will the original pig now return to the mids without possibly pendles and beamer and return to pig status against gws?

    • He never lost Pig Status! Haha. Once a Pig, always a Pig. BUt yeah… expect him to be good this week! So cheap!

  • Fremantle midfielder Michael Barlow will miss the last two games of the home and away season after breaking his thumb during the third quarter of Sunday’s 19-point win over Hawthorn.


  • Barlow out, my team has been absolutely obliterated

  • I would love to see a poll of how many donuts people are looking at.