My Team 2014: Round 21 – Semi Finals


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  • Tom12: if you have to win this wk then def trade out Bartel (poss. Mitchell/Malceski or Kelly). Maybe look at dumping Dahlhaus or Tex. alternatively go a cash grab

  • Matt: under $490k you have Malceski, Kelly (should get plenty of midfield time this wk with jimmy & SJ out) and Hibberd. All very good options. Stefan Martin is a great get too. Don’t worry about cash for next wk. won’t matter if you don’t win this wk!

  • Trade in Dempster for X Ellis (on the field this wk with Bartel out) and Greene for A Swallow. Leaves me 61k towards next wk

    Or trade in Silvagni & Priddis. Leaves me 17k.
    Have the week off this week

    • Although you would gain less money, I would go two. Priddis is a genuine jet and Greene also looks very good ATM. I am not very good at rookies but I see Dempster struggling vs sydney

  • Kelly, Jaensch, B Martin, Hutchings (Eagles) or Maric? Need a person 453k or under

  • Harvey or Nroo?

    • Harvey the safer option, Nroo has the ceiling. I would pick Harvey most of the time. I’d only pick Nroo if I need a POD and you’re struggling in matchups (and therefore praying Roo pops a 120).

  • Benjo: pretty much in the order you listed IMO. Kelly should go huge this wk with Jimmy and SJ out.

    Thoughts above please?

  • Mememe: Harvey

  • Swan or Ebert?

  • Help Appreciated
    Which one should I do
    Bartel to Malceski and play Gary Rohan or
    Roughead to Chapman/Waie/Gray/Dangerfield and field Bews

    Then who should I get for Johnson

    • get Ceski and field Rohan.. Bews might get vested tonight and generally plays a lock down role so not a DT friendly player.

    • i wouldnt want either bews or rohan on field…

  • Swallow, Jaensch, Kelly or B Martin for D6 spot?

    • if your looking for rest of year i would bring in swallow or jaensch..
      jaensch only just as has a better run home.

      kelly if you want a 100+ this week.

  • Which one is the more important trade this week:

    Dahlhaus -> Bird/Zaharakis

    Zac Clarke -> Sandilands

    (trades due to monetary restrictions!)

    • Add Daisy Thomas to the list as a possible Dahlhaus replacement.

      • your brave for thinking of daisy…

        bird over zaha as bird plays well with hannabery in and with mcglynn out should score well

        sandi if he is your best option.

  • Def. Mitchell, Simpson, malceski, mcviegh, Martin, Dal santo, (X.Ellis, Thompson)

    Mid: pendlebury, Barlow, Johnson, beams, rockliff, j.selwood, fyfe, B.Ellis (o’brien, moribito)

    Rucks. Jacobs, Mumford (thurlow, currie)

    Fwds. Martin, dangerfield, Martin, Jack, Parker, gray (McGovern, bock)

    Tossing up between a few ideas.

    Option 1 Stevie J to priddis. Moribito to sheehan/Ellis to butler. Leaves me with cash for next week.

    Option 2. Stevie J to priddis. Then Mumford out switch Martin to the rucks and bring in buddy. Only leaves me with about $100 lfor next week.

    Option 3. Stevie j to Sloane. Mumford out, Martin to ruck. Buddy in and $38,000 roughly left.

    Would appreciate peoples thoughts or other suggestions. I’ve got the week off in 3 of my leagues. But am still playing to keep alive in the last.

    • I would probably do Option 3. Sloane and Priddis will probably score similarly (115-120). I reckon Buddy will go bang in the last 3 rounds.

  • Thoughts on Heath Shaw as POD?

  • Which 2 should I trade out of bartel,Johnson and mcglynn?

    • where you have the best cover on your bench.. put them on the field and trade the other two.

    • For sure Johnson and McGlynn trade out- purely cos they’re in the higher scoring positions.

  • Johnson to jack? Thoughts would be helpful

    • Hard to say without seeing your team. But there are probably better options. Priddis, Kennedy, Sloane etc.

  • how long will bartel be out for??
    because i want to know if i should get rid of him now with the break this week? cheers

  • Best combo choice between

    1 – Stefan Martin and Toby Greene
    2 – Robbie Gray and Sloane

    I would have gone with Priddis but only leaves me with $447000 for a fwd.

  • Def: Simmo, Hanley, Mcveigh, Sitchell, Bartel, NDS (Griffiths, Bews)
    Mid: Rocky, JPK, Beams, Barlow, Pendles, Macrae, Greenwood, Burgoyne (Honeychurch, O’Brien)
    Rck: Stef, Jacobs (Derickx, Currie)
    Fwd: Dusty, Parker, Boomer, Jack, Danger, Riewoldt (McGovern, Mcinnes)
    I am confused on what trades to do. What should I do with Bartel? Thoughts are appreciated. Cheers :)

  • def: mcveigh, simpson, bartel, malceski, mitchell, suckling (bews, golds)
    mid: rockliff, jelwood, barlow, jpk, beams, sj, pendles, goddard (j lloyd, obrien)
    ruck: jacobs, sandi (currie, thurlow)
    fwd: s martin, parker, d martin, riewoldt, danger, dahlhaus (tex, kersten)

    cash: 53000
    my benches apart from fwds are terrible and i need to upgrade dahlhaus but my forced outs are sj and bartel.
    who are the two best guys to get in for them? hibberd & sloane?

  • I wouldn’t go hibberd after having a few weeks off. Maybe one of the Adelaide defenders. Martin, jaensch.

  • DEF: McVeigh, Bartel, Simpson, Malceski, Dal Santo, Mitchell (Litherland, Bews)

    MID: Rockliff, JPK, Barlow, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Beams, Stevie J, Cotchin (Miles, Morabito)

    RUC: Jacobs, Martin (Brown, Currie)

    FWD: Dangerfield, Parker, Harvey, Dusty, Zaharakis, Jack (Kersten, Cameron)
    $29,000 in the bank

    Current Trades – Bartel to Hibberd/Kelly/Jaensch ?
    And then Stevie J to Priddis

    So which one out of Hibberd/Kelly/Jaensch and why??
    Thoughts/tips much appreciated

    • I’d go jaensch. Good form lately, great run home.

    • i went kelly… seems to play really well when SJ not there… also with bartel out he might get a lot more mid time so im expecting a 120+ hopefully

  • Backs: kelly,simpson,burgoyne,dalsanto,mcveigh,mitchell(tippett,corr)
    Mids: cornes,jpk,stanton,priddis,macrae,jselwood,crouch,beams(obrien,honeychurch)
    Rucks: minson,jacobs,(currie,brown)
    Fwds: Harvey,d martin,danger,S martin,riewoldt,parker(cameron,kersten

    7k in the bank suggestions please

  • Cash is a rookie to make money. Then minson out Martin to the rucks and bring in buddy or jack.

  • Should I get Toby Greene and Stefan Martin or Priddis and Dale Thomas?
    Thoughts appreciated.

  • should i keep bartel and bring in malceski for the last 3 rounds, or just keep bartel and use my emergency laidler just for this week?

  • with SJ and bartel out i have to trade to try to win this week.

    Can go:
    Bartel-440k def (kelly/enright/hibbo/mackie/jaensch)

    Bartel-485k def (swallow/kelly/jaensch/duffman/mackie/petterd)

    Bartel – 447k def (kelly/enright/hibbo/mackie/jaensch)

  • Heath Shaw as POD?

  • Best low priced forward between Dale Thomas & Craig Bird?

  • ok i have bartel and johnson but im thinking of trading johnson to priddis and NDS to jaensch. and move bartel to bench and play langford good idea or should i trade bartel and keep nds?

  • DEF: Hanley, McVeigh, Simpson, Bartel, Mitchell, Houli (Suckling, Bews)
    MID: Rockliff, Barlow, Kennedy, Beams, Johnson, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Wines (Miles, Woodward)
    RUC: Jacobs, Mumford (Currie, King)
    FWD: S Martin, Parker, Franklin, D Martin, Danger, Gray (McGovern, Kersten)

    $224k available, and I have a rest this week in my leagues.

    Bench SJ and bring in Swannie/Sloane/Fyfe for Wines. No bench cover – pretty risky.
    Swing Martin into the ruck for Mumford, bring in prem forward – any good PODs??
    Houli out for Malceski/Kelly

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    • if you byes this week.. you don’t need to worry about having bench cover at all.
      bring in Malceski now against Saints if you have plans. Upgrade Wines.
      Good POD is Paddy Ryder.

  • Have the luxury of a week off this week. Looking at a double downgrade of bench players to do 2 big upgrades next week?
    Or should I be looking at downgrade/upgrade each week?

    • if your not worried about overall rank, double downgrade to double upgrade next week… definitely

      • i actually changed my mind on this one, have downgraded My ruck which gives me cash to upgrade Dahl to Sloane as I have X Ellis on the pine and he won’t go down in cash.
        Therefore I can get Sloane cheaper as his BE is lower this week and will go up in price.

  • Do we have any reliable info on how long Johnson, Bartel & McGlynn are out for?

    • johnson and bartel i would say 1 – 2 weeks…

      mcglynn i think is just a rest… swans v saints… they dont need him and plus he missed last GF they were in so he wouldnt want to risk getting injured this late like last time.

  • got a problem help needed

    def: mcveigh, simpson, bartel, Jaensch, Dal Santo, Hanley (fuller, Aylett)
    mid: rockliff, jelwood, Parker, jpk, beams, Macrae, pendles, Ward (Lonergon, obrien)
    ruck: jacobs, Martin (currie, Lowden)
    fwd: Chappy, Boomer, danger, dahlhaus, tex, Gray (Honeychurch, kersten)

    Only 16k left

    thoughts PLEASE

  • DEF: Bartel, Hanley, Simpson, Dal Santo, McVeigh, Enright (Fisher, Bews)
    Trade Bartel or Dal Santo > Jaensch?
    Or upgrade Fisher > Jaensch? If I do so I only have 10k left for next week.

    Stevie J to JPK my other trade this week. Kicking myself for not listening to my gut and trading Stevie J > Priddis last week, now I’m priced out of Priddis.

  • Want to get rid of Stevie, Goddard, Dalhaus or Bartel this week. Who would be top priority as I have Suckling on def bench and Caddy on mid bench. Currently thinking Johnson>Sloane and DAlhaus to Franklin.

  • Sloane or Priddis
    Kelly or hodge

  • Barry or Sheehan?