My Team 2014: Round 22 – Preliminary Finals


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  • Cant believe im bloody about to trade Swan back in….

  • Who to get under $550k? I’m considering all these mids below and can’t decide – tell me where I’m wrong or right

    (I’d like to get Priddis, Jelwood, or Sidebottom, but just can’t afford them)

    Watson – not fully convinced – 30 disposals for 98 points? one tackle? hmmm
    Macrae – what a gun, but last game was a bit poor for only 74. plus his team WILL get flogged by the swans this w/e, then he’s playing GWS who love to run multiple tags. not sure about spending $545k on him either, would to save some cash for trading our Harvey next week.
    Greene – good form, but not sure about any of the giants mids. prone to a bad game where they get flogged and only score a 60 DT.
    Gibbs – pretty consistent, probably my #1 selection at the moment due to frequent 110+ scores
    Greenwood – not killing it anymore, although still doing alright, producing around about 100
    Treloar – as per greenwood
    Crouch – very consistent, usually good for a ton or more, but doesn’t go huge
    Nathan Jones – incredibly consistent. lowest score in last 12 games is 89, and his only score under 90 since then too. hasn’t gone big since round 5
    Swannnnyyyyy – the pig at $468k. but not the same pig he used to be, and the pies are in struggle town at the moment, this one just screams no
    deledio – looks good, although i already have Cotch and Ellis and just can’t bring myself to load up on tigers
    Ebert – just when you think he’s doing well, bam – 50. PASS.
    Mundy – someone’s gotta get all that Freo ball

    My current mids are

    Rockliff, Pendles, Sloane, Cotchin, Ellis, Goddard, Stevie J, Beams (crisp, honeychurch/caddy [dpp])

  • Greene plays 2 leaky teams, doesn’t he? Should be good for 2 matches.

  • Fantasy team pre-trades:

    D – McVeigh, Hanley, Simpson, Bartel, Malceski, Mitchell (Hurn, Warren)
    M – Rocky, JPK, Sloane, PENDLES, BEAMS, BARLOW, Selwood, Cotchin (NDS, Weerden)
    R – Jacobs, Martin (Brown, Naismith)
    F – Parker, Jack, Dusty, Dangerfield, Duncan, HARVEY (Zorko, Kersten)

    I think I will have to play Kersten for Harvey, Zorko/Bartel for JPK/Pendles and trade Beams/Barlow to Priddis/?. Money isn’t an issue.

    My other option is to trade Beams to Buddy via Danger into the mids. Guess I need to weigh up whether to bring in Buddy (who my opponent has) or a midfielder.

    I have tried all sorts of trade options with shuffling DPPs around but I am always left with either a donut or Kersten on field. My opponent will also have Kersten on field so that’s ok. Best case scenario is that Pendles is named so I can play Zorko instead of Kersten but there’s a risk he will be a late out and I’ll have no emergency cover.

    Any suggestions? Cheers.

    • Great team mate, I’d trade Beams and Barlow. Pendles trained today and seems a good chance to play. So then you’ve got Dal Santo covering JPK and Zorko covering Boomer
      If Pendles doesn’t play I don’t see any way of avoiding playing Kersten

  • Who should I get in out of Deledio, B. Ellis and Greenwood. I originally had Heppell locked in but obviously he got injured and I’m not so sure about Greene as I feel he may be up for a 60-80 sooner enough and I also have bad memories from what he did last year….. I’m also not sure about Swanny and whether he is back, so I feel he’s a little risky??? So which one of those guys should I get and what order thanks

    • I think for the rest of this year Buckley will play the kids in the midfield and Swan up forward, especially with Cloke out.
      Of those 3 I’d get Ellis.

  • Hey All
    Been an avid reader and have only just signed up in this week of Carnage as I need some assistance if at all possible.

    I have Heppell, Barlow, Boomer, Beames. Will likely be trading Hepp and Beames this week, with Dauhlhaus to cover the other mid.

    I am pretty certain on trading in Jellwood however only have $528k to spend on the other mid……..what are your thoughts? Was thinking Shuey or Greene?

    • I’m not sure, but I thought they said Heppell was only out for one week? Barlow was meant to be gone for two, so I’d trade him before Heppell. but before them both I’d trade boomer, he’s gone for 3. You never know what other forced trades you’ll have to make next week and by then you might have Heppell back, and Barlow back the week after.

  • Trading in Priddis but not sure on second mid trade in. Money no issue – have Rocky, Cotchin, Sloane, Zorko, Bartel and Selwood that will be playing. (Mid outs – Pendles, JPK, Beams & Barlow. Last two to be traded out)

  • Bloody Heppell. Trades are now

    Beams > Priddis
    Barlow > Sloane/Sidebottom/Watson/Crouch

    Thoughts and suggestions appreciated

  • Which one out of Priddis/Sidebottom/Lewis

    • Priddis, Cotch/Franklin
      Franklin can go massive but doesnt always (this week he will score big)
      Long term maybe Cotch as he is more consistent

    • Priddis, Cotch/Franklin
      Franklin can go massive but doesnt always (this week he will score big)
      Long term maybe Cotchin as he is more consistent

  • selwood or cotchin in?
    my apponent has selwood btw

    thanks guys :)

  • Getting desperate Guys!!!
    Do i field Charlie Cameron or Kersten???
    Cheers xD

  • Hey all!

    Good luck for the Prelim Carnage!!!

    Buddy & Greene or Selwood & Greene… Opponent has Selwood but he may yet get Buddy in… Time will tell!

  • Swallow vs hodge
    Jaensch vs butler
    Sloane vs delidio
    Macrae vs cotchin
    Gray vs zaha
    Danger vs k jack
    McGovern vs Shenton or should I play o’rourke vs Shenton

    Pretty sure we both will be trading beams and Barlow for ??

    What to do

  • Jeremy: thanks!
    Go McGovern mate. Looks like it could go either way, hope your PODs pull it off!
    What Mids do you have?

    • Rock, Pendles, jelwood, macrae, sloane, Parker, plus 2 vacancies needing to be filled

  • Beams > Sloane/Sidebottom/Lewis/B. Crouch/Watson ?

    Please help, suggestions appreciated

  • Just heard on the Footy Show that Dustin Martin is sore and tight and is likely to be rested for this week, but fine for next week.


    • Well in that case, is it worth having Zorko emergency in the midfield or forward line? If Zorko is the emergency for Martin, then Shenton is my emergency for a possible Pendlebury late withdrawal. Which way around should I do it? Who’s the more likely LW, Pendles or Martin?

  • If trading out Dusty is a possibility for any team then it becomes an issue. All the teams who aren’t complete flogs will cop the late out if it comes with no way to cover.

  • Geez, sorry General but I have no clue. You’ve got a hard one there. I hope neither of them are late outs because I have both of them as well. I guess at least you’ve got bench cover either way. My bench cover for MID is already used on Stevie J (only have one bench player playing in MID).

  • Lewis or sidebottom and why?

    I really like lewis coz he plays collingwood in the GF and has a good record against them where as sidey plays hawks who he doesn’t play that well against but he has GWS this round. I’m stuck who should I get?


    • In my opinion Sidebottom. If i were you i first would like to make the grand final before worying about it XD

  • I have decided to go swan heavy :/ bringing in buddy for Barlow via jack and Parker for beams ? Good call ? Also who will score more out of crisp and jake Lloyd I need one to cover JPK on the field and one as emergency for pendles

    • I am doing the same with Buddy. Crisp will probs score better in my opinion coz he is consistent. xD

  • Hey Everyone!
    Stuck on who to pick up out of Cotchin and Sloane.
    Both seem pretty good options up against their next two opponents.
    Help appreciated! xD xD

    • If you’re looking at it for over the final 2 rounds, Sloane. I like him in Rd. 23 against St.Kilda at home. If just for this week, Cotchin but not by much

  • Can someone please help.

    Barlow > Sloane or Sidebottom or Lewis or B. Crouch or Watson

    It’s order of preference, so Sloane is the one that I’m thinking of getting in first and Watson is the last.

    Thoughts and suggestions appreciated

    • I like sloane but I also like lewis and sidey I’m stuck on who to get out of those 2.

      • Tough call but I’d go Watson then Sidey, Sloane, Lewis, B Crouch. I only have Sidey of them but bringing in Watson & also maybe Sloane this week, depending on final squads.

  • Greene vs sidey?

    • Personally I don’t like Greene, but with Ward out surely he’ll get even more of the ball than he already does. He may get tagged though.

      Sidebottom is to hard to go past though IMO.

      • Yeah cheers I don’t like Greene either so I think I will go sidey or should I go lewis?

        • ummm, uhhh, pfft.

          roll of the dice, it’s going to be hard to pick one over the other. If I knew which one my decision above would be abit easier.

          • Sidey if you think you have your opponent(s) covered but if you need to take a risk with a POD, go Greene

  • ok, narrowed it down to 3

    Barlow > Sloane or Sidebottom or Lewis


  • cotchin or buddy? or someone cheaper?

  • Which one will go the biggest this week.: Thinking mundy

    Swan vs giants with beams out
    Branden Ellis vs St Kilda
    Cotchin vs St Kilda with potential tag
    Priddis vs melbourne
    Mundy vs brisbane with no barlow and fyfe in mid.

  • Need to trade out Barlow, should i bring in S.Sidebottom or N.Jones?

  • Thoughts on Goddard? Scored 153 against the suns last year and scored 110 against Carlton earlier in the year! We all know what he is capable of, could be a massive POD..

  • Alright guys I have narrowed it down to 2 guys.

    Sidey vs lewis?

    Sidey doesn’t play as good with beams out of the side and he plays GWS this week and they like to run multiple tags but he had 143 on them last time he played them and then has hawks in the GF who he has a bad record against


    Lewis who is in killer form and has been consistent for the last 10 rounds but he plas geelong this week who he doesn’t have the best record against but he has collingwood in the GF who leak points and he has a killer record against them



    • Lewis!
      Side bottom may attract a tag and could potentially have a rest before the finals starts!
      And Lewis’s form could suggest he may pump out a 90+

      • Cheers your the only person that has said lewis over sidey and I think lewis will go alright this week