It’s a Knockout – Ep. 22, round 21

Roy has his feet up as he has sewn preliminary finals appearance, Warnie lives on and has a knockout semi-final this week and Calvin… well, he is looking for glory in the Misfit Cup league.

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  • worth getting rid of dal santo?

    • bench cover?

    • Yes, make him bench cover.

      Because he gives you premium scores regularly, he’d be a better bench coverage than someone like Suckling Pig, you only gives you an 85 at best (last half dozen or so rounds anyway).

      You’d have a stronger bench that way.

  • Cash is 18k
    Def: Simpson, McVeigh, Swallow, Mitchell, NDS, suckling (Bews, Warren)
    Mids: Rockliff, Beams, Selwood, Macrae, Fyfe, Sidebottom, Wines, Miles (Barry, Obrien)
    Rucks: S.Martin, Sandi (Currie, Thurlow)e
    Forwards: B.Harvey, Parker, Dangerfield, Zorko, Daulhaus, Grey (Hartmen, C.Cameron)

    I need to get rid of Wines but only have 18k in the bank.. is there a way to bring in two premos?

  • On the note of bench, this week I have the week off and am going Cam Shenton to Leigh Adams. Can pump out tons when he doesnt have the vest (at least 65-75) and has great JS for someone 250k. Trade also makes me 20k which lets me upgrade Mummy to Sauce probably.

    • Surely you have better options than Adams. You’d be very lucky to get a decent score out of him when you needed it. He is a serial spud. In his last 9 innings he has scores of 73, 67 and then nothing over 54 and down to 27. Most of the upside of his average is from the first 6 rounds of the season when he was actually getting a kick. In his last 5 he is averaging in the 40s. If you are after a mid what about someone like Nick Graham or Jesse Lonergan. If you want a forward what about Ben Griffiths or Jarryd Lyons?

      • Jarryd Lyons maybe, but how is their JS, really that is the main thing I am concerned about.

  • Jesse Lonergan

  • Who will score more points this week? Dangerfield or Tex? Can only trade out one of em…

  • lordan lewis as a sneaky POD thoughts??? and ciaran sheehan did not look out of place at carlton strong bodied 23 year old irish recruit, i expect he will hold his spot for rest of year. 133k mid…..

  • *Jordan Lewis*

  • Trade stevie j for selwood or libba for sloane?

    • Libba for Sloane, Sloanes run home is by far the best and coming off a 160 is promising

  • Who is the best midfield to put in under 570K?

  • What about with stevie hobbling around on crutches, will no doubt be a late withdrawal

  • Will that also mean carrots goes to selwood?

  • Barlow or JPK

  • Worth putting in Kieran jack for Stevie j?

  • havent got the week of which is bad.
    but yeh this is my team guys

    Backs: kelly,simpson,burgoyne,dalsanto,mcveigh,mitchell(tippett,corr)
    Mids: cornes,jpk,stanton,priddis,macrae,jselwood,crouch,beams(obrien,honeychurch)
    Rucks: minson,jacobs,(currie,brown)
    Fwds: Harvey,d martin,danger,S martin,riewoldt,parker(cameron,kersten

    7k in the bank suggestions please