Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 21

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Who will be your captain in round 21?

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  • trade out hanley or danger. don’t really want another swan.can afford anyone



    • why the fuck would you trade out hanley

      • His next two direct opponents will be Crowley and Macaffer. No way he’s going to average 100 against those two.

        • soooo any thoughts

          • I wouldn’t trade any of those out personally, but if you have to make a decision out of the two it’s gotta be Dangerfield. Trading someone out that went as massive as Hanley did, regardless of who he faces in the following weeks, just doesn’t make sense to me. Surely you have someone performing worse than Dangerfield or Hanley that you can prioritise?

            If Macaffer goes to Rockliff, and Hanley gets 150 you will be kicking yourself. Not only that, as far as defenders going it’s not like there is someone that you can get in that can gaurantee you 100+. 90 is a good average for defenders

            Mglynn looks like the best forward going at the moment as far as trade options for Dangerfield

    • Trade Hanley out, Enright or Harry Taylor can be up and down…..erm. Hodge isn’t bad. Could be rested. Next best average after Hodge is Swallow.

  • now iv gotta trade mcglyn and barrel out admit any thoughts

  • This is the one week of the year that I hope Rocky has a stinker. I have a bye in both AFL fantasy and RDT (Paid league) but in Ultimate footy I am versing someone who has Rocky.